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Words for Production 1. athletic [ 8T`lEtIk ] adj. physically strong, with plenty of muscles 身強力壯的 Our PE teacher has square shoulders and an athletic.

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2 Words for Production 1. athletic [ 8T`lEtIk ] adj. physically strong, with plenty of muscles 身強力壯的 Our PE teacher has square shoulders and an athletic build; no wonder he is nicknamed “Superman.” 詞類變化 * plenty of = a large number or quantity of 大量的 * PE : physical education * build 體格 * no wonder 難怪

3 athlete [ `8Tlit ] n. [C] 運動員 At the Olympic Games, athletes from different countries try their best to compete with one another for medals. * the Olympic Games 奧林匹克運動會 * try / do one’s best 盡力 * compete with 與 … 競爭 * each other 兩者互相 one another 三者互相

4 Words for Production 2. multiple [ `m^lt1pL ] adj. including many different parts or types 多種的 Fortunately, the driver of the crashed car only received multiple slight injuries—a few cuts and scrapes, and bruises all over the body. * 副詞置句首, 以逗號隔開, 修飾整個句子, 為全句修飾語. 原句 =It is fortunate that the driver of the crashed car survived. * all over the body 遍佈全身

5 Words for Production 3. fracture [ `fr8ktS2 ] n. [C] a break or crack in something, especially bones 骨折;裂縫 My ankle X-ray showed a simple fracture of the bone, so the doctor thought I would recover from it soon. 詞類變化 * recover from = get over 復原

6 fracture [ `fr8ktS2 ] vt. ( 使骨頭 ) 折斷,使斷裂 She fractured two of her ribs when she fell off her motorcycle.

7 Words for Production 4. paralyze [ `p8r1&laIz ] vt. to cause (some or all of the body muscles) to become uncontrollable or stiff 癱瘓 The man was half paralyzed as a result of a terrible traffic accident. * as a result of 因為 … 的結果

8 Words for Production 5. suspend [ s1`spEnd ] vt. to hang; to stop for a while 懸掛;暫 時停止 After the accident, Tom had to lie on the bed for a week with his leg suspended on a rope from the ceiling. Sales of the drug will be suspended until more tests are completed. 詞類變化

9 suspension [ s1`spEnS1n ] n. [C][U] 暫停;暫緩 Due to the heavy rain, the judge announced a suspension of the game. * suspension bridge 吊橋

10 Words for Production 6. accent [ `8ksEnt ] n. [C] the way in which people in a particular area or country pronounce a word 口音,腔調 Betty speaks English with such a strong French accent that it is often hard to understand her. * such … that… 如此地 … 以致於 …

11 Words for Production 7. pledge [ plEdZ ] vt. to make a serious promise 承諾,擔保 The government pledged to rebuild the school ruined by the earthquake as soon as possible. 詞類變化 * as soon as possible 儘可能地快

12 pledge [ plEdZ ] n. [C] 承諾,保證 I wonder if the mayor will carry out his election pledge to take good care of the homeless on the streets. * wonder = be eager to know * carry out = fulfill * the + adj = 複數名詞

13 Words for Production 8. massive [ `m8sIv ] adj. very large in size, amount or number 巨大的,巨額的 There has been a massive increase in the cost of living, especially in housing.

14 Words for Production 9. sip [ sIp ] n. [C] a small amount of air or drink that one takes into one’s mouth 吸,啜 After taking a sip of the soup, the woman asked the waiter to heat it up. 詞類變化

15 sip [ sIp ] vt. 吸,啜 During my spare time, I enjoy lingering in the café, sipping my favorite coffee. * spare time = leisure time = free time * enjoy + Ving

16 Words for Production 10. puff [ p^f ] n. [C] a small amount of air that is blown or sent out 吹 After they finished the song, he tried to blow out all the birthday candles with a single puff. 詞類變化

17 puff [ p^f ] vt. 吹 Linda got mad when the man puffed smoke into her face.

18 Words for Production 11. tube [ tjub ] n. [C] a long hollow object that is usually round, like a pipe 管子 The patient is unable to take any food and must be fed by a tube that enters his nose.

19 Words for Production 12. exhale [ Eks`hel ] vi.; vt. to breathe out the air in one ’ s lungs 吐氣 To calm herself down, Angela inhaled deeply and then exhaled slowly. * exhale = breathe out inhale = breathe in * calm down 使 … 平靜

20 Words for Production 13. resolve [ rI`zAlv ] n. [U] strong determination to succeed in doing something 決心 The man made up his mind never to smoke again and he kept his resolve. 詞類變化 * succeed in + Ving 成功 * make up one’s mind = decide = determine * 不定詞的否定句型 : not never to V * keep one’s resolve 保持決心

21 resolve [ rI`zAlv ] vt. 決心,決定 In spite of grave difficulties, Martin Luther King resolved to lead his fellow blacks in the fight for civil rights.

22 Words for Production 14. strive [ straIv ] vi. to struggle hard to get something 奮 鬥,力求 In the wake of the massive losses caused by last year’s severe water shortage, the government has been striving to improve management of water resources. * strive = struggle * water resources 水資源

23 1. Christopher Reeve [ `krIst1f2 `riv ] n. a famous American actor 克里斯多 夫‧李維 Words for Recognition

24 2. Russian [ `r^S1n ] adj. of Russia or its people, language, or culture 俄羅斯 ( 人 ) 的,俄語的 Words for Recognition

25 3. Robin Williams [ `rAb1n&wIlj1mz ] n. a famous American actor 羅賓‧威廉斯 Words for Recognition

26 4. wheelchair [ `hwil&tSEr ] n. [C] a chair with large wheels used by people who cannot walk 輪椅 Words for Recognition

27 1. the (whole) world over everywhere in the world 全世界 People the whole world over have become aware of the importance of environmental protection. Idioms and Phrases * be become aware of 知道 * environmental protection 環境保護

28 2. on one’s own by oneself 靠自己 It is impossible for me to carry the box on my own because it is too heavy. Idioms and Phrases * on one’s own = by oneself = independently

29 3. upside down in a position with the top turned to the bottom 倒置 Turn the jar upside down, and then the rest of the honey will gradually come out. Idioms and Phrases

30 4. to its/the fullest to the greatest degree; very greatly 極 其,充分地 To appreciate this opera to its fullest, you should read the story first. Idioms and Phrases

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