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Social Media: Content & Promotion

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1 Social Media: Content & Promotion By @JordanKasteler

2 Social Sharing by Medium

3 Facets of Social Media

4 Email / IM Sharing

5 Email / IM Sharing Tools

6 Social Network Sharing

7 Social News Sharing

8 Facebook Sharing

9 Social Media Growth

10 Social Demographics

11 What is Linkbait? Social media content, aka linkbait, is a form of content that people will notice and link to from their sites or share with friends. Content that is too interesting NOT to read Makes people feel something Provides for effortless transfer to others Makes other want to share

12 Linkbait Content Lists News Rants Interviews Parodies Satire Predictions Comparisons Polls Surveys Resources How-to Guides Articles Infographics Widgets Quizzes Videos etc Forms of Media:Types of Content:


14 TRAFFIC Ad Revenue VISIBILITY Branding / Buzz Links / Social Signals o Search Rankings o Leads / Sales STICKINESS Subscribers (newsletters / email / RSS) Return Visitors Benefits

15 3 Levels of Traffic: 1. SOCIAL High Traffic #s High Bounce Rate Low Time on Site/Page Low Conversion 2. LINK More Relevant Traffic 3. SEARCH Highly Relevant Traffic High Conversion Benefits - Traffic

16 “A rising tide raises all boats” Benefits - Links

17 Title: Amazing Photos: Big Results from Compact Cameras Unique Visits: 200k+ Inbound Links: ~200 (LiveScience, MSNBC) Popular on: Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Yahoo! Buzz, and Kirtsy SERP Results: Compact Cameras, Amazing Photos from Compact Cameras, Compact Camera Photos, Compact Camera Results Keywords: Compact Cameras - #14 Amazing Photos from Compact Cameras - #1 Compact Camera photos - #9 Compact Camera Results - #3 Case Study

18 Creating Linkbait

19 What is LinkbaitAudience Who do you want to relate to? Why would they care? What would make them likely to spread your idea?

20 Audience

21 What is LinkbaitHooks Content Angle

22 What is LinkbaitProcess 1.Brainstorming 2.Research 3.Development 4.Publication 5.Promotion

23 What is Linkbait1. Brainstorming Topic/Subject Type of content Angles

24 What is Linkbait Titles & Description Keywords + Emotional Response 1. Brainstorming

25 What is Linkbait Titles & Description Use action words – verbs! Verbs encourage readership and guides them. You can use words like: Discover Find Get Learn Join See Read Etc 1. Brainstorming

26 What is Linkbait Titles & Description Headlines elicit vote Create Curiosity Tap into emotions (worry, fear, frustration, anger, etc) Set expectations (WIIFM?) Tip: Fear of loss is a greater motivator than desire to gain! That means people are more often motivated by missing out on something than they are by the thought of gaining that same thing. 1. Brainstorming

27 What is Linkbait2. Research Is the subject relevant, interesting, and timely? Find additional information to aid your content. Verify sources. Has it been done before? If so, what value can you add, revise, etc?

28 What is Linkbait3. Development 1.Copy 2.Structure 3.Style 4.Layout

29 What is Linkbait3. Development Break up your content into sections to make long content seem shorter. Explain each key idea or section as succinctly as possible while also being thorough. Make every sentence count. News: 300-500 words Insightful Article: 750-1,000 words Evergreen Resource: As long as it needs to be fully comprehensive Copy Length

30 What is Linkbait3. Development Structure

31 What is Linkbait  Headers  Whitespace  Consistency  Bulleted/Numbered Lists Break up content visually Create a visual hierarchy Make it skimmable 3. Development Style

32 What is Linkbait Supportive media: Vivid imagery Screenshots Videos Links 3. Development

33 What is Linkbait4. Publication Don’t use link code to link somewhere irrelevant or unintended by endorser Don’t use off-topic, irrelevant, or spammy keywords in link code Easy to link to Easy to share

34 5. Promotion

35 4-line postings see a 30% increase in engagement over average posts. 5-line postings see a 60% increase in engagement over average posts. Sharing own thoughts and analysis get 40% more Likes.

36 Days of Week: Sunday (best engagement – 25% more Likes / 8% more comments) Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (get up to 85% more clicks on links) Time of Day: 7-8am (up to 40% more engagement) 10am 5pm Timing


38 Link Half-Life Half-Life = The time it takes a link to receive half the clicks it will ever receive after it’s reached its peak 3 Hours

39 What is LinkbaitResources Headline Formulas Linkbait Ideas

40 Thank You! Jordan Kasteler @JordanKasteler

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