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MSCS Young Entrepreneur A sample project by Mrs. B.

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1 MSCS Young Entrepreneur A sample project by Mrs. B.

2 Project Overview This business proposal has been created to present the new and exciting Blobdorg to potential investors. The Blobdorg is an essential product or good that all consumers will be interested in. The Blobdorg has been created by Blaine Cottage Industries.

3 Defining our Roles The Financial Director: Burt will be responsible for… Goods and Service Director: Frank will be responsible for… Marketing Director: Beatrice will be responsible for…

4 Brainstorming Ideas In our initial planning stage, we thought of the following inventions: Coloured, scented candles Knitted dish-clothes Snack mixes Christmas ornaments Spice Racks Fudge and other baked goodies

5 Our Final Product This is where you give a detailed description of your product. What is a Blobdorg? What does it do? What do you do with it? Will it be scented? Will it have a specific pattern or colour? Will it be custom ordered? …

6 Our Business Description Name of Business: Blobdorg creations Location: Blaineland Good/ Service: The Blobdorg – an essential kitchen gadget for the choosiest of mice. Competition: We will likely have competition from the Grabdignot corporation of Snorginville.

7 Marketing Strategies Print media: we will make a flyer to advertise our product Newsletter: we will rent space to put an advertisement into the school newsletter Mass media: we will create posters to put around the school “Radio” spot: we will speak to Ms. Wiens about renting time on the intercom system to promote our product We will use other ideas Mrs. B didn’t think about. These are…

8 Goods and Services Explain whether your product is a good or service. Why does it fit into this category? What is your expected supply and demand? How many of your good do you think you’ll sell? How many people do you think will pay for your service? Based on this information, what is your pricing strategy? Will you give discounts? How much should you charge for your good/service to make a profit? Where is your anticipated equilibrium point (where supply is equal to demand)? At what price will you lose money?

9 Supplies & Expenses Create a list of all supplies that you will need to assemble your product and their price. (This includes items you already have. For example: if you are baking you must account for the salt you use in the cookies even though you’ll probably not buy a new box ) Remember tools to put it together and packaging supplies. How much does each item cost? What is the yield (how many Blobdorgs can I make with 1 package of Blob nuggets?

10 Budget ItemCost per unit Yield per unit Number of units to purchase Estimated total cost for the project Blob-nuggets$512 Blobdorgs 4$20 Glue$225 Blobdorgs 2$4 Ribbon$610 Blobdorgs 5$30 Patent Posters$0.5015$2.50 Total estimated expenses$56.50

11 Project Schedule How will we complete our project and meet all deadlines? Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7: Week 8:

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