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Timeline On the Web Activities Texas History sites.

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3 Timeline On the Web Activities Texas History sites

4 Causes Effects On December 11, 1835 Stephen F. Austin encircled the Mexican garrison in San Antonio de Bexar Tension between Texans and the Mexican government increases Texas rebel victory Seal the determination of the Texans Rebels Started a war for the Independence of Texas from the Mexican Government Links SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXASSONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS / Texas Military Forces Museum Texas Military Forces Museum

5 The Texas Revolution (1835-1836) was a political and military insurrection by settlers and inhabitants of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Texas against the Mexican government. Mexican forces under General Santa Anna attempted to crush the rebellion, and had victories at the legendary Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of Coleto Creek, but in the end they were defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto and forced to leave Texas. The revolution was successful, as the present-day US state of Texas broke off from Mexico and Coahuila and formed the Republic of Texas.

6 By 1835, troubles in Texas had reached a boiling point. Tensions were always high between Mexicans and American settlers, and the unstable government in Mexico City made things that much worse. Stephen F. Austin, long a believer in staying loyal to Mexico, was jailed without charges for a year and a half: when he was finally released, even he was in favor of independence. Many Tejanos (Texan-born Mexicans) were in favor of independence: some would go on to fight valiantly at the Alamo and other battles.Tensions were always high

7 Videos The Battle of San Jacinto Texas Gain IndependenceThe Battle of the Alamo

8 The massacre near goliad March 27, 1836 Declaration of independence March 2, 1836 March 2, 1836 The battle of san jacinto April 21, 1836 The siege of the alamo March 2, 1836

9 The siege of San Antonio de Bexar With the outbreak of hostilities, Mexico began making preparations for a massive punitive expedition north, to be led by President/General Antonio López de Santa AnnaAntonio López de Santa Anna. The Texans knew they had to move quickly to consolidate their gains. The rebels, led by Austin, marched on San Antonioconsolidate (then more commonly referred to as Béxar). They laid siege for two months,laid siege for two months during which time they fought off a Mexican sally at the Battle of Concepción.Battle of Concepción In early December, the Texans attacked the city. Mexican General Martín Perfecto de Cos conceded defeat and surrendered: by December 12 all Mexican forces had left the city.

10 The siege of the Alamo The Mexican army arrived to Texas and in late February laid siege to the Alamo, a fortified old mission in San Antonio. Some 200 defenders, among them William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, held out to the last: the Alamo was overrun on March 6, 1836 and all within were slain. William TravisJim BowieDavy CrockettAlamo was overrun

11 The 13 day siege of the Alamo concludes on this date, as over 200 Texans under the command of Col. James Bowie and Lt. Col. William Barrett Travis fell to over 2,000 Mexican soldiers. On February 24, Travis wrote: “I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due his own honor & that of his country. VICTORY or DEATH.” After the siege, all surviving Texans fighters were executed. Links Lone Star JunctionLone Star Junction / Sons of the Dewitt Colony of Texas / The Alamo Official SiteSons of the Dewitt Colony of TexasThe Alamo Official Site March 6, 1836 The siege of the Alamo

12 The massacre near Goliad The Angel of Goliad Fannin and his troops were caught out in a foggy prairie where there was little cover and limited water. Texans were force to surrender. The Prisoners were hold in Goliad for a week. Santa Ana wrote to Urrea ‘Anyone who had taken up arms against the Government of Mexico must be executed immediately’. Some Survived the Goliad Massacre, during the smoky confusion. Francisca Alvarez, who was traveling with the Mexican troops, help few people to escape. Texans later referred to her as the Angel of Goliad. Links SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXASSONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS / The Handbook of Texas On LineThe Handbook of Texas On Line

13 March 27, 1836 The massacre near Goliad..."Boys, they are going to kill us---die with your faces to them, like men!"......two other young men, flourishing their caps over their heads, shouted at the top of their voices: "Hurra for Texas!" Can Texas cease to cherish the memory of those, whose dying words gave a pledge of their devotion to her cause?--Capt. Jack Shackelford, Survivor of the Massacre Links SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXASSONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS / The Handbook of Texas On LineThe Handbook of Texas On Line

14 Homework and Activities Click on object to open On Line Activities Kids Games and Acivities

15 A new nation was born in North America as the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. An ad interim government was established, appointments were made and the army was quickly formed due to the urgency of wartime demand. Sam Houston was named Commander-in-Chief. Links The Texas State LibraryThe Texas State Library / The Handbook of Texas On LineThe Handbook of Texas On Line March 2, 1836 The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.

16 The Final Battle The end of the Mexican rule over Texas The Texas Revolution Intensified after the Battle of the Alamo. Mexican an Texans troops continue To Clash as Santa Anna Marched across Texas. The Final Battle occurred at San Jacinto, where Sam Houston and Santa Ana Faced off. The Battle of San Jacinto last 18 Minutes. The Texas Shouted “Remember the Alamo!, Remember Goliad !”, as they crossed the battle ground. Houston was wounded Santa Anna was Capture the next day The Battle of San Jacinto

17 Why Lopez de Santa Anna was not executed? Houston explained his reason; “My Motive in sparing the life of Santa Anna was to relieve the country of all hostile enemies without further bloodshed, and to secure his acknowledgment of our independence” Links San Jacinto MuseumSan Jacinto Museum / SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS / The Handbook of Texas On Line SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS The Handbook of Texas On Line

18 Resources  The Handbook of Texas Online, offering excellent, detailed articles on most topics of Texas history. Teaching tools include TEKS alignment, lesson plans, and a student guide to topics. A guide to using the Handbook for Texas history teachers is also available. The Handbook of Texas Online Teaching tools  Alamo de Parras, an excellent site with articles, primary source documents, maps, newspaper accounts, author interviews, a live Alamo cam, and other resources on the Alamo and the Texas Revolution Alamo de Parras  Lone Star Junction, information, biographies, and documents on Texas history up to 1900, especially the period from before independence through statehood Lone Star Junction  The Texas Association of Museums offers a search page that lets users find museum by name, kind, or region.Texas Association of Museums  The Heritage Room in Hurst, Texas—Students can delve into the history of Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area through historical documents, photo archives, family histories, artifacts such as Bonnie and Clyde's license plate, and a wealth or rare historic books. The Heritage Room  The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas—Students can visit the historic site and learn about the events of the battle. Plenty of images and artifacts help students visualize what the battle must have looked like. The museums web site provides a list of Alamo defenders, with links to biographical essays about them. The Alamo  The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, Texas—Students can hear Stephen F. Austin's words from his jail cell in Mexico and see how Juan Seguín experienced the battles of the Revolution. The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

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