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EBenefits Self-Service Tutorial -Open Enrollment.

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1 eBenefits Self-Service Tutorial -Open Enrollment

2 Access to Stanislaus County eBenefits DOEJ ********* Enter: Your USER ID (e.g. DOEJ) Enter: Your Password (e.g. **********) If you forgot your password, click on the Reset Password link. If you do not know your UserID, contact your Dept HR or the SBT Help Desk. Sign In

3 Open Enrollment Click: Self Service> Benefits> Benefits Enrollment

4 Open Enrollment Click: Select to access your benefit options

5 Click: Edit next to each plan to review and change your specific plan options

6 Review your medical plan options and semi-monthly costs Click the radio button next to your plan of choice

7 Review your available dependents at the bottom of the page. Make sure the box is checked next to the dependents you want enrolled in this plan If you need to add a new dependent, click Add/Review Dependents Otherwise, click Update Elections

8 If you need to add a new dependent, click Add a dependent or beneficiary Enter your new dependents info and click Save

9 Review your new dependents info and click Return to Dependent/Beneficiary Summary

10 Double check to make sure all of your dependents are listed Click Return to Event Selection If you added a new dependent, you will need to submit documentation (marriage or birth certificate) to Employee Benefits by the end of Open Enrollment

11 Make sure you check the box next to your new dependent Click Update Elections

12 Review your medical plan selection, semi- monthly cost and dependents Click Update Elections

13 If you selected a High Deductible Medical Plan, you will now need to select the corresponding Health Savings Account You have the option of contributing pre- tax dollars to your HSA through payroll deduction. Here is where you will indicate an annual amount that will be deducted in 24 semi-monthly payments Click Update Elections

14 Review your HSA enrollment, annual pledge and semi- monthly contribution Click Update Elections

15 Click: Edit next to each additional plan to review and change your specific plan options

16 If you want to change your ReliaStar ING Supplemental Life, select the radio button next to your choice Options with an asterisk require an Evidence of Insurability form be completed and sent to Employee Benefits for approval by the underwriter To change your Beneficiary, just re-allocate the percentage or dollar amount you choose to the new Beneficiary Click Update Elections when complete To add a new Beneficiary that is not listed below, click Add/Review Beneficiaries

17 If you want to enroll in Dependent or Spousal Supplemental Life with ReliaStar ING, select the radio button next to your choice You, the employee are the Beneficiary of these two life policies. Therefore you will not need to pick beneficiaries for these two options like you would for employee life insurance. Make sure the spouse and children that you are enrolling for, are listed in PeopleSoft as Dependents. To verify this, just click on one of your health plans to see the list of eligible dependents. This is where you would add a new dependent. Dependent Life will cover all dependent children in your family. Dependent requirements apply. You must be enrolled in a voluntary supplemental life plan, equal to or greater than the amount you select for your dependents.

18 If enrolling in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), click the radio button and indicate an Annual Pledge amount which will be divided into 24 semi-monthly deductions Click Update Elections

19 Review your Annual Pledge and Semi-monthly deduction Click Update Elections

20 When selecting a FSA plan, you must also select the FSA Fee as there is a semi-monthly fee associated with this plan Select the radio button next to Employee Only Click Update Elections

21 Review your Election Summary which reflects your total semi-monthly costs Click Submit Print this page for an immediate confirmation

22 Please review the disclaimer Click Submit to authorize your elections and send your final choices to Employee Benefits for processing

23 Congratulations! Your Benefits Enrollment is complete Click OK

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