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Thymus and Hypothalamus Joey Han and Matt Appell Period 2.

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1 Thymus and Hypothalamus Joey Han and Matt Appell Period 2

2 Function: - regulates mood, growth and development, metabolism, sexual function and reproductive processes. Importance: - chemicals called hormones control bodily functions. - these hormones affect almost every cell and organ in our body Endocrine System

3 ThymusHypothalamus

4 Thymus behind the sternum and between the lungs Hypothalamus located in the lower, central part of the brain

5 - produce lymphocytes (T- cells: Thymus cells), or white blood cells - WBC are the immune system - produce antibodies that protect against bacteria and viruses Thymus Gland Hypothalamus Gland - responsible for taste and smell impulses - controls heartbeat, body temperature, and blood pressure - possibly control emotions. -Also responsible for hunger impulses - Linked to the pituitary glands

6 - The thymus secretes thymosin and thymopoietin - The hypothalamus secretes GH (growth hormones), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), and prolactin Hormones

7 Thymosin - promotes the maturation of T- cells Hormones of the Thymus Thymopoietin - tells T-cells where to go in the body

8 Hormones of the Hypothalamus GH FSH Prolactin Stimulates growth, cell production, and cell reproduction and regeneration FSH stimulates the gonads to produce estrogen and androgen. Prolactin stimulates the breasts to produce milk.

9 Digeorge Syndrome - Deletion of 22nd chromosome. - Causes thymus gland to be absent - Weak immune system Thymus Gland Diseases Thymus Cancer - Thymoma causes cancerous cells to produce. - Thymic carcinomas are a different type of tumors. - They produce and grow at a faster pace.

10 Hypothalamic Dysfunction - Could be caused by head traumas, malnutrition and other causes. - Can cause headaches, loss of vision, loss of body hair, and many other symptoms. - Disruption of the pituitary gland - Causes drowsiness, moodiness, irritability and the inability to recover from exercise. Hypothalamus Gland Diseases

11 Thymus - The thymus actually decreases in size as you age. - One of the smallest glands - After one reaches puberty, the lining of the gland turns to fat Hypothalamus - Involved with puberty - Controls hormone release in other glands. - The hypothalamus accounts for 1/300 of the brain weight Interesting Facts

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13 1. Without the thymus what happens to the immune system? The immune system is weak because there arent T-Cells 2. Why does Hypothalamus Dysfunctions cause all these symptoms? What other gland is it linked up to? Linked up to the Pituitary gland. The Hypothalamus regulates many body functions 3. What happens when the 22nd chromosome is deleted? Your thymus is missing. Digeorge system 4. What does the hypothalamus regulate? Heartbeat, body temperature, and blodd pressure Concept Check

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