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Nationalism Poster Project

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1 Nationalism Poster Project
Directions: In this activity, you will pretend that you are living in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  You have just become the leaders of countries.  Your nation has suffered through years of poor government, hard economic times, and disastrous wars.  You have decided to use nationalism to rally your discouraged people and raise the country to a level of respect, power, and leadership in world affairs. This goal can only be reached by getting people to be proud of their country, and convincing them that they should put their country ahead of their own self-interests.  You have a number of ideas in mind to achieve your objective.  There are also many important decisions that you must make regarding your nations' government, armed forces, foreign trade, system of taxation, etc...

2 Project Contents Title Page Map of your country National Emblem
National Flag National Slogan Pledge of Allegiance

3 Sample National Emblems
France has a Gallic Rooster as their national symbol. Great Britain has a lion as their national symbol. The U.S. has a bald eagle as our national symbol.

4 Sample Slogans United We Stand, Divided We Fall
To Be the Land of the Free, We Have to Be the Home of the Brave Liberty, Equality, Fraternity All For One, And One For All

5 Sample Pledges Guyana’s National Pledge to the Flag I pledge myself to honor always the Flag of Guyana and to be loyal to my country  to be obedient to the laws of Guyana  to love my fellow citizens  and to dedicate my energies  towards the happiness and prosperity of Guyana. 

6 Poster Requirements Poster Title – Name of your country
Must include all white papers & map (6) Clean, clear, & easy to read from far away Creative!

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