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Desirable vs Undesirable Characteristics of Entrepreneurs.

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2 Desirable vs Undesirable Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

3 What do you think are undesirable characteristics of entrepreneurs?

4 Undesirable Characteristics Invulnerability- people who feel that nothing bad can happen to them; more likely to take unnecessary chances and unwise risks Being macho- macho people try to prove they are better than and can beat anyone else ——

5 Being anti-authoritarian—these people resent their actions being controlled by outside authorities Impulsiveness- when faced with a decision, these people feel that they must do something, and do it quickly—they do not review alternatives before acting

6 Perfectionists- time wasting, high stress Know-it-all- these people actually have very few answers and fail to recognise the fact

7 Counterdependency- try to accomplish things all by themselves—as a result often accomplish very little

8 Desirable Characteristics Willing to take risks Creativity Self-reliance Ability to adapt Motivation to excel Leadership Persistent Energy and health Intelligence Capacity to inspire Values Take initiative Goal Oriented

9 Research Assignment….BOOYAHH! Research an entrepreneur of your choice Create a slide show to present to the class See handout for more details

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