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Do You Have What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur? Creating Wealth From Zero to Billions in the Information Age.

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1 Do You Have What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur? Creating Wealth From Zero to Billions in the Information Age.

2 The Three Ages Agricultural Age –People work WITH land owners. Industrial Age –People work FOR factory owners and other peoples businesses as employees. Information Age (1986) –People work WITH other people businesses as business partners.


4 Mark Zuckerberg Worth: $15B Age: 23

5 Pierre Omidyar Worth: $8.9B Age: 40

6 Sergey Bring and Larry Page Worth: $18.5B Age: 34

7 Jerry Yang Worth: $1.9B Age: 38

8 Apple Steve Jobs Worth: $5.5B Age: 55

9 Microsoft Bill Gates Worth: $60B Age: 55

10 How They Make Money They GIVE Something for FREE They Add Value to Other Peoples Lives with what they GIVE. This people became part of their NETWORK as their FANS and Loyal Followers and Service USERS. They Sell Other People’s Services, Products, and Solutions to their Network in which they Make Tons of Money.

11 How is Your Network Now? Who are the people who: –Trust –Believe –Respect –You can influence? In what ways you influence them?

12 Math Challenge List Down Your Dreams –Dreams for your Family –Dreams for other people –Personal Dreams House Car Vacation

13 Math Challenge Put A Price Tag for Each Dream. Get The Grand Total Price of All Your Dreams listed. Where will you be working when you graduate?

14 Math Challenge What will be your expected salary? What will be your expected monthly living allowance –House rent, electricity, water –Communication and transportation expenses Deduct your salary with your expenses and multiply by 12. Divide the grand total price of your dreams with your answer above. How many years will you afford your dreams?

15 ENTREPRENEUR Is a person who solves other persons problems for profit or pay - T Harv Eker.

16 My Path To Billions (Php) DECLARE My Declaration when I was 25 years old (2006): I will become a BILLIONAIRE 10 years from now.



19 Problems Problems Problems The more problem you solve the more money you make. The bigger problems you solve the bigger money you make. The more difficult problem your solve you will be the only one or part of the few who will be making money from it.

20 Problems We Are Solving Financial Ignorance and Scarcity Mentality –Solution: Financial Education Lack of Opportunities –Solution: Create Big Business Owners who will provide livelihood and job opportunities

21 Problems We Are Solving Aging Problems. –Solution: Anti-Aging Products. Health Problems –Solution: Wellness Products

22 Problems We Are Solving Money Problems. –Solution: Money Management System. Relationship Problems –Solution: Life Coaching

23 Problems We Are Solving Business Problems. –Solution: Business Coaching and Mentoring. Personal Growth Problems –Solution: Leadership Dojos

24 Mentors People who are already Billionaires and are willing to teach others to Become Billionaires. - You cannot find this people in Traditional Business where everyone else with the same line of business is considered a competitor.

25 Networks Your Network is your Networth –Network Exercise List down the names of your five closest friends. List down the names of the five richest people that you know.

26 Begin Building Your Network Search in google successful and rich entrepreneurs, speakers, teachers, leaders, inspirational people, book authors and add them in your TWITTER account. Start adding your personal and professional network in your FACEBOOK.

27 After you Graduate What kind of Income You Want to Earn? –Earned Income –Passive Income –Portfolio Income

28 After You Graduate What Kind of Cashflow Will You have? –Employees –Self-Employed –Big Business Owner –Investors

29 After You Graduate Who Are the People you Will spend most of your time with? –People with Scarcity Mentality –People with Abundance Mentality

30 After You Graduate In which Socio Economic Class Are you? –Poor Class –Middle Class –Rich Class

31 The Poor spent their money paying for life expenses and buying stuff. Stuff are things that you buy that you do not need to survive. In the cashflow game we call it doodads.

32 The Middle Class spent their money paying liabilities such as credit card debts, car and house. That is why they are trap in the rat race. Their paycheck is the one paying for their liabilities.

33 The Rich Class spent their money buying assets. Assets are the things that creates money. Assets comes in different types, forms and kinds. Asset comes in different shapes and sizes. Money from Assets are then use to buy more assets.

34 Common Concerns I am too young. I don’t have capital. I don’t know what business to get into. I don’t have people skills I don’t have communication skills I don’t have enough experience in business.

35 The Power of Leverage If you are working too hard and earning too little you are not using leverage - T Harv Eker.

36 The Power of Leverage I am too young - Then remember those young billionaires I showed you on the first part of this presentation. I don’t have capital - This use Other Peoples Money (OPM) I don’t know what business - Then know those who are successful in business and find out what business they are into.

37 The Power of Leverage I don’t have people skills. I don’t have communication skills. I don’t have enough experience in business. –Then join a community where people have high people skills, communications skills and seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs. –

38 Power Investing Plan State 1 Big Business. –Network Marketing –Franchising –C-Corporation Our Stage 1 Business partners with and works with a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Corporation which we do the Marketing of their products using the Network Marketing Model and We are Getting Paid Passive Royalty Income as Franchisors.

39 Power Investing Plan State 2 Real Estate. –Real Estate Marketing –Real Estate Management –Real Estate Development –Real Estate Project Packaging –Real Estate Investment Trusts

40 Power Investing Plan Stage 3 Strategic Investments –Inside, Sophisticated and Ultimate Investing. –Social Businessess Foundations Cooperatives

41 My Lessons From Success Always use leverage. - If you are not using leverage you are working too hard and earning too little. Learn to trust people. - The question is if you can handle the risk and the consequences if that person betrays your trust. If you can handle it then trust. Business is about trust.

42 My Lessons From Success You learn faster if you fail fast. - Success is really a poor teacher. You learn more from failures. When you fail to recalibrate until you make it work. Mistakes only happens when you take action. And we learn from mistakes. So do not be afraid to make mistakes. Create Systems. - Systems take care of re occurring problems or concern. Entrepreneurs are people who solve problems for profit. If an entrepreneur owns a system that solves problems for other people then he will be earning an automatic streams of passive income.

43 My Lessons From Success Systems save time so that you can create more systems. - Always look for problems that you can create a system that can solve it. Look at yourself, your family, your locality, the entire country and the world. Make money work for you. - Entrepreneurs make slaves out of money. We make money work hard to make us more money. We use money to fuel our business systems that makes us more money.

44 My Lessons From Success Pay it forward. - The secret of great success is to share what you learned. In the community we share by paying forward what we learned from our mentors and coaches. Try attending our cashflow and wealth course gatherings to experience this. Teamwork works. - Community Of Real Entrepreneurs (CORE) Together Everyone Achieves Miracles! (TEAM)

45 My Lessons From Success Business is like a bus. - People go up, people go down the bus. Those who stayed will reach financial freedom. I just felt sorry for our quitters. But it encourage us to move on because if someone goes down the bus there will be a seat available for winners! Always be humble. - Never brag about success because it is a gift from God. Success is given to us to be shared as manifestation of His greatness and love!

46 The Surest Way To Succeed in Business is to be with a Winning Business Team "Business and investing are team sports." -- Robert Kiyosaki My poor dad often said, "What you know is important.” My rich dad said, "If you want to be rich, who you know is more important than what you know."

47 Do you have a Rich Dad? Rich Dad explained further saying, "Business and investing are team sports.” "The average investor or small-business person loses financially because they do not have a team. Instead of a team, they act as individuals who are trampled by very smart teams."

48 Final Question Do you want me to be part of your NETWORK?


50 Task Attend the Cashflow Gathering Attend the Wealth Course Read Books: –Rich Dad Poor Dad –The Cashflow Quadrant –Think and Grow Rich –Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

51 Thank You Very Much! The true meaning of life exists in a single, universal truth. If we conquer fear, we can accomplish anything.

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