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Enjoy the life of Entrepreneur ~Dreaming, Executing & Realizing… 分享企業家生涯 ~ 逐夢踏實 … Linker Lin 林金輝 /ACG CL Area C 1 Governor (Mr. Never give up)

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Presentation on theme: "Enjoy the life of Entrepreneur ~Dreaming, Executing & Realizing… 分享企業家生涯 ~ 逐夢踏實 … Linker Lin 林金輝 /ACG CL Area C 1 Governor (Mr. Never give up)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Enjoy the life of Entrepreneur ~Dreaming, Executing & Realizing… 分享企業家生涯 ~ 逐夢踏實 … Linker Lin 林金輝 /ACG CL Area C 1 Governor (Mr. Never give up)

2 22 Knowledge Experience 知識經驗 Procedure of SHARING 分享的過程 Sharing 分享 Get Reward 得到回饋 Benefit to others 利益他人

3 3 Famous Entrepreneurs in Taiwan 台塑 ~ 王永慶 台積電 ~ 張忠謀 長榮 ~ 張榮發 富邦 ~ 蔡萬才 統一 ~ 高清愿 奇美 ~ 許文龍 鴻海 ~ 郭台銘 遠東 ~ 徐旭東

4 4 OUTLINE OF CONTENTS (A) INITIATED SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEUR * Physical need, Self satisfaction, Contribute to society, Social recognition * Spirit of Entrepreneur : AIDS * How to organize the company ? * How to manage the corporation, Why ? (B) SHARE STEPS OF ENTREPRENEUR * Steps of Entrepreneurship * Challenge of Entrepreneurship * Contemporary approaches of MIS (C) FINAL STAGE OF ENTREPRENEUR * Key Performance Indicators : Integrity, Ethics, Corporate culture, Corporate social responsibility (D) LIFE ENCOURAGEMENT & CONCLUSION * Happy & Healthy life

5 5 (A) INITIATED SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEUR Physical need Hungry for money Self satisfaction Contribute to society Social recognition (a) Physical Need : Being hungry for money A story of NT$ 970 (b) Self satisfaction Earn the first barrel of NT$1M. (c) Contribute to society Provide some jobs, donate some budges (d) Social recognition Achieve both in fame & wealth  SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEUR : “AIDS” A ~ Ambition & Adversity I ~ Intelligence & Industry D ~ Devotion & Development S ~ Sincerity & Service (Besides, Integrity & EQ…etc.)

6 6 A story of NT$ 970 ~ hardship period –(1) Born in 屏東縣新園鄉 in 1948 ~ son of farmer’s family Father encouraged me to receive education ~ Graduated from ME of NCKU in Military service at 左營海軍第一造船廠 as 少尉工程官 ~Good relationship with chief commander Invited as a tutor of chief commander’s son in 左營 ~ Colonel of Navy

7 A story of NT$ 970 ~ hardship period –(2) Tutor job at 高雄 ~ Captain’s son of Evergreen Tutor at 鳳山 ~ Grandson of a General Remitted all I earned to parents, left me only NT$ 300/ month Discharged in 1972, took last monthly salary NT$ 1,000 to Taipei ~ Spent only NT$ 30 for a lunch box with water. Arrived at Taipei railway station with merely NT$ 970 in pocket

8 8 Earned first barrel of NT$ 1 M (1) First job at ESSO in Learned lots of sales & technology ~ Trained in Japan, S’pore & USA…etc. Found three part time jobs as tutor~ Being hungry for money Bought 1st. apartment at 民生社區 at 0.27 M by 3 years bank installment Left ESSO for running business with capital 0.2 M

9 Earned first barrel of NT$ 1 M (2) Earned 1st. barrel of 1M in 4 years after graduation Hardship period was tough but felt sweet Studied financial management at 政治大學 during 33~35 Got MIS at Michigan State University at 50~52

10 10 Group chairman of ZARA Spain : Amancio Ortega~ Being hungry for money, Hardship Chairman without name card

11 11 Louis Vuitton in 1854 (A Porter of hotel in France)

12 12 Ex. Café 85 ℃ : 85 度 C 董事長 ~ 吳政學 ( 高中學歷 ) 英雄不怕出身低~ Creativity 台灣, 香港, 中國, 美國, 澳洲

13 13 Ex. Wang Steak 王品牛排 - 戴勝益 店長分紅 個月~滿足其獲名利之希望 ( 台中清水鎮貧困少年出身 )~ 將相本無種, 男兒當自強 !

14 14 4C 心境 Mind Commitment 守信諾 Creativity 創造力 Initiated Spirit of Entrepreneur Curiosity 好奇心 Courage 膽識力

15 15 Human Being Life Career 人生生涯歷程  25~45 歲 : 為錢做事 ~ 容易累  45~65 歲 : 為理想做事 ~ 耐風寒  65~ 歲以後 : 為興趣做事 ~ 永不倦怠  不經一番寒澈骨, 那來梅花撲鼻香 !  人生的體驗 : 勤儉樸實 ~ 堅毅果決 ~ 永不放棄  舞台的大小, 由你決定, 縱使沒舞台, 你也能創造舞台.  天下絕沒有白吃的午餐 !

16 16 HOW TO ORGANIZE A COMPANY ? Why-Purpose What-Method How-Growth Which-Product Where-Target The Management Process Planning Leading Organizing Controlling

17 17 HOW TO MANAGE A CORPORATION, WHY ? What do mangers do ? Non-managerial Personnel First – Line Managers Middle Managers Middle Managers Operational Level Knowledge Level Management Level Strategic Level Top Managers Top Managers Sales & Marketing FinanceManufacturingR&DHuman resources

18 18 Down grade in Financial Credit-Italy & Spain

19 19 (B) SHARE STEPS OF ENTREPRENEUR-I (I) STEPS OF ENTREPRENEUR  1) Human Resources : Being the leader, Being the mentor ~Right person ~Right position  2) Life & Work: Form good habits ~ Diligence, Perseverance, Consistence  3) Characters : Charisma leadership ~ Teamwork consensus~ Productivity~ Vision~ Modesty~ Lean Practice~ Reformation ~Innovation (Fish pool theory)

20 20 (B) SHARE STEPS OF ENTREPRENEUR-II 分享企業家之來時路  4) Working Attitudes : Cross-functionality, Boldness, Listening, Mutual support  5) Seek business opportunity ~Take a risk ~Go forward boldly ~ Supremacy ~Spirit of tremendous change~ Discipline~ ~Executing ~Competitive competence ~Make decision ~Foresee future trend ~ CSR  6) Humorous Sense

21 21 Humorous Sense of Entrepreneurship Life : Acer 施振榮 vs. Google CEO ~Eric Schmidt

22 22

23 23 SAMSUNG Electronics : Chairman Lee Kun-Hee 李健熙 Go forward boldly, Character of supremacy & Spirit of tremendous change Samsung : headquarters, IFA 2011 show, LED monitor & CES 2009 show

24 24 (II) CHALLENGE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP LEADERSHIP BUSINESS MODEL CULTURE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Strategic thinking Execution Trustfulness Intelligence Delegation Empowerment Decision Making Risk Management Faithfulness Quality Service Creativity Diligence Perseverance Differentiation Invention Value Sharing Helping Charity Health Happiness Leadership Business Model Culture Social Responsibility

25 25 Ex. Perseverance ~ Iran Feb/11’ 79 : Khomeini’s revolution against King Pahlavi Iran Iraq war in Aug ~ 1988 Sudden shock happened in Aug’ 81 at Teheran (Because of internal fighting between purchase managers)  Shock created by Islamic revolution guard  Accused me for bribing officer. Arrested me by machine gun ~put me on military court for trial  Followed their Islamic Bible to worship Allah with them  Through long negotiation & Release me in 6 days (a) A Sudden Shock in Iran

26 26  July 1984 ; Late a rrival at Lagos Nigeria in midnight due to AI engine problem  Keep customer ~Mr. Waku long waiting and he came back home earlier  Captured /Kidnapped by a taxi driver from airport~ Put knife on my neck and asked me for US$ 6,500  Tough negotiation & safety back~ Drank whisky, smoked cigarette till 5AM ~ paid him only US$ 300  Diver drove to hotel 1 Km. apart ~ Service was limited  Malaria infected in 3 days later, in dark forest overnight (b) An Unexpected Attack in Nigeria Ex. Crisis Management- Nigeria

27 27 (c) Feedback from the Shock & Attack

28 28 (III) Contemporary Approaches To Management in Information Systems ~ MIS Computer Science Operations Research Sociology Political Science Psychology Management Science Behavioral Approaches Technical Approaches

29 29 (C) FINAL STAGE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP  Transfer experience, Hand over business, Thanks & Feedback  Corporate Social Responsibility & Global Citizenship  Care for human being society, generate green energy, preserve resources, save energy, reduce carbon emission & pay attention to global warming effect…etc.

30 30 Ex. Representative of CSR~ Dr. Bruce Cheng 台達 - 鄭崇華 Delta Electronics Chairman ~ Dr. Bruce Cheng 台達電子董事長 ~ 鄭崇華 Social farewell and donation to university, e.g. NCKU & NCHU 分享經驗, 貢獻自己, 回饋社會 相對於不同的人生價值觀: 力霸 ~ 王又曾, 東帝士 ~ 陳由豪, 廣三 ~ 曾正仁 & 劉松藩, 遠東航空 ~ 崔涌 & 陳尚群 …etc.

31 31 Ex. Key Performance Indicator :Integrity, Ethics, Corporate Culture & Social Responsibility Integrity is the most important value. Corporate culture : Honesty, quality, Service, Innovation. Ethics is the best policy : Key Success Factor ~Integrity & Morality. CSR : Contribute to Social Charity.  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation US$ 58B in 2006 ( 比爾蓋茲 1955) for global health & education work.  Warren Edward Buffett ( 巴菲特 1930) 85% of net asset US$ 37B devoted to Bill Gate’s Foundation in  Li Kai-Shing Foundation in 1980 ( 李嘉誠 1928) HK$8.4B=US$1.1B Foundation for education, Medicals, culture & public welfare. Don’t wait to have a lot, to share only a bit. Final stage ~Happy & Healthy Life.

32 32 Be yourself ! 做你自己 Balance your work, sports, sleep and leisure. Keep a positive & happy mind with satisfactory family life. Give with joy is to help others with a happy mood. The ultimate of life ~ Because of you, Taiwan becomes truer, better, prettier ! (D) LIFE ENCOURGEMENT & CONCLUSION

33 33 New creator of iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iCloud…etc. Steve Jobs : “STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH”. 求知若渴, 虛心若愚

34 34 SUMARY : Initiated Spirit, Share Steps, Final Stage & Life Encouragement of Entrepreneur~ Look forward to seeing your future success ! Sunrise with Good Health & Happiness !

35 35 Q & A : THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION MOBILE : Linker Lin 林金輝 Mr. Never give up

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