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SHARE OUR STRENGTH 2013-2014 South Dakota Community Peer Education Outreach Project.

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1 SHARE OUR STRENGTH 2013-2014 South Dakota Community Peer Education Outreach Project

2 SOUTH DAKOTA COMMUNITY PEER EDUCATION TEAM 2013-2014  Chantel Brende - Baltic Caroline Crinion - Brookings Sr  Isaac Schaal - Brookings Sr Kaitlyn Hague - Highmore  Brittany Hinkle – HighmoreCatherine Leber - Parker  Afton Burns - Phillip Elizabeth Hansen - Redfield  Matt Jensen -WinnerJosey Blare – Winner  Adviser Natalie Madsen – Sioux Valley

3 SHARE OUR STRENGTH MISSION Share our Strength is a non-profit organization whose main mission is “to end hunger and poverty in the United States and abroad by mobilizing industries and individuals and creating community wealth to promote lasting change. They accomplish this through a three step process: raising funds, magnifying, granting funds, charitable infrastructure work, and sustaining charitable work.”

4 SHARE OUR STRENGTH VISION  No Kid Hungry- Share our Strength Program  Teach people to utilize opportunities  Food Stamps  WIC- food stamps specifically for young mothers and their children  Reduced meals for kids at school with families with less income  Summer lunch programs  Food banks  End childhood hunger by 2015  Engage youth in the national anti-hunger movement by encouraging and educating a new generation of passionate and dedicated young leaders who will advocate for this cause among their school peers and friends

5 HISTORY OF SHARE OUR STRENGTH  Founded in 1984  The Great American Bake Sale started selling baked goods in 2003  Mission changed to ending CHILDHOOD hunger in 2004  Since 2011 Share Our Strength has provided 34 million additional meals to children in the United States  FCCLA has partnered with Share our Strength until 2016

6 FACTS ABOUT CHILDHOOD HUNGER  16.2 million or 1 in 5 American children suffer from hunger  40.3 million people in America got help through SNAP (food stamps) in 2010; half of them were children  19 million kids get a free or reduced-price school lunch on an average school day  5 out of 6 eligible kids do not get free summer meals  Children who struggle with hunger are sick more often, recover more slowly, and are more likely to be hospitalized  Lack of enough nutritious food impairs a child's ability to concentrate and perform well in school.

7 HUNGER IN SOUTH DAKOTA  Food Insecurity in South Dakota is 18.3%  Food insecurity means the percentage of children under eighteen years old living in households that experience limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods at some point during the year.  50,000 low-income children in South Dakota receive free or reduced price lunch  Only 18% of children eating reduced price school lunch are getting summer meals  Youth and Family Services in South Dakota have increased the number of meals offered to students by 632. These efforts helped provide 4,108 meals to kids, ensuring that they had healthy, hunger free summers.

8 OPPORTUNITIES TO GET INVOLVED  Take the Pledge  Give Service  Raise Funds

9 TAKE THE PLEDGE  FCCLA members can take a pledge through Share Our Strength  The Pledge:  I believe that no child in America should go hungry. By pledging today, I add my voice to the national movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America by 2015.  Members can do this by visiting kid-hungry

10 GIVE SERVICE IDEAS  Backpack program  You can work through Feeding America or within your chapter to help send food home with kids who battle with hunger over the weekend.  Food Bank or Soup Kitchen  There are many soup kitchens, food banks, and banquets that could use your help to either organize food or just serve it.  Breakfast Programs  You can help set up a program within your school to help feed kids in the morning. This will help all kids start the day off with a healthy start.  Trick-Or-Treat  In the month of October you can hold a night where you go around and collect either nonperishable food items, or you can collect one dollar donations for Share Our Strength. One dollar can give a child up to 10 healthy meals! TH POSSIBILITES ARE ENDLESS

11 RAISE FUNDS  Great American Bakesale  The great American Bakesale is a program designed by Share Our Strength. It is an effort done throughout the country and can be held anytime of year. FCCLA members can plan and implement a bake sale. Afterwards you then send all the funds to Share Our Strength  Dance-A-Thon  Through student and business donations host an all-night or 12 hour dance in which students participate in activities, games and dancing til dawn in order to raise money for Share our Strength.  Bingo Night  Get prize donations from local business men and women. Host a night where people can pay per/card (.25) or for the night($5). Donate any proceeds to Share Our Strength  Game Night  Host a Kickball, Dodge ball, Volleyball, Softball night. Team members can pay ($3) or bring in food donations to play and funds will go towards Share Our Strength or items to a local agency  Paper Chains  Sell paper chains ($1) and hang up around the school or at an athletic event. Proceeds will go to Share Our Strength THE POSSIBLITIES ARE ENDLESS!

12 INCENTIVES FOR DONATIONS THROUGH NATIONAL SHARE OUR STRENGTH  Recognition of Chapter and State Efforts by National FCCLA  Participation in the National FCCLA Outreach Program  Deadline: May 1, 2014  **Please remember that in order to receive recognition, you must send your check to Share Our Strength’s National Headquarters.**  If your chapter raised $500 – Share Our Strength Wristband  If your chapter raised $1,000 – Share Our Strength Pin  If your chapter raised $2,000 – Share Our Strength Sunglasses  If your chapter raises $4,000 – Share Our Strength T-shirt


14 GENERAL RESOURCES  No Kid Hungry/ Share Our Strength Website   Introduction to Share our Strength   No Kid Hungry In: Poster 

15 VIDEO RESOURCES  Lily, Her mom, and No Kid Hungry   Project SNAP  uYg&index-4&feature=plpp_video uYg&index-4&feature=plpp_video  All YouTube No Kid Hungry Videos  cp cp

16 CURRICULUM RESOURCES  Selfless Sam   Hunger and Your Community   Hunger Hurts 

17 RAISING AWARENESS RESOURCES  Cooking Matters-Education Tools   Pledge Sheet   The Real Facts About Childhood Hunger 

18 FUNDRAISING RESOURCES  Paper Chain   Donation Pin Up   Raising Money at Events  events2.pdf events2.pdf

19 NO KID HUNGRY AND YOU RESOURCES  Information Sheet   Event Ideas   Constitution Template  Template1.pdf Template1.pdf

20 OUR GOALS FOR SD FCCLA  Encourage Chapters to promote more Share Our Strength distribution centers in South Dakota in their area  We would like to raise at least $10,000 for childhood hunger including local, state and national funds raised throughout the school year

21 HOW TO DONATE  Make local monetary or food donations as normal  Send Share Our Strength donations to the national level - memo FCCLA  Keep track of all donations and service hours throughout the year

22 WHAT TO REPORT  Chapters will be able to be recognized for amount of food items collected.  Chapters will be able to be recognized for funds raised in support of ending childhood hunger. This will include local and state donations, as well as Share Our Strength donations.  Chapters will be recognized for chapter member hours spent actively addressing childhood hunger.  ALL CHAPTERS PARTICIPATING IN THESE THREE AREAS WILL BE RECOGNIZED AT STATE LEADERSHIP MEETING IN APRIL

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