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Shifting Shores in the South West Helen Mann Property Manager - West Dorset.

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1 Shifting Shores in the South West Helen Mann Property Manager - West Dorset

2 Shifting Shores in the South West Planning for change at the coast

3 Lessons already learnt Shifting Shores 2005 Long term planning is essential Work with nature, not against it Think and act in a wider context Solutions need partnership Involving the public is critical

4 We’ve woken up to coastal change and its impact on our properties Shoreline Management Plan guidance (SMP2) PPS20 Draft Marine Bill Proposed Flood and Water Bill

5 NT sites at risk…… Westbury Court Garden Cotehele South Milton Sands Black Ven Golden Cap Studland Brownsea

6 Bossington Lundy Access Road Godrevy Penberth St Michaels Mount Mullion Harbour

7 NT sites at risk…… Cotehele Quay Woolacombe Studland

8 Cotehele Quay

9 Godrevy

10 What we can do: Work with others to undertake research Engage local communities Assess where defence might be appropriate Replace habitat loss Record features before they are lost Plan for relocation or adaptation

11 What we can’t do: Ignore natural processes Ignore what’s happening beyond our boundaries Achieve our objectives on our own

12 So what’s happening at some of the NT coastal sites ?

13 Brownsea Island - internationally important lagoon Woolacombe -5m (over 3km) of fore dunes swept away in one night Porlock Bay – breaching of shingle bar = new area of salt marsh Man sands – shingle bar now allowed to function more naturally Nature Conservation

14 Brownsea Island

15 Porlock Bay

16 Man Sands

17 Cultural heritage Westbury Court garden

18 North Cornwall

19 Stakeholder Bossington Mullion Harbour

20 High profile Studland Lyme Regis Botallack


22 Key questions to address….. How can people’s awareness and understanding of the risks they face be raised? What is the best way to decide the most sustainable approach to managing these risks?

23 How should tomorrow’s coastline be planned today? How can the costs of adaptation be minimised and shared equitably?

24 The big 4……. our impact assessment Impact on wildlife Impact on historic environment Impact on coastal economy Impact on public access

25 Why do we care? 716 kilometres of Coastline 24,989 ha of land 92 coastal car parks 20 cafes and shops Public access and recreation Local communities – friends and supporters

26 Our pledge for our future coast…. Long Term View Conserve where possible Raise awareness and support vulnerable communities Work in partnership


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