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Mo Val Parents: Welcome to the World of Study Abroad.

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1 Mo Val Parents: Welcome to the World of Study Abroad


3 Students & parents likely do not know:

4 Students benefit from study abroad They will learn more but learn differently They will enjoy the learning environment It is more affordable than being on-campus in the summer (more bang for the buck!)

5 They can pick up ½ of the number of semester credits for less than ½ of the cost of a semester on campus They will return as changed persons They may speed up graduation date Their resume will look better for grad school or a job (value added)

6 Your child will learn: New skills New knowledge New attitudes

7 Your child will earn credit with knowledgeable and interesting professors while exploring the sights and sounds of the world’s greatest locations

8 Portrait of a typical study-abroad student full of confidence and ready to challenge the world !!!

9 Study Abroad Summer 2015!

10 Our Pledge Because we believe so strongly in the value of study abroad, we maximize learning and minimize cost!

11 Semester Cost vs. Summer Study Abroad Cost Mo Valley Semester = about $ 16,000: 18 credits -- living on campus or away from home ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Summer Study Abroad = $7,140 average: 9 credits $6,388 average: 6 credits

12 2015 Sites London: mid-May to mid-June; mid-June to mid-July (4 weeks) Florence: mid-May to mid-June; mid-June to mid-July (4 weeks) Paris: late June to mid-July; late July to mid-August (3 weeks) Oxford: July (3 weeks)

13 Total Cost of Programs London -- about $6,400 for 6 credits or $7,150 for 9 credits Florence -- about $6,300 for 6 credits or $7,050 for 9 credits Paris -- about $5,800 for 6 credits or $6,550 for 9 credits Oxford -- about $7,050 for 6 credits or $7,800 for 9 credits






19 Sample of London Courses global business international finance macro-economics practicums in both business and social entrepreneurship (5 students to a team working with a business to address a problem) American foreign policy British life and culture The arts in London

20 Sample of 2014 Florence Courses drawing study of food through history Tuscan Art and Architecture the human body through Renaissance artists interior architecture and design musical history of Florence museums and galleries exploring the culture of Florence (indep. study)

21 Sample of 2014 Paris Courses Paris museums and galleries Paris as historical center of world politics Sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Paris 18 neighborhoods of Paris: culture, history and politics history of science in France drawing in Paris French educational system exploring the culture of Paris & France (indep. study)

22 Sample of 2014 Oxford Courses tutorial with Oxford don on subject of student’s choice world affairs (25 lectures by team of Oxford and American professors) history of health care in England museums and galleries British history of scientific psychology Karl Marx in England cultural competency in health care exploring the culture of England

23 Contact James E. Harf Director, Center for Global Education Gander Hall 101 Maryville University phone: 314-529-9503

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