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Welcome to the CFC Assistant Webinar We will be using the phone bridge today. – The call-in number is: 702-473-3463 – The Passcode is: 555677 1.

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1 Welcome to the CFC Assistant Webinar We will be using the phone bridge today. – The call-in number is: 702-473-3463 – The Passcode is: 555677 1

2 If you cannot hear my voice right now, let me know using the chat window

3 Webinar Operation I can only open 3 microphones at a time If you need to speak, use the chat window to let me know You need a computer microphone in order to speak and be heard Use the chat window to pose questions and I will answer all before moving ahead 3

4 CFC Assistant 101 Introduction to CFC Assistant Kingsley Klosson, Developer

5 Agenda I’m shooting for one hour Concept of Operation User Interface Design Preparing Your Campaign Batches and Pledges Receipts and Income Disbursements Reports and Exports Audits 5

6 Concept of Operation CFC Assistant is your Pledge Card Management System for the CFC CFC Assistant is designed to comply with all aspects of 5 CFR 950 and all other Office of CFC Operations directives CFC Assistant is NOT a financial management system but it supports financial activities Given your campaign pledges, receipts, and expenses, CFC Assistant calculates payments to be made to each CFC recipient CFC Assistant will generate all required reports to manage, report, and audit your campaign – although most financial information is audited through your financial management system 6

7 What CFC Assistant Is CFC Assistant is your pledge management system Pledge designation information is used to: – Calculate payments – Provide various reports – Provide accountability of your campaign results and activities 7

8 What CFC Assistant Isn’t CFC Assistant is NOT a financial management system – Information within CFC Assistant should mirror certain information in your Financial Management System such as: Dollars received Dollars paid Expenses incurred Expenses Assessed 8

9 What is an Employer? Other systems probably refer to these as Accounts Employers can be categorized into user defined Employer Categories Any unique operating activity that you want to manage is an Employer. For example, each individual Postal Office may be an Employer in a Category called “Postal” You can reorganize employers at any time 9

10 What is a Federation? A group of Agencies offering similar charitable services A all Agencies belong to one Federation Independent Organizations belong to a federation called Independent Organization Undesignated Pledge is agency 99999 which belongs to a federation called “Undesignated Pledges” A Federation can be a characterized as a Federation of Agencies or not 10

11 Federation Example 11 Example: Local Independent Organizations IS NOT a federation of agencies… But it is listed in the Federation list in order to group the Agencies Agencies within such a group are deemed to by independent

12 An Agency is Not a Federation For example: – Community Health Charities, Agency 12196 is not the same as Community Health Charities the Federation – EarthShare, Agency 10252 is not the same as EarthShare the Federation Although they are the same office and organization, they have different purposes relative to the CFC 12

13 What is an Agency? Agencies are the targets of pledge designations All agencies belong to a Federation (though not all federations are actual federations of agencies) Agencies are either Federation members or they are independent The PCFO has no direct interaction with federation member agencies A few Agencies are virtual such as 99999 and 11111 13

14 What is a Batch? Each Batch is attributed to a single Employer Batches are a metaphor for a Key Worker envelope Batches contain any number of pledge cards Batches have no relation to dates, you don’t batch cards by date received 14

15 Anatomy of a Pledge Card 15 Employer Categories Employers Batches Pledge Cards Designations Have many

16 Where Are The Donors? Most other campaign software is donor centric – There is a database of donors that are central its purpose CFC Assistant has no database of donors or people – The donor is just an attribute of the pledge card 16

17 User Interface Design All activities begin with a basic CFC concept: – Batches, Pledges, Employers, Disbursements, etc. represented by a button on the main screen Each concept presents a list of items that can be added to, edited, or deleted Most lists can be sorted and filtered and exported to Excel as desired There is a menu system for Reports and Tools and other items for data and system management 17

18 CFC Assistant Main Screen 18

19 A Typical List In this case, Employers 19 Filter list and see tallies Sort on headers Manipulate records Export and report Global Actions List tallies

20 Preparing Your Campaign 20

21 Setup Employers Some refer to these as Accounts Create Employer Groups At a minimum, enter name and contact name/email, and number of employees Use Update Information Request function to automatically gather updated Employer information Assign to a Payroll Group (more on that later) 21

22 Setup Charities Add local Federations and Agencies Assign all local independent organizations to the Local Independent Ensure charities are configured exactly as presented in your campaign brochure 22

23 Batches and Pledges

24 Create Batches Create a Batch for each Key Worker envelope you receive Add Pledge Cards 24

25 Add Pledge Cards 25

26 Pledge Card Behaviors No mouse required; use Tab and cursor keys to navigate for faster input Form is smart; – Value of pledge is determined by the allotment * pay periods. Pay periods are determined by MIL or CIV source attribute – Sum of designations must equal value of pledge card 26

27 Pledge Card Demo 27

28 Receipts and Income 28

29 Receipts and Income CFC Assistant simply needs to know how much total income your campaign has received This is complicated by the requirement for income tracking, which is a whole other webinar 29

30 A Typical Receipt 30 Enter Receipts Information about the Receipt How the Receipt breaks down to Payroll Groups The total of the Receipt should equal the sum of all Payroll Group items The Pay Period is the next sequential number received from this Payroll Office

31 Disbursements

32 Disbursement Overview A Disbursement takes all available Income and generates Payments to each recipient (federation or independent agency) All income is disbursed in proportion to each recipient’s percentage of designations After a Disbursement, your available Income is effectively zero Rounding errors may be encountered in the amount of a few cents – can’t be helped 32

33 One-Time Disbursement Your first disbursement of each campaign can be a one-time disbursement You set a threshold (approved by your LFCC) and all recipients with designations under the threshold will be paid once, in full. Normally followed immediately by a normal disbursement to pay out remaining Income 33

34 Receive/Pay Lifecycle For the remainder of the campaign: – Receive Income – Make Disbursement – Repeat CFC Assistant can print the checks, or You can print a check writing report, or You can export payment information for import into your financial management system 34

35 Reports and Exports

36 Two Types of Reports Reports for Printing/Preview – Cannot be manipulated Spreadsheets – Create simple and complex spreadsheets based on selections Both types are selectable from the Reports menu Spreadsheets can be generated from just about every list displayed in CFC Assistant using the Excel button 36

37 Audits

38 Special Reports Reports that support audit requirements – Receipts and Disbursements – Distribution Schedule – International Distribution Schedule – Get Random Pledge Cards 38

39 Q & A Questions? – Use chat window to post questions. 39

40 Thank You! I hope you enjoy using CFC Assistant Good luck on your campaign!

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