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Corporate Entrepreneur

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1 Corporate Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurial Personality Types of Risk Negative Effects of Ego Model of Entrepreneurial Motivation Intrapreneurial Framework

2 Corporate Entrepreneur - Continued
Categories of Entrepreneurs Myths About Corporate Entrepreneurs Critical Roles in Corporate Entrepreneurship Subordinates View of the Entrepreneurial Manager Entrepreneurial Mindset

3 Entrepreneurial Personality
Psychological Characteristics Sociological Characteristics

4 Types of Risk Financial Career Family and Social Psychic
Stress: Expectations vs Ability

5 Negative Effects of Ego
Overbearing need for Control Sense of Distrust Overriding desire for Success Unrealistic Optimism

6 Model of Entrepreneurial Motivation
Figure 5.1 Antecedents

7 Intrapreneurial Framework
Corporate Entrepreneurial Action Conceptualization Implementation Figure 5.2

8 Categories of Entrepreneurs
Personal Achiever: Classic Entrepreneur Super-Salesperson: Achieves success through networking, selling, and people skills Real Manager: Strong Managerial skills with aggressive growth orientation Expert idea Generator: Expertise plus creativity No single best form

9 Myths About Corporate Entrepreneurs
Money is prime objective High risk takers “Shoot from the hip”, Luck is critical Lack morals or ethics Power-hungry attitude and must build an empire

10 Critical Roles in Corporate Entrepreneurship
Initiator Sponsor/Facilitator Champion/Manager Team Supporter Reactor Other (15) Skill Sets Role of Sponsors

11 Function of Sponsor Reflect personality and position of the champion
Nature of innovative project Nonfinancial resources Investment Critics

12 Subordinates View of the Entrepreneurial Manager
11 Behaviors Payoffs

13 Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM)
Change as the future goal Perceived capability to achieve change Table 5.3

14 EM Maintenance Requirements
Framing the Challenge Absorb Uncertainty Define Gravity Clearing Obstacles Finger on the Pulse of the Project

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