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All About the random stuff you can do. Step one Think of something to mess around with Or… Get your friend to do this for you if you aren't intelligent.

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1 All About the random stuff you can do

2 Step one Think of something to mess around with Or… Get your friend to do this for you if you aren't intelligent enough.

3 With the thing you have found you must now either: Eat it. Stab it. Smell it. Set fire to it.

4 This is Herb Herb got his friend to get him something to play with. It was a downed UFO. How did you guess?

5 Step two If you are still alive, then feel free to repeat the process Or… See a doctor NOW !!!!

6 If you manage to get to the clinic before spotting a plaything, then: Run screaming into the waiting room, kill everything you see, then go and see the head honcho himself. Mr Whateverthehellhisnameis. Then Stab him!!!

7 Now, every person I’ve ever treated loved pie. Do you? If you eagerly nod your head, the chances are then you can understand me so you shouldn’t even be here. If you don’t, I’ll shoot you ‘cos you cant really be crazy and you’re wasting my time. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, then go on to the next slide.

8 Guns, Guns, Guns. As an experienced doctor, I have been forced to use a gun many times. I'm sure you have too. A good way to do random stuff is to shoot people. Watch the bodies fly as you bazooka to your crazy hearts content!

9 This is Cecil. This is Mack. He's not mad grgrgfe rggfgsf egeggft

10 Oh No! It’s the Cops! Quick, grab a Smg! Its time to prove yourself as a crazy lunatic who is prepared to senselessly murder and destroy! Ill help by hiding under this table and give you tips.

11 The best things to do when cops attack. 1.Don’t bother with cover 2.Feel free to spray them with bullets 3.Set fire to the cars. Its funny.


13 Hmmm, looks like you could be handy in a scrap How would you like to come with me on a mission? There will be Pie!!!! (if you're good) Now grab that shotgun in your pants and some beer! Beer

14 Zoom!! We’re off on our adventure to the Random islands!

15 Ok, were at the random islands. We need to find a place to camp. I’ll let you choose. Think of somewhere you’d like to camp.

16 Look out, it’s the natives!

17 Rip off their shiny metal asses!!!

18 Yay! They’re dead! Right, now I can tell you why we came to this godforsaken island. Its because I am going to… Take you to my lair and experiment on you!!!!!!!

19 Wait, what are you doing, noooo!! Noooo ooooo ooooo ooo ErrorError

20 Come here, my apprentice


22 By the way, this is Duncan! Why am I here!!!! The Carrie woman Norbert Max Crowley

23 Oh noes, it’s the army of the snotty noses! Brains…


25 Yes They’re Dead

26 Lets leave the random islands I believe that you should settle down in a nice little cottage somewhere, and as you have no brain power of your own to argue, a cottage it is.

27 Here’s a nice one Hmmm, Cottage Paris ey? Sounds good.

28 No! The government are nuking your house!!!


30 Damn I liked that house There will be Vengeance.

31 Yaaarrghh! Oh Damn

32 Grab its legs, that’s where its weakest!


34 That’s it, the government walker is destroyed!!! Just make sure that it doesn't fall on you!

35 Ooh, that’s gonna hurt

36 Ow. The robot fell on you and crushed your stick limbs. And whats worse is that the army of the little faces is going to kill you!!! #+@ *%$”

37 AAArgghh the only available weapon is this small squirrel Bonzaiiii!!!!

38 Get them !!!! Lets do this!!!

39 Oh yeah they’re running away

40 Oh no the devil blew you up!!!!! Now you’re a ghost! Muhahah ahahaha hahaha Screw you devil!


42 Random Man, it is not yet time for you to die. Arise once more, as a ghost of Wrath!!!

43 Wooooo!!!!!!!

44 You will return to life once you find your true identity Ok, im outta here

45 Huh, its Van Helsing Save us ghostie

46 ?????

47 Yay!!

48 Since you saved us, you must be Gabriel!!! Now you know who you really are Sweet …

49 Yay Im Back!

50 Now What do I do? God, if you’re out there, give me a reason to live!!!

51 Police Public call box The doctor will save the day

52 Police Public call box Muhahaha, Cough, cough hacking cough!

53 That’s bad, and random Don’t worry, ive got Jesus on speed dial ????

54 Damn I called Satan instead

55 Well that went according to plan You guys are lucky, I have to go to hell everyday Haha, loser

56 Well, im glad all that’s over… who were those guys anyway? And how are you going to recover from vaporisation!! Find out after the break…

57 Are you tired of always being bothered by filthy hobos? Well if you are you’ll love new hobo cola spray! It is scientifically proven to dissolve the homeless! Never leave home without it!!!

58 Are you always being Attacked by random Hobos on the street? If you are, you’ll love All new hobo cola nuke! Its scientifically proven to destroy the homeless, so you don’t have to! Just throw it in their general Direction, cover small children's eyes, and Boom!

59 Are you tired of being stabbed in the gut and thrown off a bridge by a hobo? If you are then you’ll love the new hobo cola anti vaporisation potion. Its scientifically proven to bring you back to life when you die. Get yours today, and commit suicide to see if it works!

60 Hey, arent you the hobo cola guy Yeah I am

61 How much for the skull? Oh, just your soul, your health and your social life I’ll take it

62 Loser


64 This will heal you Gee thanks.

65 Wha? How come im real !!! ARGHH!!! Hmm, that wasn’t supposed to happen

66 DIE!!!!!! No!!! Don’t do it!!!!

67 Unfortunately Random Man aka Duncan aka myself aka Jesus tripped over a model airplane later that day and was rushed to hospital with 6 broken ribs and major concussion. He died in a coma three days later.

68 But his story is not yet over, for randomness lies within all of us. With this slide show I have enlightened you on the proper way to live your feeble lives.

69 As for me, I'm going to the great waffle bar in the sky. Cya.

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