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1 Entrepreneurs

2 What is an Entrepreneur?

3 … takes on the risk of starting their own enterprise or investing in other start-ups.
An Entrepreneur…

4 Successful entrepreneurs are known for…
… Finding innovation and market gaps for new products and services. Successful entrepreneurs are known for…

5 Entrepreneur – Origin of the term
ENTREPRENDRE (19TH C. FRENCH WORD): means ‘somebody who undertakes’.

6 Definition of an Entrepreneur
An entrepreneur is someone “who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit”. (Oxford Dictionaries definition) Definition of an Entrepreneur

7 Entrepreneurs and Risk
Entrepreneurs are often stereotyped as high-stakes gamblers…. … but successful entrepreneurs only take calculated risks.

8 Entrepreneurial Traits
Persistence Self-esteem Discipline Resourcefulness Being streetwise Passion

9 Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors
‘Entrepreneurs’ chiefly describes people starting their own business. Angel investors only invest their capital in other people’s start-up businesses.

10 Well-known Entrepreneurs include…
NEW ZEALAND Sam Morgan (TradeMe), AJ Hackett (bungee jumping), Karen Walker (fashion designer) INTERNATIONAL Richard Branson (Virgin empire), Steve Jobs (Apple and Pixar), Thomas Edison (General Electric)


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