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Fly, Lower, And, Gather Mission Statement: The F.L.A.G. Program was created to instill pride and respect among students towards the United States and State.

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1 Fly, Lower, And, Gather Mission Statement: The F.L.A.G. Program was created to instill pride and respect among students towards the United States and State Flag. Students will be held accountable for the proper Flying, Lowering, And Gathering of the United States and State Flag during the school year. Students who participate in this program will be recognized with a Citizenship Award presented by the sponsors of the F.L.A.G. Program. This will be the model for all school districts to duplicate and emulate.

2 Fly, Lower, And, Gather Every Fall across America a new school year begins. In many of these schools a tradition that began in the late 1800’s of paying homage to the American flag continues. On October 21, 1892, children in schools across the nation participated in an event to celebrate the 400 th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s landing in North America. Among the patriotic activities of the day the ritual of citing the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag began. Though today we often still see this tradition, steeped in rich, prideful history, we also have come to find that the significance and history of our flag has lost its luster in many facets. The power of one is a term we’ve all heard, but few truly believe one person can make a difference. The birth of the F.L.A.G. Program is such a case. In the Fall of 2010, Jim Rodriguez was doing what most parents were doing, taking his daughter to school. Day after day as Jim dropped her off he could not help but notice the American flag, being raised in a manner not befitting of this national treasure.

3  A Teacher Representative will assist in planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling this program.  The Board of Directors will communicate, educate, motivate, and evaluate the program’s objectives to students.  Students will be challenged to recruit volunteers that will participate in the F.L.A.G. Program.  Volunteers will be taught the proper procedures of the F.L.A.G. Program and be scheduled to perform this duty throughout the school year. Fly, Lower, And Gather

4 Fly, Lower, And, Gather The school employee assigned to the task was doing his duties to the best of his knowledge and ability. But as a retired veteran of the United States Air Force Jim couldn’t help but shudder seeing the flag rolled up, carried casually under one’s arm, before securing it to the flag pole to be raised for the day. No one noticed, no one paused to pay their respect, it had become just a routine of the day. Jim took action. He called the principal of the school and proposed an idea to engage the students in restoring the tradition, teaching them the history, the etiquette and proper protocol surrounding the American flag. He enlisted the services of SSgt. Jose Rivera, a United States Army Recruiter and together they launched the first class of the F.L.A.G. Program. The support they received from Waxahachie ISD, their student council, and administrative staff helped to bring this dream to reality. We feel it is significant to remember the history of our American flag, to instill patriotism and pride back into our schools and never forget those who fight for our freedom, and this nation. Together, we pledge allegiance to this grand flag, for which it stands.

5 The flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset. If the flag is displayed at night it should be illuminated. Never allow the flag to touch the ground or the floor. When displayed on a wall or window the blue field should be in the upper left corner. The flag should be raised quickly and lowered ceremoniously. The flag is often flown at half-staff to show respect for someone who has died. When flown at half-staff, the flag should be raised to the top for an instant and then lowered to the half- staff position. The flag should also be raised to the top before it is lowered at the end of the day.


7 How to fold the Flag

8 To properly fold the Flag, begin by holding it waist-high with another person so that its surface is parallel to the ground. STEP 1

9 STEP 2 Fold the lower half of the stripe section lengthwise over the field of stars, holding the bottom and top edges securely.

10 STEP 3 Fold the flag again lengthwise with the blue field on the outside.

11 STEP 4 Make a triangular fold by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the open (top) edge of the flag.

12 STEP 5 Turn the outer (end) point inward, parallel to the open edge, to form a second triangle.

13 STEP 6 The triangular folding is continued until the entire length of the flag is folded in this manner.

14 STEP 7 When the flag is completely folded, only a triangular blue field of stars should be visible.

15 Curriculum Question and Answer Style to be implemented as ‘bell-ringers.’

16 What is Vexillology? Why does a properly folded US flag resemble a triangle? The study of flags To represent the Minute Man’s Hat worn by George Washington’s Troops

17 What color should never be seen when the US flag is properly folded? What does the 3 rd fold of the US flag represent? Red The Veteran who has served his/her country

18 How many rows of stars are on the US flag? Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance and in what year? 9 Francis Bellamy, 1892

19 What significance does the year 1818 have on the US flag? When a state is admitted into the Union, when is the star added to the flag? Congress enacted the law to keep the original 13 stripes and add stars for every state On the following 4 th of July

20 Which U.S. President enacted Congress to create Flag Day? What year was Flag Day created and what month and day is it celebrated? Harry Truman 1949….June 14th

21 In what year did Congress pass the Flag Act, which established an official flag for our nation? It is widely believed that made the first American flag. 1777 Betsy Ross

22 In what year was the first American flag made? When a flag is so worn that it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, what should be done? 1776 After cutting out the field (separate the stars and stripes), the flag should be burned in a dignified manner with the field (stars) on top.

23 What publication states the correct use and display of the US flag? What is the height of an official flagpole? Public Law 94-344 and Public Law 829 50 feet

24 Where is the only place a US flag can be displayed at half mast? Where is the only place a US flag can be displayed at half mast? What is the ornament (ball) on top of an official flagpole called? A ship at sea (half-staff is the correct term for elsewhere) A truck

25 What is legend behind the contents of the ornament on top of the flagpole? Legend says that the truck contains a bullet, a razor blade, and a match. If in battle, and the military post is being overrun, the last person is to use the bullet to fire one last time at the enemy, use the razor blade to cut the field out (separate the stars and stripes), and use the match to burn the flag with the field (stars) on top. We would rather burn our flag rather than surrender it to the enemy.

26 What is the proper salute to the US flag by a civilian? Hand over the heart

27 How is the US flag draped over a coffin? Where in America is the U.S. flag flown with no place of honor? With the union, or stars, draped over the heart The United Nations building

28 What do the stars on the American flag represent? When is it appropriate to fly the flag at half-staff? Each star represents a state Upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and other officials according to presidential orders, as a mark of respect to their memory

29 How many folds are there in a properly folded U.S. flag? What year was the U.S. flag first depicted on the postage stamp? 12 1869

30 What term is used for raising the flag (briskly)? What is the term for lowering the flag (ceremoniously)? Revellie Retreat

31 The American flag should NEVER touch the Ground, it should be received by waiting hands and arms

32 How many stripes are on the American flag and what do they represent? The original 13 colonies:  Delaware  Pennsylvania  New Jersey  Georgia  Connecticut  Massachusetts  Maryland  South Carolina  New Hampshire  Virginia  New York  North Carolina  Rhode Island 13

33 What is the official ‘nickname’ for the American Flag? Old Glory What inspired Francis Scott Key to write the National Anthem? During and after the Battle of Fort McHenry, during the war of 1812, on Sept. 14, 1814, the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air revealed that our flag was still flying!

34 What does the color red represent on the U.S. Flag? What does the color blue represent on the U.S. Flag? Hardiness and Valor Vigilance What does the color white represent on the U.S. Flag? Purity and Innocence

35 When flying a group of flags, the U.S. flag should be the ______________ and the _______________. last to be lowered first to be raised What year did Congress officially recognize the Pledge of Allegiance? 1942 What year were the words “under God” added to the Pledge of Allegiance? 1954

36 When displayed at night, care should be taken to properly _________ the flag. When and where did the flag first fly with 50 stars? illuminate 1960 over Fort McHenry in Baltimore, where Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star Spangled Banner”.

37 Where is a brand new flag flown each day? At the White House a new flag is flown each day. The office of the President of the United States gifts these certified flags to deserving organizations or individuals.

38 On what holiday is the American flag supposed to fly at half-staff until noon? Memorial Day What European nation was the first to officially salute the new U.S. flag? What year? France, 1777

39 When did the US Army begin flying the American flag? In 1834. Up until that time the U.S. Navy was the only branch of the military to do so because the nationality of ships at sea was needed. When was “Stars and Stripes Forever” written and by whom? 1897, John Phillip Sousa

40 Who made the flag that flew over Fort McHenry, that would later inspire Francis Scott Key to write “The Star Spangled Banner? Seamstress Mary Pickersgill. The flag weighed more than 200 pounds and was 42 feet by 30 feet. It required more than 400 yards of cloth to complete.

41 Why does a military rifle salute at a funeral equal 21 shots? The digits in the number 1776 (the year the first American Flag was made) add up to 21

42 Under what circumstance is it acceptable to fly the flag upside down? As a sign of distress

43 When a flag is being flown at half staff, it should first be _______________ when hoisted. This should be done again before the flag is lowered for the day. raised to its peak When displayed with other non-national flags, The flag of the United States of America should be displayed at the ________________________________. center and highest point of the group

44 Awards Ceremony Each participating school will conduct an awards ceremony at the end of the year. Students will receive a Citizenship Award. Fly, Lower, And, Gather Please direct all inquiries to: Jim Rodriguez

45 Find us on Facebook! Leadership Cadet Corps(LCC) Middle Schools, Dallas, ISD Pearl C. Anderson Middle School T.W. Browne Middle School E.B. Comstock Middle School T.A. Edison Middle School Harold W. Lang Middle School J.L. Long Middle School Benjamin Franklin Middle School W.E. Greiner Middle School Robert T. Hill Middle School John B. Hood Middle School Raul Quintanilla, Sr. Middle School O.W. Holmes Middle School Francisco Medrano Middle School Thomas C. Marsh Middle School Boude Storey Middle School L.V. Stockard Middle School Seagoville Middle School Alex Spence Middle School Sam Tasby Middle School E.D. Walker Middle School Middle Schools: Hillsboro Junior High School, Hillsboro, TX Harry S. Truman Middle School, Grand Prairie, TX T.J. Rusk Middle School Waxahachie ISD Elementary Schools: Frank D. Moates Elementary School, Glenn Heights, TX Ruby Young Elementary, DeSoto, TX G.W. Carver Elementary School, Garland, TX Northside Elementary School, Waxahachie, TX Margaret L. Felty Elementary School, Waxahachie, TX Naomi Press Elementary School, McKinney, TX Litchfield Elementary School, AZ Waxahachie ISD Waxahachie High Schools Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy South Oak Cliff High School, Dallas, TX John Paul II Catholic High School, New Braunfels, TX 2012-2013 Participating Schools

46 F.L.A.G. Program 2013 - 2014 Board of Directors: President & Founder Jim Rodriguez, MSgt, USAF, Ret. Vice President Jose Rivera, Veteran, US Army Secretary Jennifer Ivey, BB&T Treasurer Jerry Frazier, CPA Director of Training/Dallas ISD Dave Bates, T.C. Marsh Middle School Assistant Director for Waxahachie Schools Deborah Bell, Dallas County Deputy Sheriff

47 F.L.A.G. Program 2013 - 2014 Board of Directors: Director/ Middle Schools Jennifer Ivey, BB&T Director/High Schools Orlando Montan, Towne Park Director of Waxahachie Schools/Flag Donations Stuart Stephenson, Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society Director of Arizona Schools Giovanna Guzman, Litchfield Elementary School, AZ Director of DeSoto Schools Cristy Palmer, Moates Elementary School Director of New Braunfels Schools Bianca Pitman, Director of Fine Arts John Paul II Catholic School, New Braunfels, TX

48 F.L.A.G. Program Community Partners 2013-2014 Moreno Printing Dallas Company, US Army Recruiting Texas Air National Guard, Dallas, TX Ellis County Young Marines Woodmen of the World, Chapter 0046 South Oak Cliff High School, AOIT American Legion, Post 81 Air Force Sergeants Association, Chapter 1073 Manny’s Mexican Restaurant, Avondale, AZ.

49 The Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Written by Francis Bellamy, 1892 Columbus Day

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