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Coordinator and Keyworker Campaign Guide 2013 Ohio River Valley Combined Federal Campaign Training.

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1 Coordinator and Keyworker Campaign Guide 2013 Ohio River Valley Combined Federal Campaign Training

2 You have been chosen by your organization to manage and conduct this year’s Combined Federal Campaign. Your selection as the Campaign Coordinator or Keyworker carries a considerable responsibility for the success of the CFC. We believe you will find the CFC a challenge, worthy of your talents! We know you want success, but have limited time. To assist you in planning, organizing and implementing your campaign, this guide will provide you with basic knowledge on how to run a successful campaign and how to report the results. Think positively, be enthusiastic, and take advantage of the guide and the other resources available to you! Thank you for your time, talent and helping make the Combined Federal Campaign a success in our community and the communities that we serve!

3 Contact Information Ohio River Valley Combined Federal Campaign Andrea Fey, CFC Director Phone: 513-684-2515 Email: Address 550 Main Street, Room 1-116 Cincinnati, OH 45202

4 CFC 101 What is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)? The Combined Federal Campaign is the only authorized solicitation of Federal employees in their workplace on behalf of approved charitable organizations. Participation is strictly voluntary. Coercion is forbidden. Why should I give through the CFC?

5 Your Dollars Making a Difference $1 a week provides… · 200 pounds of food—enough for 168 meals for the hungry · 10 children with bilingual beginning-to-read books to build early literacy skills · Six days of medical supplies for a dialysis patient · Two weeks of infant formula for a family in need … that’s ONLY $52 a year $5 a week provides… · Five wigs for children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy · Two nights of shelter for a troubled or neglected youth · Two months of meals for a homebound person...that’s ONLY $260 a year $10 a week provides… · A lightweight wheelchair for a person who is physically challenged · One month of preschool for a child at risk of falling through the cracks · Five and a half weeks of work training...that’s ONLY $520 a year

6 Role of Coordinators and Keyworkers The most important responsibility of each Coordinator or Keyworker is to make sure EVERY employee is personally asked to participate in the CFC—to give through the CFC to the charity(s) of his/her choice. Why have donors participated in the past: 200920102011 2012 Knew about the campaign before 80.6% 78.3% 81.9%71.4% Saw campaign literature or posters 2.9% 3.6% 1.5% 3.5% Campaign coordinator 5.3% 4.4% 3.0% 3.5% Heard about it from a co-worker 5.5% 5.2% 5.2% 8.4% Email marketing 5.7% 8.4% 8.4%13.7% Education and personal touch is the key to a successful campaign!

7 Online Giving through CFC Nexus Registration Start by going to the CFC Website at Click on the red button that says “Pledge Now Online.”The system will prompt you to “Register” or “Login.” 1. Register — For those who are pledging online for the first time. Fill out the information on the screen as shown to the right. “Click to expand” to see all of the federal agencies for each department and select your agency. 2. When all of the fields are complete, click the green button “REGISTER ME.” 3. Login — For those who have pledged online before, simply log in with your username and password. You must choose civilian or military under salutation. The system will prompt you to validate your email address and federal agency — you must re-select your agency from the accordion list. The system will offer you the opportunity to update your password if you so desire. Click “Update My Profile” at the very bottom to proceed to the pledging process. 4. Follow the prompts if you have forgotten your username and password.

8 Making Your Pledge As soon as you have registered or logged in (and validated your information), CFC Nexus will take you directly into the pledging process. For those who have pledged online before through CFC Nexus, it will ask you if you would like to “Replicate your last pledge?” If you click “Yes,” your prior pledge’s settings, designations, and amounts will be entered into the respective fields. You will see a new window saying “Last Year’s Pledge Was Replicated.” You can still increase the amount of your pledge and change your designated charities if you wish. You will need to re-enter your SSN and re-complete your electronic signature for payroll authorization. Click the ENTER PLEDGE button at the bottom of the pledge form if you are finished. If you click “No,” the pledge fields will remain blank and need to be completed for the new pledge.

9 Beginning the Pledging Process: Payroll Contribution Enter your social security number. Your SSN is only required for payroll contributions—it is not required for credit card pledges. SSN are removed from the pledge when the payroll copy is generated and then deleted from the system at the end of the campaign. For a Payroll Contribution select whether you are civilian or military. For military, select your military payroll organization. 1. Enter the amount per pay period and the total annual gift will calculate automatically. 2. Select the payroll deduction authorization. 3. Complete the payroll deduction electronic signature. Click and hold the mouse down to draw your signature.

10 Beginning the Pledging Process: Credit Card Donation (one time) 1. Enter your card number. 2. Enter the expiration date. 3. Enter your credit card verification number. 4. Enter the cardholder name. 5. Enter the cardholder’s address in the respective fields. 6. Enter the cardholder’s best contact phone number. 7. Enter your total one time pledge amount.

11 Beginning the Pledging Process: Credit Card Donation (recurring) 1. Enter the amount per month. 2. Choose your card type. 3. Enter your card number. 4. Enter the expiration date. 5. Enter your credit card verification number. 6. Enter the cardholder name. 7. Enter the cardholder’s address in the respective fields. 8. Enter the cardholder’s best contact phone number. After you have completed your “Pledge Type”, select whether you want to receive an “Incentive Gift” in return for your contribution. Next, you need to decide whether you want to release your name and contact information to your selected charities for the purpose of receiving an acknowledgement or thank you. 1. If you want to be acknowledged, select the box. Enter your physical and/or email address in the spaces provided. 2. Otherwise, you can choose to remain anonymous.

12 Charity Selection and Allocation Search Here! Must be a $0 balance! Local Charities National Charities International Charities

13 Questionnaire Contributors have the option of taking a short survey. If you answer, “Yes, I want to participate in this questionnaire,” please fill out the appropriate information. Even if you choose “No,” you will still have the option of leaving additional comments. Click the button. The “Enter Pledge” button will remain red until all fields are completed. Search for fields highlighted in red for fields that are incomplete. When all required fields are complete, the “Enter Pledge” button will turn blue. When you have successfully completed your pledge, a new window will pop up that says, “Your pledge has been completed successfully!” Select “Please Click Here.” You will be taken to a screen that says, “Confirm Pledge.” CFC Nexus should thank you for your pledge.

14 Printing Pledges All pledges made through Combined Federal Campaign Nexus MUST be printed by Campaign Coordinators and delivered to the payroll office. The Combined Federal Campaign Director will assign all Coordinators special privileges in Combined Federal Campaign Nexus to view and print these payroll copies. Steps for printing payroll pledges: 1.Login to Combined Federal Campaign Nexus using your username and password 2.When you are logged in you will see “Payroll” in the toolbar across the top of the page, you will see 5 options, the first 2 options are for printing payroll pledges: Process new pledges (single print) and Process new pledges (bulk print).

15 Printing Pledges Continued 3. Once you select the “bulk print” option, you will see the name of your federal agency listed with the number of unprocessed pledges. Select the name of your federal agency. Print All Pledges 4. After printing pledges, the system will prompt you to “Click below to return to the Pledges” Then select “Mark All Printed/Exported & Saved Pledges as Processed.” The system will open a new window that will say “All Printed/Exported Pledges Were Processed.” You may now view them under the “View Processed-Completed Pledges” report under the Payroll tab. We encourage you to “process” the payroll copies on a regular basis throughout the campaign.

16 Benefits of Online Giving Through CFC Nexus  Giving online helps the CFC reduce the cost to administer the CFC.  The more federal employees pledge online, the less printed materials the CFC needs to produce in the future. Printing costs represent a significant portion of the CFC budget.  When federal employees complete a paper pledge card, the CFC incurs fees to enter that pledge data into the donor database. Giving online eliminates those processing fees.  Online giving eliminates errors on pledge cards. When errors are made on paper pledge cards, it increases the cost to process that pledge.  It allows the donor’s personal information to be more secure and remain confidential. Fewer people (on average) should know that you pledged and the details of your pledge when completed online versus on paper pledge cards.

17 Alternative Online Giving Options Some (not all) Federal employees will have the opportunity to pledges online this fall through Employee Express (EEX) or MyPay. Federal Departments that may use EEX: Transportation Social Security Interior GSA National Labor Relations Board Railroad Retirement Board Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Federal Departments that may use MyPay: Defense Veterans Affairs Health & Human Services EPA Reporting Functions Coordinators cannot access donor reports from EEX and MyPay. Only the CFC Director can access EEX and MyPay reports. CFC staff will enter all EEX and MyPay pledges into CFC Nexus on a regular basis sp Coordinators may access this information.

18 Online Giving Through MyPay Federal employees that are eligible to make pledges through MyPay may only make payroll deduction pledges through MyPay. If you wish to make a one-time cash, check, or credit contribution, please talk to your agency coordinator or complete a paper pledge card. Click Here Step 1

19 Step 2—Enter the amount per pay period you would like to contribute and click Save Step 3—Search for the charities you would like to designate your donation(s) to.

20 Step 4—Specify the amount of your contribution for each charity.

21 Step 5—Complete Personal Information Very Important!

22 Step 6—Review

23 Step 7—Submit

24 Pledge Cards 1. Personal Information 2. For Payroll Giving 3. For Cash & Check Giving 4. Designation Options 5. Recognition Options 6. Copy of Pledge Card It is important that Federal employees complete a new pledge card for each campaign. By signing the pledge card, the contributor is only authorizing their payroll department to make deductions from his or her paycheck for one year. If the contributor wants to continue designating his or her gift to a particular charitable organization(s), he or she must fill out a new pledge card each year.

25 Copies of the Pledge Card Top Copy (White) - Payroll office · Deliver to your Payroll Department (Payroll deduction only) by December 15. · It is the Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the “top copy” of all pledge cards for payroll deductions are promptly delivered to their payroll office to ensure allotments are implemented with the effective date of January 1, 2014 · All top copies for gifts made by cash or checks may be discarded. Middle Copy (Yellow) - To Central Receipt Point Of CFC Headquarters · Must be enclosed in your report envelope · The Coordinator must submit the audit copies to CFC Headquarters, whether the gift is by payroll deduction, cash, or check. This is the audit trial copy that identifies designations, allows release of donor names and addresses to agencies, and accounts for activity attainment. · All middle copies MUST be turned in to the Combined Federal Campaign · All report envelopes are turned into the Campaign Director Bottom Copy (Pink) - Contributor Copy · All contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign are tax deductible. The contributor should retain the contributor’s copy for his or her own tax records

26 Pledge Card Accuracy Reasons why a pledge card may not be processed: · Incomplete charity codes—make sure donors use current codes obtained from the 2013 brochures or website · Payroll Pledge - Missing Social Security Number - Not signed in lower right-hand corner · Cash pledge—If the cash or check does not accompany the pledge · The total gift amount and the total designations amount do not match Please ensure that the total gift amount is computed and stated accurately. Please make sure the total gift amount divides evenly by the number of pay periods (26 for civilians and 12 for military). Total gift amounts must be divisible by 26 or 12.

27 Example If a donor wanted to give a total gift amount of $500, then $500 divided by 26 pay periods is $19.23 per pay period. However, $500 doesn’t divide evenly by 26—you have a fraction of a cent left over ($500/26 = $19.2307). So the donor should give either $499.98 or $500.24 because both numbers are evenly divisible by 26. $19.23 x 26 = $499.98OR$19.24 x 26 = $500.24 Pledge Card Accuracy This will ensure that pledge cards and report envelopes are completed accurately.

28 Campaign Strategies 10 Steps to a Successful Campaign 1.Secure the Support of Senior Management 2.Review and Evaluate 3.Recruit Your Team 4.Train! 5.Set Campaign Goal 6.Publicize Your Campaign 7.Utilize CFC Resources 8.Ask EVERYONE to Give 9.Report Results 10.Wrap-Up & Thank You

29 Special Events Special Events are a fun, effective way to enhance your CFC campaign. Special events: · Create ENTHUSIASM! · Create AWARENESS · EDUCATE employees about the benefits of the campaign · ENCOURAGE employees to submit a pledge card promptly · INCREASE the money raise from your federal agency Recommendations Make them FUN! Make sure EVERYONE is included. Strategically schedule them throughout the campaign to be most successful. Make its EASY for employees to participate—Plan events around other meetings and events. Have different locations or departments challenge each other in competition. Incorporate payroll giving into special events by tying it to the admission or competition.

30 Don’ts Make sure events are not coercive—participation is voluntary! Participation in a special event should never be intended to replace one’s regular pledge. Rules and Regulations MUST occur with the campaign period for your federal agency. Get approval from the appropriate agency head or official. Be consistent with agency ethics and regulations. Special Events

31 Incorporating Payroll Giving into Special Events Coordinators may incorporate payroll giving into Special Events several ways:  Give co-workers the option of participating in the special event if they complete a payroll pledge, rather than make a cash/check contribution. For example, Andrea can only join the chili cook-off if she completes a payroll contribution in place of making a $5 donation.  Because co-workers gave through payroll deduction, they will be able to participate in all special events! Coordinators should have pledge forms and campaign directories on hand at Special Events if they plan on incorporating payroll giving. Coordinators can also make laptops available so people can easily pledge online — this has been very successful in the past. Encourage co-workers to choose payroll giving so they may designate their contribution to their favorite charity(s). In addition, the incorporation of payroll giving at Special Events offers another option for those who don’t carry cash.

32 Turning in Money Raised at a Special Event Turning in Special Event Funds Checklist: 1.A separate pledge card should be completed that says “SPECIAL EVENT” where it asks for the donors name 2.The Federal Agency Code needs to be completed. 3.The dollar amount needs to be completed for cash and checks – the rest can be left blank. 4.The pledge card along with ALL the cash and checks should be splaced in a SEPARATE Report Envelope with the “Special Event Box” marked. 5.Section 1 of the Report Envelope: Indicate “0” Donors and the total dollars raised. 6. Send the CFC Office **A separtate report envelope and pledge form should be completed for EACH Special Event. It is possible for Special Events to benefit a particular charitable organization. However, those intentions must be clearly communicated to all participants AHEAD of time. If you designate all the proceeds from a special event to a charitable organization, you must enter the corresponding 5 digit agency code on the pledge card.

33 How to Get Non-Givers to Contribute The single most effective method to convince non-givers to contribute in the future is the help them identify with a particular charitable organization and how they may have benefited from a charity supported through the CFC, either directly or indirectly.

34 550 Main Street, Room 1-116 Cincinnati, OH 45202 513.684.2515

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