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Outsiders or Insiders? Organised crime and civil society Bill Tupman

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1 Outsiders or Insiders? Organised crime and civil society Bill Tupman

2 Imagining a “Marxist-Leninist” approach to organised crime Lenin: get Pyatakov to infiltrate it, then wait for turf wars and the opportunity to take over a group Mao: treat them as potential allies: Chingkangshan bandits and the He Long and Elder Brother Society But Gramsci; all this Leninist stuff only works in “the East” where “civil society” weak. In West, need long march through the institutions My earlier article concluded orgcrim policy should aim to strengthen civsoc: bottom-up not top-down

3 Organised crime A state within a state? A shadow economy? Networks of individuals with one foot in the legal and the other in the illcit? “Uncivil” or “unruly” civil society?

4 Neoliberal governance doctrine Role of state to be facilitator and enabler of private sector Market forces should be left free to create efficient distribution of goods and services Robust civil society will take over many state roles without burdensome bureaucracy Civ soc self-regulatory and democratic This true globally as well as nationally Rule of law just seems to appear somehow

5 Civil society: one or many? We talk about different types of state, different types of economy, but different types of civil society? A single national civil society or a multitude of different ones in cities or provinces… This is not same as culture! Global civil society?

6 Types of civil society? Do you either have or not have civil society? Is it better to talk about the individual relationships of civ soc instits with state If so, are there not different relationships between organised crime and the state And differing relationships between orgcrim and the rest of civ soc?

7 UNODC Typology of organised crime groups Standard hierarchy Regional hierarchy Clustered hierarchy Core group Criminal network

8 Milton Friedman changed his tune Establishing the rule of law is more basic than privatization In fact in some countries privatization without the rule of law is just stealing Bit late dear boy Shock therapy in eastern Europe was a gift to organised crime

9 Insiders or outsiders Is organised crime to be considered outside civil society Or as a component of civil society? And as a presure/interest group Is it an insider or an outsider in Wyn Grant terms?

10 Global civil society Gambetta analysis relevant No global institutions of contract enforcement US instits tend to dominate How do you enforce payment or quality from US supplier if you arent US-based? How do crime groups enforce cross-border payments and quality of illegal goods and services?

11 Global civil society “Organised crime” as driver of globalisation Can organised crime substitute itself for global civil society as it has in some parts of post-Communist civil society And in the shanty towns of Latina America And in the “no-go” areas of Western industrial cities

12 Types of relationship Organised crime dominates civil society Orgcrim partner in civil soc Organised crime corrupts civil society Orgcrim active in some civ soc institutions Civsoc institutions oppose orgcrim Civsoc institutions active against orgcrim

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