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Pillars of Ashoka Carvings on a pillar of Ashoka.

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2 Pillars of Ashoka



5 Carvings on a pillar of Ashoka

6 Stupa and a pillar of Ashoka


8 Edicts of Ashoka Qualities of the heart found in the edicts of Ashoka: Kindness Self-examination Truthfulness Gratitude Purity of heart Enthusiasm Strong loyalty Self-control

9 Code of Hammurabi





14 Hammurabi’s Laws Law 5: If a judge makes an error thought his own fault when trying a case, he must pay a fine, be removed from the judge’s bench, and never judge another case. Law 233: If a contractor builds a house for someone and the walls start to fall, then the builder must use his own money and labor to make the wall secure. Law 195: If a son strikes his father, the son’s hands shall be cut off. Law 202: If someone strikes a man of higher rank, then he shall be whipped 60 times in public.

15 Character Counts

16 Six Pillars of Character Counts

17 “I pledge at Fremont Middle School to respect myself and the rights and property of others. I am responsible for my choices. I will be fair and trustworthy in my actions. I care about others and my school. I promise to do my best.” Citizenship Pledge

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