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Bringing everyone together to transform our towns & cities.

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2 Bringing everyone together to transform our towns & cities

3 How it works: A little money... A crowd of people A big difference Benefits: Relationships Profile Money Community

4 Define your audience LocationProjectOrganisation Who does your project appeal to?

5 Case study Descriptive Short URL

6 Automatically join the Our Big Gig hive Creating your project Create your project

7 Creating your project


9 Copy Keep it simple Sum up your entire project Expand on your intro Most important info Keep it short Don’t use your own bullet points

10 Copy Give some context Give some detail Show you’ve thought your idea through

11 Case study


13 2-3 min video At your project Why you’re doing it With your team Upbeat music Mock up images With your users On a smartphone Energy!Donate!

14 Design Phase Assign a project delivery manager for your project Tell us who will be helping you set up your event Give a detailed breakdown of your costs Do you need landowner or council permission to put on the event?

15 Costs Detail your costs as much as possible. Show what the money is being spent on. Tell funders what they get in return. Funders can see exactly where their money is being spent.

16 Your supporters Wider families/ residents Local businesses Local media Partners National press Grant bodies Local authority Corporates Location Project Organisation Appeals to Appeal to Local people ClientsUsers

17 Ranking your supporters Likelihood of support Group How they can support 100%Myself Friends Family Local bloggers Champions Pledge Pledge, introductions, share Comms Pledge, introductions, share 90%Local residents/ familiesPledge, share Comms 80%Local press Local businesses Pledge, share Share, event 70%Wider businesses Wider area residents/ families Corporates Pledge Pledge, share Share, introductions, event 60%PartnersShare, introductions, in-kind donation 50%National pressPledge, share 40%Grant bodiesPledge 30%CorporatesPledge 20%Local authorityShare, comms, introductions, event 10%Nationwide communityPledge, share

18 Your timeline Week 1 100% support Warm up key contacts Secure champions Superact £100 Week 2 90% support Local residents/ families Social media Local bloggers Week 3 80% support Key contacts follow up Local press Local businesses Week 4 70% support Wider residents/ families Wider businesses Week 5 60% support Social media, big push Champions push Regional media Week 6 Social media, big push In kind support Chase final pledges

19 Success!

20 Cage Cricket Court, Westminster £1k, 7 funders Sculpture walk, London £142k, 198 funders Christmas lights, Ripon £10K, 28 funders High street waterslide, Bristol £5k, 428 funders Park on a flyover, Liverpool £45k, 267 funders New community centre, Glyncoch £792k, 77 funders City centre rebrand & paint, Sheffield £17k, 112 funders Town centre free public WiFi, Mansfield £37K, 16 funders Community café, Frome £11k, 80 funders

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