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Creating the common ground to help social entrepreneurs start up and thrive - wherever they are Shahed Molvi, Programme Performance Lead, UnLtd San Sebastian.

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1 Creating the common ground to help social entrepreneurs start up and thrive - wherever they are Shahed Molvi, Programme Performance Lead, UnLtd San Sebastian

2 CONTENTS 1.Our Mission and Vision Who we are, why we are here and what we are setting out to achieve 2. Our Approach What we do, who we work with and how we do it. 3. Our activities What our activity looks like - programmes, experimentation, ecosystem development 2#4socents

3 Our Vision Our vision is for a world where people act to make it better. Our Mission Our mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live. We call these people social entrepreneurs. Our Role Our Role is to be the entrepreneurial change agent in the rapidly growing ecosystem for social entrepreneurs. We want to make support for social entrepreneurs fully accessible – wherever they are 3 OUR MISSION and VISION

4 WHO ARE... People with: Potential to make positive change Passion to solve a social problem Who have: An idea for a solution Entrepreneurial qualities Who are: Resilient and resourceful Determined to act and make their idea a reality Social entrepreneurs 4#4socents 238,000 People in UK trying to start a social venture (0.4% of population) 1.7m Leading one now (2.8% of population) 100,000 Create social enterprises (0.2% of population)

5 THREE MAIN AREAS OF FOCUS Supporting social entrepreneurs to start-up Supporting those with more established ventures to scale-up Developing the ecosystem of support for social entrepreneurs to make it easier for people to find help, get started, and thrive UNLTD’s STRATEGY

6 Our Work We back around 1000 people each year to start their own ventures for social or environmental benefit, with a mix of cash, development support and networking. We then support around 50 per year to get to scale, with more intensive support. We support other agencies in the UK and internationally to develop their own start up social entrepreneur support programmes. Backing social entrepreneurs 6#4socents

7 The Awards Funding tailored to the journey stage TRY IT Up to £500 To test an idea To develop confidence and entrepreneurial skills DO IT Up to £5,000 For exceptional people to start their journeys, building entrepreneurial skill and capacity BUILD IT Up to £15,000 For existing ventures ambitious to grow, but not necessarily to national scale FAST GROWTH Up to £20,000 Can be given to ventures at any stage of development For people ambitious to scale rapidly

8 OUR SUPPORT MODEL Scouting: We go out and find the most social and entrepreneurial people Filtering: We select for eligibility & employ entrepreneurial people to judge the best Engaging: We listen and find out what will help them move forward Connecting: We connect them to the support tailored to their needs – Seed funds – Support – Connections Scout, filter, engage, connect 8#4socents

9 UNLTD CONNECT Social Entrepreneurs Professionals Peers Social Impact 9#4socents Corporate clients that provide people, expertise, pro bono support, finance and in-kind venues include: Actis, EY, Deutsche Bank, Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper, JP Morgan, PA Consulting, Thomson Reuters (TrustLaw Connect), Google (Google Campus), Santander, RBS, Centrica. Total financial value of pro bono support & resources provided by our partners in 2013/14 was: £1.4M - Breakdown: 216 individual 1:1 matches (value: £1.2M) 94 social entrepreneurs supported through Pro Bono clinics & workshops (value: £108K) 417 social entrepreneurs reached through webinars & sector events (value: £18K) 28 free venues for events & meetings (value: £14K) Revenue raised through corporate partners: (£120K)

10 AWARD MAKING: HEADLINES 2003-2014 Since 2003, UnLtd and our partners have given out over 12,000 Awards to support individuals and small groups of people to start up or grow social ventures – that’s over £45 million cash directly to social entrepreneurs. 10 12,884 Awards Number of Awards distributed to social entrepreneurs, by UnLtd directly or through our partners 21,700 people People receiving these Awards, individually or as part of small groups. We call these people ‘Award Winners’ £45.7 million Total cash distributed to social entrepreneurs as Awards Luke Rodgers of Foster Focus, winner of the Young Social Entrepreneur Award (judges choice) at the inaugural Lived It Awards.

11 WHO WE REACH Our work in numbers 11#4socents 53% Equal men and women 32% Peak age 35-49, range 11 to 90+ Degree or professionally qualified Minority ethnic (12% population) A third are from 20% most deprived areas

12 OUR VALUE Added value: 58% would have struggled without UnLtd A further 28% would not have got going at all Personal development: 73% develop skills 71% feel more able to act for social benefit Our role: Credibility, kudos, motivation, confidence Start-up cash Sounding board, a critical friend Skills and connections The difference support makes 12#4socents

13 OUR IMPACT 75% survival at 3 years plus 9% on next idea 95% created positive social capital 62,000 volunteers Survey of 1014 Award Winners showed: 13#4socents £45m Estimated annual wage value of jobs created by survey sample of 1,000 1.2m Total number of beneficiaries reached by 1,000 survey sample in one year 97% Former award winners who say UnLtd award was important in getting venture to its current position

14 3. OUR ACTIVITIES A description of our programmes of work, our experiments, how we share and influence Headlines of our award making and partnerships Description of our ecosystem development, knowledge, learning and networks 14#4socents

15 UnLtd UK latest initiatives Tower Hamlets (JP Morgan) 2 year programme aimed at developing the eco system of support for young people locally in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets funded by JP Morgan. Partners include Tower Hamlets College, Queen Mary, Student Hubs and NACUE. Big Venture Challenge Highly successful challenge programme to find the social entrepreneurs and ventures with the highest ambition and potential for major and rapid growth. Now in phase 2, with 3 cohorts of 10 per year. Match funds and intensive support to attract angel stage first risk investors. Higher & Further Education ecosystem Helping 56 universities and 30 further education colleges to develop their own in-house start up social entrepreneur programmes. Match funds, development support, formation of a peer learning network. Aim is to make this the norm across UK HE and FE. Ecosystem building Building on the work in education, a long term approach to inspiring and supporting mainstream agencies to support start up social entrepreneurs, sector by sector. With 238000 people in the UK trying to start a social venture (source: GEM), it is clear that niche specialist agencies can’t meet the demand alone: building an ecosystem of support, & supporting the supporters, is the solution. Santander 3-year programme offering support for ambitious social entrepreneurs wanting to grow their ventures. The aim is to provide early stage support to ventures with future high growth potential and intensive acceleration services for those that are ready to scale up rapidly. UnLtd Research Working with the world’s largest cohort of early stage social entrepreneurs creates a unique opportunity to learn about who makes a successful social entrepreneur, how best to support them, and what they can achieve. We welcome research partnerships. To see our findings to date, go to Read more about our work as entrepreneurial change agent on Global UnLtd learning network UnLtd is building a network of early stage support agencies on a shared learning model, building out to a global learning network of over 40 support organisations in 29 countries Wayra UnLtd 50:50 partnership with Telefonica’s Wayra tech incubator arm, hothousing the UK’s best digital and mobile social startups. Launched in October 2013 with the first cohort of 10 social entrepreneurs.

16 INSPIRE by demonstrating social entrepreneurs in action ADOPT our values, and sometimes our model ADAPT the model for their sector/locality EMBED support for social entrepreneurs into their own work and organisation AMPLIFY it, providing more support to more social entrepreneurs, and encouraging others to the do the same. BUILDING ECOSYSTEMS OF SUPPORT We now have over 170 delivery partners in a variety of areas, supporting social entrepreneurs where they live and work. 16 We share our knowledge and learning from practice to enable others to adopt, adapt, embed and amplify support for social entrepreneurship. Our approach enables partners to: By the end of 2013/14, we have an increased support for social entrepreneurs through many different routes: Communities Education Housing Social Entrepreneurs as supporters

17 Award Cohorts Incubators and the spontaneous networks Contacts Stories, Videos Toolkits Workshops Boot camps Social Futures Dream Act Inspire Expert Panels Better Solutions Data on Social Entrepreneurs Networks 42 GSEN Spark Eight University clusters Countless spontaneous networks Sharing Resources Stories, Videos Template, Toolkits Measurement, Reporting Learning together Webinars SEE Change Platform Un Conferences Inspiring, Experimenting Innovation in support New SE approaches New Backers Know How Better Support New Methods of Support Data on Supporters KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING, NETWORKS In order to create a fully functioning ecosystem we recognise the value of convening our partners and social entrepreneurs to share knowledge and learning through and with each other 17 We are creating the time and space for partners and people to share and learn Supporters of Social Entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurs

18 A quickly expanding global network 18 With already 42 GSEN members in 29 countries and over 170 delivery partners Member organisations Membership in discussion @UnLtdHK

19 A FULL PICTURE The wider social entrepreneur ecosystem 19#4socents Social entrepreneurs PolicyFinanceCultureSupports Human capital Markets Start up and capacity building are key

20 THANK YOU 20 123 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JJ +44 207 566 1100

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