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TRiO SSS Orientation 2012-2013 Where Success is the Only Option!

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2 TRiO SSS Orientation 2012-2013 Where Success is the Only Option!

3 What to expect from this orientation... At the conclusion of this orientation you will be able to:  State the two key elements of TRiO mission statement for the students  List three activities for the coming year  Explain how to get the best use from the TRiO tutoring service  Explain the time limits for PELL Grants  Tell how many workshops are required per year

4 A short history of the TRiO- Student Support Services program Funded by a federal grant through the US Department of Education office of post secondary education. A vital part of enrollment and student services at Central Piedmont Community College since 1986

5 TRiO Mission Statement To provide the academic support and tools necessary to help you persist and graduate

6 Our Pledge to you is to...  develop and empower your personal success  help you achieve academic success  provide you with the tools and skills to cope with college life  encourage open communication between faculty and students  demonstrate a respect for persons of all cultures  respect your right to be human and make mistakes but we expect you learn from these experiences and not repeat them.

7 What is TRiO Student Support Services? We are a community of CPCC students In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.  Be about Business Be respectful of ourselves. Be respectful of others. Be respectful of property.

8 What to expect for this year! Workshops!!!!  Financial Literacy instruction  Financial aid information  Study skills  Social Skills College transfer information Mid semester meetings with the TRiO staff TRiO Student Club activities A graduate luncheon for our graduating TRiO students

9 Supplemental Grant Aid Additional funds to help with your college expenses Check the TRiO Website for eligibility criteria An important requirement for the supplemental grant award is that you attend 6 workshops per semester.

10 How to get the most out of your tutoring sessions Before your tutoring begins do the following:  buy and read your textbook  print out and read the course syllabus  go to class  do your homework Schedule and keep your tutor appointment through out the semester Participate in your tutoring session

11 Computer/Tutor Lab We have rules!!!!  The computer lab is a CELL PHONE free zone  The Computer Lab is PRIVATE - for TRiO students only  The computer lab is for course work and related research i.e., No Facebook, computer games, YouTube  children are not allowed in the computer/tutor lab

12 Financial Aid you are limited to 12 semesters of full-time payments You must make satisfactory academic progress: 2.0 Term and Cumulative GPA

13 Financial Literacy We are requiring that you attend 3 Money Smart workshops in per semester The Money Smart workshops give you an overview of basic money management skills

14 What did we learn? In order to get credit for reviewing this orientation you must go the following link to take a short quiz The Quiz

15 Enjoy your school year!

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