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Nuts & Bolts of Budgets and Electronic Submissions for Research Development Fellows.

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1 Nuts & Bolts of Budgets and Electronic Submissions for Research Development Fellows

2 Sponsored Programs Office Contact Information OSP Director Jeanne Wicks472-1825 Associate Director Suzan Assistant Directors Deb Mike

3 Grant Coordinators Nancy Becker472-3601 Shelly Cutsor472-2247 Julie Contract Coordinator Andy Budell 472-3759 Sponsored Programs Office Contact Information

4 312 N 14 th Street Alexander Bldg West Lincoln, NE 68588-0430 Ph 402-472-3171 Fax 402-472-9323 Official Applicant/Recipient Entity: The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln use same address as above Sponsored Programs Office Contact Information

5 Idea Funding Source Proposal Development Notify Dept/College Admins of Plans Notify OSP & Start NUgrant Record Prepare Agency Forms Completed Pkg to Dept/College Support for Review Nearly Final Pkg to OSP for Review Make OSP Required/Suggested Changes Final Pkg to OSP for Submission

6 Internal Processing of Proposals All proposals must be internally routed through NUgrant to department, college and OSP for review prior to submission to sponsor Note: Pre-proposals do not require routing unless a detailed budget or cost share is required. Provide proposal to OSP for complete review 2 days prior to deadline Proposals received with less than 2 days for review are submitted with conditional approval. If subsequent review reveals that proposal does not conform to institutional requirements, proposal may be withdrawn. Many electronic systems in use – no forgiveness of tardiness

7 Tips for smooth transition from approval to submission An early “heads-up” to the people who would be involved in the approval process Prepare the routing form in NUgrant as soon as you know you are submitting a proposal Get early budget assistance through your dept/college support or the Office of Sponsored Programs Build in time for administrative review (2 business days) & approvals (2-3 business days) and OSP review (2 business days). Remember, any of these reviewers could recommend and/or require changes prior to submission!

8 Signature Authority Sponsored Programs has authority for –proposal submission –negotiation and acceptance of grants and contracts Note: IANR has signature authority for proposals and awards to/from USDA If a document commits university resources (people, building space, funds), proper signatures are required Note: PIs, deans, chairs and others are not authorized to sign any proposals, agreements, or any other legal document on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.

9 Responsibilities of PI/Department Prepare proposal according to guidelines Complete all sponsor forms Route proposal through NUgrant Notify your Pre-award Coordinator early Make required copies Have proposal to OSP 2 business days prior to the deadline Note: DHL picks up at OSP at 3:30 pm daily (paper submissions) Often done simultaneously

10 Agency Electronic Submission Systems NSF – FastLane NASA – NSPIRES DTRA –UNL is registered –IBM Forms (PureEdge) – Adobe –download the package & instructions –follow instructions carefully –email.xfd package to OSP upon completion –is a submission portal, not final destination site – no data remains at –NURAMP training session 9/25

11 Budget Planning Start the budget early in the proposal preparation process. Budget caps may limit the scope of work. The budget should reflect the scope of work. Make sure to use the current rates. Utilize budget tools and/or ask for help. OSP resources at

12 Budget Planning Is cost sharing required? If so, ensure approvals early. Avoid unnecessary cost sharing. “The investigator will devote 10% effort to the project during the academic year.” (Effort related, quantifiable. Use when cost share is mandatory.) vs. “The investigator will devote the effort necessary to ensure that the scientific and educational outcomes of the proposal are met.” (Outcome related.)

13 Purpose and Elements of a Good Budget To present and justify financial needs to fulfill the scope of the project Provide a roadmap for successful progress of work Reflect project goals financially Clear Realistic Conforms to regulations and policies –federal –agency –institutional –program specific

14 Common Reviewer Issues to Avoid Budget too small for project size Budget inflated for project size Justification does not support budget Budget and justification do not reflect project aims

15 Budget Considerations Costs to a project must meet the criteria in OMB Circular A-21 (if a federal project) Primary Principles – all costs must –Be reasonable –Be allocable –Be treated consistently across the institution –Conform to any limitations or exclusions described in these principles or in the sponsored agreement as to types or amounts of cost items The cost is unallowable if all principles aren’t met!

16 Steps for Developing a Budget Review solicitation to help determine which costs are allowable, allocable, and reasonable for the proposal Determine start date – make sure it falls within sponsor guidelines Determine if cost share is required and if F&A is allowable or restricted Utilize budget & justification templates from OSP website Include costs based on project needs

17 Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs Also known as overhead or indirect costs F&A costs are those that are incurred for common or joint objectives which cannot be readily and specifically identified with a single sponsored project Real costs to the university to maintain resources and infrastructure to do research –Heating and air conditioning –Building maintenance –Administrative salaries –Snow removal UNL has a federally negotiated rate agreement through our cognizant agency - DHHS

18 Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs UNL’s F&A rate is applied to Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) –MTDC includes all direct costs except equipment (over $5000) capital expenditures charges for patient care tuition remission rental costs scholarships and fellowships the portion of each subaward in excess of $25,000 F&A costs are incurred on actual expenditures

19 F&A Policy Request full negotiated rates on all proposals If sponsor has a published standard limited rate or does not allow F&A costs, UNL will accept (usually foundations) If sponsors request use of a less than full F&A rate, PI must route a request well in advance of deadline Requests for F&A reductions must be thoroughly justified and signed by the appropriate department chair and dean then submitted to OSP for review and consideration. Requests should not be directed to the Vice Chancellor for Research. Waivers of F&A costs are generally not allowed.

20 Other Considerations Cost of living increases on multi-year awards Cost share requires institutional approval (via NUgrant) prior to proposal submission

21 Budget Justification An explanation of the items included on budget form Most important part of the budget! Fully justify every person listed in the proposal Fully justify every budget category in order of budget form Make it easy for a reviewer to understand the proposed costs on the budget

22 Budget Justification Justify any items that would normally be unallowable or treated as F&A cost or require sponsor approval Provide budget details in the justification rather than list in budget –Cost Accounting Standards 501 requires that our accounting system accumulate level of detail that is proposed in the budget

23 Cost Share Project costs not borne by the sponsor Cannot be met through federal sources Two types – mandatory and voluntary Voluntary cost share becomes mandatory if the proposal is awarded

24 Cost Share Cost sharing has to be tracked and reported Don’t quantify unless needed Examples of acceptable wording to avoid quantifying –The PI will devote the necessary time to complete the project –The department of X will provide the necessary equipment to accomplish the proposed research. –Computer support for the project will be provided by the College of X. You cannot cost share an item more than once As a general rule, avoid it, if possible!

25 Reminders OSP hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday OSP cannot be responsible for proposals arriving at OSP after 5 pm OSP must review documents prior to signing – allow plenty of time, minimum 2 business days Deadline includes a review by OSP prior to submission Plan ahead to ensure proposal has best chance for success.

26 Copyright 2008, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. All Rights Reserved.

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