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We HOPE you will recruit your fellow workers to UNITE with YOU.

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2 We HOPE you will recruit your fellow workers to UNITE with YOU

3 What is Live United? It's a movement and a call to action. YOU can make a difference: Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Together, united, we can make change happen. When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. Your donation helps deliver HOPE for a better tomorrow. That’s what it means to Live United.

4 Give When you give to United Way you help create hope. Your gift ripples out into the entire community.

5 Anyone can champion the cause. Whether you’re speaking out to improve education in your community, reaching out to members of Congress, or wearing the LIVE UNITED shirt to show your support, you can help inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. So go ahead and advocate in a LIVE UNITED world. Advocate

6 Give an hour. Give a day. Give your best. We all have special talents. Things we can do to help. And when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. There are hundreds of volunteer options available every day. Give the gift of you! Volunteer! Volunteer

7 Does United Way of GNB make an impact? Last year: 69,100 people received services provided by funded agencies 7,500 people enjoyed cultural enrichment opportunities supported by United Way 62,000 lbs of locally grown produce plus $400,000 of donated food was distributed by the Hunger Commission 1,831 callers received referral assistance from Mass 2-1-1 617 families received case management support through New Bedford Community Connections Coalition 459 volunteers were linked to organizations looking for help in just 7 months on 284 children and teens received a campership or summer job through Summer Fund 37 volunteer organizations received grant funding through Community Building Mini-Grants YOU BET!

8 What YOU help Us Do… –Funding to 22 Partner Agencies –United Way Initiatives Community Building Mini-Grants Hunger Commission Summer Fund Mass 2-1-1 Volunteer SouthCoast

9 22 Local Non-Profits Receiving more than $429,000 in funding for FY 2015 Providing direct services for Basic Human Needs Children & Youth Health People with Disabilities Agency Program Funding

10 ARC Boys & Girls Club of GNB Child & Family Services Coastline Elderly Community Nurse Damien's Place Dennison Memorial Diabetes Association Immigrants Assistance Center Nemasket Group NorthStar Learning Centers PAACA PACE Salvation Army Samaritans Schwartz Center SEMCOA Seven Hills The Women's Center Wareham Childhood YMCA 2015 Agency Funding

11 Food Recovery Program providing free delivery of donated food to Local Pantries and Kitchens Hunger Commission

12 Funded $35,000 to 37 all-volunteer groups in 2014 Community Building Mini-Grants

13 Provided $104,000 for Youth Employment, Camperships & Cultural Enrichment in 2014 Summer Fund

14 Mass 2-1- 1

15 Volunteer SouthCoast

16 Payroll Deduction Direct Gifts Leadership Giving Corporate Giving Planned Giving Ways to Give

17 What is a Workplace Campaign? A workplace campaign gives your organization the opportunity to lead the way in making our community a better place. It also provides several benefits for your organization: –Increased employee morale –Increased internal communication –Enhanced reputation and standing in the community –What does your workplace need from United Way?

18 Pledge Form

19 What is my role as a Campaign Coordinator? –Work with United Way staff member & Loaned Executives to develop an effective campaign plan –Before you ask others to give, give a gift yourself –Recruit a team of volunteers to help you run the campaign –Promote the campaign throughout your workplace and ask everyone to give –Coordinate the distribution and collection of campaign materials and pledges –Prepare and submit final report and pledge forms –Say Thank You!

20 2014 Campaign Video What Do You HOPE?

21 –Presentation –Campaign Video –Posters –Announcements –Themes Bringing Your Campaign to Life

22 Campaign Resources –Campaign Video –United Way Logos –Sample Letters and Emails –Campaign Posters –Pledge forms –Post-it notes –NFL schedules

23 Campaign Resources UW Staff & Loaned Executives – Pickup and deliver campaign materials – Coordinate presentations & meetings – Help with campaign ideas, themes

24 –Casual/Dress Down Day –Executive Dunk Tank –Auctions-Raffle –Pizza Party –Cubicle Decorating Contest –Children’s Drawing Contest –Popcorn Sale Involve United Way in other Events- Health Fair, Employee Appreciation Days Special Events & Contests

25 Navigator Society –Navigator Society Newsletter –Name listed in Annual Report –Membership Pin –Opportunity to attend special events –Knowledge that you are leading the way in making positive change in our community!

26 Specific Ask! $19.25 a week = $1,000 Navigator Society $1 a day = LIVE UNITED 365 $1 a week = $52 annual Request an increase PARTICIPATION is key

27 Don’t forget New Hires and Retirees! Give them a letter, pledge form and Give them a letter, pledge form and volunteer brochure

28 Campaign Listing Sheet

29 Report Envelope Please list Please list start date!

30 Saying Thank You! –Letter from CEO or United Way –Internet or Emails –Candy Messages –Banner –Ice Cream Party or Coffee/Donuts, Fruit

31 Connect with us!

32 Think one person can’t make a difference? THINK AGAIN! Please be sure to update your contact information- email and phone.

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