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An Entrepreneur. Transition to Life in the Community.

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1 An Entrepreneur

2 Transition to Life in the Community

3 Marc Gold & Associates© 3 James loved live-action cop shows and he has a unique skill for organizing materials

4 James Today Marc Gold & Associates© 4

5 Transition Employment Critical Components Youth resources to meet the needs From exposure to focused skill development Seeing employment for all persons Set of coordinated activities Transition Phases And Discovery Discovery to Customized Employment Interagency Approach – Common Discovery Expanded Discovery - Work Experiences

6 Transition Phases Focus on Discovery Finding the Direction to Facilitate Successful Employment

7 Discovery as a Part of Each Transition Phase Work Beginnings - Grades 5 th to 7 th An picture of the student Work Discovery - Grades 7 th and 9 th A vocational perspective with focus on experiences Work Connections - Grades 10 th to 12 th A vocational perspective with focus on a job Life Connections - Age 19 to 21 A vocational perspective with an expectation of work filling most of the day

8 Elementary School Students are exposed to career exploration through interactive learning experience. Life Book is developed to represent the student at IEP meetings and introductions to new teachers and staff. Marc Gold & Associates© 8

9 Middle School Discovery Students will investigate career options and identify individual programs of study related to their aspirations and abilities. Students are exposed to occupations through business tours, guest speakers, job shadowing on campus. Life Book Work experience on campus Job shadowing Small Business Marc Gold & Associates© 9

10 High School Discovery Opportunities through work experiences and paid employment Vocational Profile Representational Portfolio is developed for the student Job Shadow Mentor Employment Plan Marc Gold & Associates© 10

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