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My theme is don’t let anyone push you around Jeremy's tree.

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2 My theme is don’t let anyone push you around

3 Jeremy's tree

4 This relates to Jeremy's treehouse because it shows that the treehouse is important to him. I'm From Barcelona - Treehouse Lyrics | MetroLyricsI'm From Barcelona - Treehouse Lyrics | MetroLyrics

5 The logan’s land

6 This relates to the logans land because it s show how important the land is to them. Land that we love by Jill gallina

7 Mama gets fired

8 This relates to mama getting fired because even though she doesn’t have a job every thing will be ok. Losing Our Job Lyrics by the roches

9 Quote

10 This relates to Jim lee calling cassie a nigger because it says this is not a black or white world.

11 Mr. granger threatens to take their land

12 This relates to Mr. granger trying to take their land because it shows how there not fearful when someone trys to take their land LAND OF FREEDOM LYRICS - SIGMA

13 event

14 This relates to Mr. Wallace being up Mr. berry's family because it shows how whites didn’t see us equal to them so they whipped us when we diddnt wanna listen.

15 Cassie gets pushed around by mar Simms

16 This shows that even though he's black everybody is the same.

17 event

18 This relates to Stacey's whistle because it shows that its his whistle and he wont give it to anyone.

19 Mr. Morrison gets into a fight

20 This relates to Mr. Morrison's fight because it shows that he wont give up after one fight.

21 Cassie fight Lillian jean

22 This relates to cassie fighting Lillian jean because it shows how she was waiting for her chance to fight Lillian jean


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