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The University of Nottingham Why do A’level Science?

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2 The University of Nottingham

3 Why do A’level Science?

4 I want to make the right decisions Understanding science will help you make informed decisions

5 I want to understand my planet

6 I want to change the world Then you need to understand it!

7 I don’t know what I want to do later You could do these subjects with A’level maths and physics and some science will make you stand out from the crowd at interview Politics English Art history American studies Ancient history

8 I don’t know what I want to do later These subjects all need maths and/or science or even several sciences Engineering Economics Archaeology Computer science Astronomy Vet

9 I don’t know what I want to do later Do physics and keep your options open

10 I want to get a good job Lots of jobs use maths Doing physics shows you know how to use maths in the real world.. (more than maths does!)

11 I want to get a good job Lots of jobs use maths Doing physics shows you know how to use maths in the real world.. (more than maths does!) What is the risk of the Trent flooding? How much will this cost the insurance company? If we change this car from running on ethanol to petrol, how much will it cost and how much will it change it’s carbon footprint? If we need to deliver 30 mg of morphine to this patient per hour, and the bottle of morphine I have here contains 150 g in 500 ml, how fast must I set the syringe pump?

12 Do physics A’level to make your CV stand out from the crowd Employers know physics is harder than other subjects, people with physics are assumed to be clever!

13 Why do a degree in physics?







20 Where our students have gone recently

21 Jonathan Neale Physics (1984) Managing Director, Mc Laren Racing 21: joined Phillips Defence Systems and worked on electronic systems for submarines. 28: moved to BAE systems as Project Design Engineer on turboprop aircraft 32: got MBA (Business management degree) 36: made Managing Director of the Hawk Fast Jet Programme 38: joined McLaren Racing, as Operations Director taking responsibility for manufacturing, supply chain, transport and logistics and purchasing 41: appointed Managing Director, became more involved in the technical strategy and direction of McLaren Racing.

22 Jacquelyn Counter Physics (1991) Squadron Leader for RAF Gained her ‘wings’ in 1996 Two children Flies Nimrods, P3 Orion aircraft Has worked in Scotland, London, The Gulf, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and USA Physics helped with principles of navigation, flight characteristics, and use of complex technical equipment, particularly for recent Research and Development Post with US Navy.

23 Be a physics student!

24 Make sure you do the right A’levels Minimum of physics and maths (Ideally physics and double maths)

25 Do you want to well paid and interesting job? People with physics degrees are the highest paid graduates after only doctors and lawyers Current annual salary of physics graduates (living in Scotland 2009) More than 50% of physics graduates earned more than £40,000 Work all around the world! (living in Scotland 2009)

26 Yes, physics is HARD… but rewarding! PhD students taking a rest from a conference in Hawaii

27 Even if you arent interested in physics, make absolutely sure that the post 16 course you are doing 1.Is compatible with what you want to do in the future 2.Won’t limit your options in the future 3.Also make sure you have the right GCSEs (eg do you need a grade B in maths for your chosen degree? 4. latest.pdf latest.pdf


29 Don’t use next slides- not apprpriate for year 10 I think unless someone aske the question

30 I want to be a doctor I asked a doctor who had done a physics degree… It helped him to devise a method of studying how the brain works understand the body, from walking to blood flow understand how science works and how to use it in medicine

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