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Yachting Club CERN YCC Courses 2014 Michel Chevallier

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1 Yachting Club CERN YCC Courses 2014 Michel Chevallier

2 Courses in 2014 YCC Courses 2014

3 Lottery CoursePrerequisite1 st choice applicants (2013) 2 nd choice applicants (2013) Places available 2014 (2013) DNone88 (76)46 (43)15 (20) YCC+CNV DNone10 (10)16 (14)16 (19) YNone64 (58)59 (51)17 (18) CCNone18 (17)25 (34)8 (8) EDD3 (5)10 (9)6 (6) ECD or Y13 (18)9 (7)6 (6) SUY + any other18 (19)4 (4)8 (8) GSY + any other7 (7)13 (11)8 (8) Total-221 (210)182 (173)84 (93) YCC Courses 2014

4 Highlights 32 withdrawals of lottery winners! Several couples withdrew because they couldn’t take the same course. A record! Very enjoyable Tuesday dinghy trainings, rain didn’t prevent wind to blow New: to comply with French law, we must ask members living in France and sailing GS to have a French motor license SU: Torsten introduced the “test card”. Any skipper can sign that a SU key candidate successfully performed a test exercise under his responsibility J80 key has been included in the SU key and curriculum. SU key holders of previous years had to make a supervised J80 outing to get key extension. 27 must still do it, 60 have done it. 6 M keys and 9 Rib keys thanks to a Q-boat mentoring program. The ore drivers we have, the more flexibility we have for courses and training YCC Courses 2014

5 Key awarded YCC Courses 2014 DEDCECYCCSUj80RMGSTotal n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a-2365

6 Acknowledgements Courses are a collective exercise I would like to thank the coordinators: Tim Hucksteps, Vince Cobham, Sascha Schmelling, Gonzalo Penacoba, Rachid Mazini, Torsten Layda, and Tomasz Ladzinsky My thanks extend to further 45 members who were teachers and/or examiners Thanks to the Q-boat drivers and the maintenance volunteers And thanks to the students –for making teaching fun and rewarding! –for understanding this is a volunteer-based effort YCC Courses 2014

7 Many thanks to the teachers! CourseCoordination Teachers Dinghies (D) and (ED) Tim Huckstep and Vince Cobham Thierry Boileau, Adam Bornstein, Luca Canali, Silvia Costantini, Anna Custo, Jannis Fischer, Piero Giovanni, Claire Lee, Sandrine Magnes, Jenny McGregor, Tommaso Landi, Lorenzo Palestini, Paul Smith, Jens Spanggaard, Alessandro Thea, Slawosz Uznanski, Valentina Venturi Yngling (Y)Rachid Mazini Marcel Arditi, Adam Bornstein, Enrico Bravin, Michel Chevallier, Philippe Clark, Vince Cobham, Silvia Costantini, Patrick Diday, Dejan Dincic, Tim Foster, Tim Hancox, Tatiana Klioutchnikova, Helen Morris, David Porret, Dan Savu, Marco Silari, Claudia Strabel, Jean Vasic, Rob Veenhof, Ursula Vogel Competent Crew (CC) Tomasz Ladzinski Tim Hancox, Paul Aspell, Haude Morel, Helen Morris Catamaran (EC) Gonzalo Penacoba Hugues Richard, Massimo Paladin, Luigi Gallerani Surprise +J80 (SU) Torsten Layda Paul Aspell, Remy Andrean, Michel Cornevin, Tim Hancox, Rob Veenhof Gib Sea (GS) Sascha Schmeling Gijs De Rijk, Manfred Willenbrock Theory Courses Michel Chevallier Michel Cornevin, Paul Smith, Sebastian Łopieński, Rob Veenhof. YCC Courses 2014

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