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People around the World

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1 People around the World
Unit 1 People around the World Choose the correct item old is he? (How, What, How are) 2. Nice to you, Alan. (hear, meet, meat) 3. We’re staying a lovely hotel. (on, at, in) 4. What do you start work? (time, place, area) tall is he? (What, How, How long) do you live? (What, Where, How ) Dr.yoosaph

2 Vocabulary (stubborn, brave, clever, selfish, determined)
1. James Bond is because he deals with many dangerous people. 2. He is also as he is the one who always wins. 3. Rachel is ; she doesn’t think of anyone but herself. 4. She is also because she wants to be the best. 5. This makes her as she never listens to other people when they give her advice. Dr.yoosaph

3 Adjectives with meaning
Match adjectives to the correct reason Give a lot to people Make other people feel relaxed Like talking to other people Have good manners Not laugh very often Always think of other people Smile a lot Never change his/her mind Friendly Generous Kind Happy Calm Serious Stubborn Polite Dr.yoosaph

4 1. Where-------you/come from? 2. I ------------ come from Paris.
Use correct tense 1. Where you/come from? 2. I come from Paris. you/live near the city centre? 4. Yes, I (do) I (live) in a small flat with my sister, Denise. (you/go) to university? 7. No, I (not/do). I (work) for a law firm. 8. I (be) a lawyer. Dr.yoosaph

5 Fill in the words from the list
ancient, cultural, delicate, friendly, holiday, rich, sandy, strong, tropical, wooden 1. a(n) culture. 2. a(n) climate. beaches temples 5. a(n) destination features people wills houses history

6 Fill in the correct word from the list
Smoked, thick, fantastic, quite, historic, spectacular a……………. time a………….. hotel a……………..view snow waters salmon Dr.yoosaph

7 Match the items in column A with Column B
eyes have you got? are you? your hair like? glasses/a beard/ freckles, etc? build are you? A How old How tall What type of What colour What is Have you got Dr.yoosaph

8 Fill in the words from the list
Unit 2 Night and Day Fill in the words from the list Space, six-hour, take, typical, short, couple, personal, each other, rock, wet A shuttle A day A of hours A space walk to help A A sponge To photos A break A song Dr.yoosaph

9 Use correct preposition
orbit, mission; wake somebody ; work projects; go back work; sit the window; according NASA; take over the night Dr.yoosaph

10 Correct the sentences below
What time does you work? I drink coffee never in the evenings I cook dinner at the moment I am not having much free time How often are you do the ironing? Dr.yoosaph

11 Unit 3 stop till you drop Fill in the words from the list
fashion, rare, designer, shopper’s, high, bank, woollen, autumn, department, antique A(n) paradise lovers books store quality skirts clothes accounts houses collections Dr.yoosaph

12 Fill in the words from the list
Busy, over, took, run, survive, security, heart, food 1. to a shop 2. His over the years 4. To………………a fire persnonal 6. the halls 7. the and soul of months Dr.yoosaph

13 Making comparisons superlative The biggest The shortest
The most beautiful The largest The best The least comparative More expensive than Worse than Big Short Beautiful Large Expensive Long Bad Good little

14 Fill in the words from the list
Unit 4 - Days to remember Fill in the words from the list anniversary, taxi, change, ticking, sounds, bouquet, gasp, front, wedding It like The door A local service A(n) of flowers To one’s clothes A clock day To in amazement Wedding Dr.yoosaph

15 Correct prepositions -------------- night
Waiting her husband To call a taxi To tell sb sb/sth To sit the stairs To turn the light sb’s wedding day Dr.yoosaph

16 adverbs Fill in the correct adverb Sudden------------------
Loud Final Gentle Pretty Hard Fast Good Dr. yoosaph

17 brightly, carefully, heavily, loudly, sweetly, violently
Use correct adverb brightly, carefully, heavily, loudly, sweetly, violently To rain To sing To shine To climb To shout To shake Dr.yoosaph

18 fantastic, interesting, difficult, terrible, expensive, short
Opposites fantastic, interesting, difficult, terrible, expensive, short Good Cheap Easy Boring Long Awful Dr.yoosaph

19 Unit 5 Planning Ahead Underline the correct word:
1. He took/passed the test because he worked hard. 2. Bill is learning/studying Architecture at university. 3. He does good job/work. 4. Doctors look after sick/ill people. Unit 5 Dr.yoosaph

20 Fill in make or do, then make sentences using the completed phrases
To a phone call To mistakes To homework To the beds To the washing up To a cup of coffee To a noise To the shopping To the ironing

21 Use the correct prepositions to be ready a test September to work a waiter Rome the moment to get a job uncle’s bar to study Medicine University Dr.yoosaph

22 Conditionals --- Type 1 eg: if I have enough money, I’ll move to a bigger house.
haven’t got money car breaks down a sunny day tomorrow go to London get hungry borrow some phone for help go on a picnic make a sandwich visit Buckingham palace Dr.yoosaph

23 Unit 6 - Food, glorious food
habits dry, foods, eating, brown rice freshly-squeezed, food calories, poached, steamed, strict junk Low-fat----- eggs toast To count carrot juice vegetarians Dr.yoosaph

24 Underline the odd word out
A bar of chocolate, soap, bread A carton of orange juice, cheese, milk A slice of bread, turkey, butter, cake A cup of coffee, meat, tea, hot chocolate A bowl of salad, cake, soup, cereal A glass of milk, apple juice, water, cheese, coke A jar of honey, jam, potatoes, mustard A bag of flour, sugar, ketchup, crisps A box of vinegar, chocolates, biscuits Dr.yoosaph

25 Fill in some, any, much, many, a few, a little
Have we got what we need for the cheeseburgers? Well, there are burgers, but there arent……… rolls at all. How rolls do you need? Just………. I need cheese too. How cheese is there in the fridge? Not , but I only need Is there ketchup left? Only but we don’t need much. Dr.yoosaph

26 Put the verbs into the present simple or the future simple
Give me the paddle before we (drown). If you (not/ do) something quickly, we’ll be in trouble. When (the sharks/ appear)? My dog gets annoyed if you (pull) his tail. We’ll talk to Mike about it when we -----(go) back to England. I won’t do anything until everything (be) ready. Dr.yoosaph.a.k.

27 Past participle Break, twist, burn, cut, bang, scratch, crack, treat,
sprain, hurt, cure, hit Dr.yoosaph

28 Fill in the correct word
Green peace is a(n) that helps the environment. A(n) is a doctor who treats all types of illnesses. Claire is to become a nurse. The armies of the tow countries have been----- each other for over three years. Dr. yoosaph A.K. Fighting, organisation, training, GP

29 Improve, sore, standards, treat, meaningful, workers
Unit Profiles Rather, medical, major,successful Improve, sore, standards, treat, meaningful, workers doctor boring throats teams of health care problem Conditions Patients Health care A experience Dr.yoosaph

30 Just, already, yet I have…………. done the job.
He hasn’t completed the work We have talked it now She hasn’t phoned her mother They’ve gone home. Dr.yoosaph

31 Fill in did, have or has 1. ------you enjoy the concert?
you finished your homework? anybody see my coat? you ever been on TV? Gordon take the dog out this morning? George left me the keys? I lock the front door? tracy write by herself? Dr.yoosaph

32 For, since I’ve been designing clothes---------- six months.
My aunt has been a teacher I havent played football I was a child. Karen hasn’t eaten any chicken last year. We havent seen old Mrs. Brent three days. John’s had that bike twelve years. It’s been raining last Sunday. Dr.yoosaph

33 Unit 8 A Brush with Danger
tours A monster A rod A of whales A---- attraction school, popular, fishing guided, sea Dr.yoosaph

34 Past perfect simple When we returned home we found the hurricane (destroy) our house. When Mary reached the top of the hill, the sun (set) When we went to see the new house, the painters (paint) the outside. Dr.yoosaph

35 Unit 9 -- a world of wonders
dig, manmade, deeply, hidden, salt, solid, special, carve, lump, unforgettable world religious wonders rock A -----of salt -----crystals A attraction To sculptures to a well sights Dr.yoosaph

36 Unit 10 -- Stick to the Rules
products objects sockets An electric------ To start a(n)----- Safety electrical, cleaning, fire, gate, sharp, shock Dr.yoosaph

37 Reflexive pronouns I--------- You------- He----------- She---------
Yourself, himself, ourselves, yourselves, herself, themselves, itself, myself I You He She It We You they Dr.yoosaph

38 Dr. Yoosaph Aayalakkandy Department of Arts and Education
Thank you Dr. Yoosaph Aayalakkandy Department of Arts and Education Riyadh community college Dr. yoosaph

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