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Pirate Advisory Teams PATS KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL. What Is An Advisor/Advisee program? The nation’s #1 dropout prevention tool Personal commitment from an.

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1 Pirate Advisory Teams PATS KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

2 What Is An Advisor/Advisee program? The nation’s #1 dropout prevention tool Personal commitment from an educator to a small group of students Student advocate provider Regularly scheduled A constant and caring adult who can turn- around at-risk you th KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

3 What is an Advisor/Advisee program? A process to improve a student’s chances for graduation and long-term employment A plan to provide students with skills and background to make decisions about their education and career A plan to aid students in developing self awareness, awareness of life and career possibilities, and decision-making skills KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

4 Goals of Advisor/Advisee To create a caring school climate To monitor the academic progress of students To promote critical-thinking skills through discussion and problem-solving activities To assist students in making responsible choices To assist students in accepting responsibility for their own actions KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

5 Guidance vs Counseling GUIDANCE: The help ALL students receive from parents, teachers, counselors, community members, and others to assist in their educational and career development COUNSELING: The help SOME students receive from credentialed professionals to overcome personal and social problems that interfere with learning KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

6 Advisory Program Components Navigating high school Creating relationships Self-assessment Time/stress/financial management Study skills Goal setting/decision making Creating a career dream Attitude, aptitude and attitude Character counts Citizenship Curriculum choices Communication skills KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

7 Objectives of an Advisory Program Provide a warm, personal, caring environment for every student in the school Assist advisees in monitoring their own academic achievement Communicate/be a good listener Encourage advisees academic, personal, and social development Communicate with parents/guardians of advisees KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

8 Advisory Time is NOT Homeroom Study Hall Replacements for the Guidance Department KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

9 Who will be advisors? Teachers Counselors Librarians Administrators (if needed) KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

10 Successful Advisory Programs' Statistics After first year evaluate: Attendance Discipline Parental Involvement Failures Students moving into post secondary training KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

11 The Role of the Advisor: To provide a supportive environment that encourages the personal growth and development of all the students by establishing a relationship with each advisee, which is characterized by genuine concern and understanding. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

12 The Advisor’s Primary Responsibilities Serve as an advocate for advisee Provide a nurturing environment which promotes communication Serve as a positive role model Monitor academic progress of advisees Contact parents each progress report and/or grading period concerning students who have failing grades Documentation and advisement sessions and contacts with parent and students. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

13 MAKING ADVISORY WORK FOR YOUR SCHOOL KEEP IT SIMPLE. We use it primarily to track the ABC’s Attendance, Risk of failing, Behavior Held twice a six weeks (teacher meets with half the group). Referral sent to counselor or academies of at-risk students. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

14 PATS Revisions for 2010-2011 Due to new students registering – freshman advisors will get new students during week 1. Freshman Academy members will exchange folders with new sophomore advisees (last year’s seniors). PATS will be held every third and six week of a six week period. You will advise only half of the group. PATS will be used for grade conferencing – progress reports and report cards(attendance and grades). A referral form for problem students is to Graduation coaches (volunteer teachers) Parent contacts will consist of 3 – beginning, middle and end. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

15 PATS Revisions Continued All new students will be placed by the counselor with an advisor once school starts. A trial run of PATS will occur the Thursday before Friday’s PATS for the third six weeks in order to give Freshman teachers time to organize folders. Folder paperwork has been revised to one sheet where you will check off when you conference and when you make parent contact. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

16 PAT Manual (Manila Student Folder) Logs CONTACT LOG Parent contact Student contact Student Information (DATA FOLDER) Student Info Sheet Manila Data Folder Pledge Sheet KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

17 STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET Demographics Personal interests Projected Graduation intention Basic information Demographics Personal interests Projected Graduation intention Basic information

18 Pledge Sheet Pledge sheets include ILEAP, GEE, ACT scores, Career Path and student pledge to set and attain goals. Do this during first two meetings.

19 CONTACT LOG Documents both parent and student contacts. Parents must be contacted 3 times (beginning, middle, end) Students will have 6 contacts in a year. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

20 Sample Academy Referral Student Name____________________________ Grade__________ Problem Area: Circle At risk of failingAttendanceDiscipline Describe problem: ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________ Submitting teacher_____________________ 9 th and 10 th grade send to Debbie Meaux 11 th and 12 th send to John Phelan KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL


22 Note: The following teachers consist of the advisory teams for each grade level. The first person listed is the leader and will serve on the steering committee for the entire school. Freshman Ms. Meaux Ms. Heather Mr. Erika Ms. Chelsey Mr. Alvin Ms. Jennifer Coach Danielle Sophomore Ms. Alicia Ms. Smith Coach Gabor Mr. Rost Mr. Craig Ms. Cathy Coach Morvant Juniors Ms. Eva Ms. Mindy Coach Dusty Coach Shay Ms. Timmie Coach Lotief Ms. Alyson Seniors Ms. Patty Ms. Prestenbach Ms. Laurie Ms. Angie Ms. Polly Mr. Phelan Mr. Curtis SPED: Ms. Mary Pat, Ms. Jenny, Coach Jeff, Coach Donald

23 Report Card and Progress Report Conferencing ROLE PLAYING KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL


25 REVIEW STEPS FOR ESTABLISHING (PATS) Establish a steering committee ( 1 from each grade level). They meet with teachers. Establish a faculty meeting to in-service teachers. Make data folders ( contact log, student information sheet, pledge sheets) Report cards * Data can be gathered by counselors or teachers (computer or binder) Include in teacher packet or binder: extra data forms, advisory teams for grade level, academy referral or ABC intervention form, report card conferencing steps and parent conferencing guidelines. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

26 STEPS CONTINUED Establish schedule for meeting. (We meet every fourth and seventh Friday of the six weeks. We have students practice reporting to their advisors week 3. All list are posted. The only students with new advisors are grade 9 and 10. Those without freshman academy would only have one new group – and to replace teachers who left. We meet for 20 minutes with half of the group. The other half reads, completes questionnaires TBA – WE READ. KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

27 FOR MORE INFORMATION Kaplan High School 200 E. Pirate Lane Kaplan, La, 70548 KAPLAN HIGH SCHOOL

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