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PRODUCTION FACILITY HIGHLIGHTS. FAST FACTS: 550,000 Square Feet $40 Million Investment ISO9001 Certification.

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2 FAST FACTS: 550,000 Square Feet $40 Million Investment ISO9001 Certification

3 This very large machine cuts steel coil sheets into blanks and also does roll forming. Yes, that is an 8’ ladder.

4 Inventory of steel blanks This is one day’s work --- thanks to a JIT program

5 A programmable automatic CNC punch press ensures the one millionth part is identical to the first. Note the detailed cuts Price: $1.2 Million Two more units are on order!

6 A programmable state-of-the-art CNC shearing machine to make desk parts and drawer fronts. Price: $1.5 Million

7 A row of precisely-tooled press brakes used to form parts for files, desks and pedestals. Clean! Bright! Neat! Look at that reflection! A couple of other items worth noting……..

8 This is the beginning of the file line……… The robot selects the correct size blank for the file size that has been programmed... Then feeds it to the automated rollers….. An automated material storage and retrieval system…..the latest technology available today.

9 ALL of the bends required to create a file case are performed by this machine……. The next stop is spot welding the braces and O-frame members. Price: $2 Million This is the high-rise storage for the steel sheets picked by the robotic retrieval system

10 The next stop is where the Multi-O-Frames and top cap assemblies are spot welded. And take note….. This is the first time human labor touches the product!

11 The case is fitted with the top, bottom and Multi- O-Frame in this fixture All welding operations are done simultaneously Customers marvel at this machine!

12 The finished file case. Elapsed time from when robot sent blank down the line: 7 minutes Humans involved in the process: 2 Chance for error: 0% Presto !

13 Finished cases waiting (patiently) to be painted Overhead paint line carrier system

14 New powder coating line Price: $800,000

15 3,500 feet of paint line, handling objects of all sizes to be painted in 30 different colors, requires skilled management. Paint line “air traffic controller” Paint line computer monitoring equipment

16 The computer-controlled power and free paint line carriers are bar coded to tell the robotic paint arm what color is to be painted. If a color change is required, the next batch is held to permit purging the old color from the feed lines. If the line is not ready for the next batch, it is sent to a “siding” to wait.

17 The product is run through a completely contained chemical cleaning line to ensure the finish coat adheres properly.

18 Once the components have been cleaned, they are ready for the paint application process. The mechanism for this four-head sprayer is computer-programmed with the size and shape of each piece that comes through the line…. The paint is applied by discs rotating at 10,000 rpm. Computer- controlled robotic painting arm. This system uses less air… ….which means less wasted paint “GREEN” ….which makes it a very “GREEN” process. ….thus ensuring that each piece is fully and evenly coated.

19 With a uniform coat of paint applied, it is then time to bake the finish in a computer programmable oven. Can you believe how clean?! Even the carts are spotless!

20 Once the paint has cooled, the products are then readied for final assembly and packaging.

21 Pre-painted coiled steel is used to create lateral file and pedestal drawer bodies. It takes a gentle machine and perfect tooling to bend pre-painted steel. This machine makes all the bends necessary to create a finished drawer body. Price: $750,000

22 Once formed, the drawer bodies are moved by air suction cups to the automatic welding fixture.

23 The entire drawer producing line can be seen here. It starts here… And ends here…

24 All desk and file tops are laid up in this section

25 All edge banding is applied automatically.

26 When manufacturing is complete, all products are then staged for loading on our private carrier’s trailers.

27 There is not a facility in the industry that is the equal of ours in all aspects of manufacturing. It was designed and built this way for a single purpose. We want to be certain that your customer receives their product and CORRECT ON-TIME COMPLETE That is our pledge to you

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