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Helping Others… Every Step of the Way Department Coordinators Agriculture – Dana KliethermesAttorney General – Kerry Kroll Auditor – Sherri Hoffman,

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2 Helping Others… Every Step of the Way

3 Department Coordinators Agriculture – Dana KliethermesAttorney General – Kerry Kroll Auditor – Sherri Hoffman, Joan Doerhoff Conservation – Heather Herigon Corrections – Mary Ann Reeter DED – Sarah Schuette, Lynne Kempker DESE – Bryan Howard Governor’s Office – Kim Hoelscher Health & Senior Services – Tammy MaasenJudiciary – Katie Hinton, Stefanie Payne Higher Ed – Christopher Polley Labor – Karla Hogg DIFP – Keith Dudenhoeffer Lt. Governor – Mental Health – Bianca FarrMO House of Reps – Pattie Wehmeir MO Senate – Cindy WinthorstMOSERS – Lisa Verslues MCHCP – Darla Struemph MoDOT – Jennifer Jorgensen Natural Resources – Amanda SiffordPublic Defender’s Off – Gina Hall Public Safety – Darla IvenRevenue – Sheila Wilson Social Services – Susan RobisonSecretary of State’s Off – Sandy Hempe Treasurer – Debbie Schertzer OA – Emily Smith, Sara Vanderfeltz, Michelle Hallford

4 What is MSECC?  Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 33.103  Collective effort makes the charitable campaign so effective  Payroll deduction offers employees a convenient way to contribute  Best of all - through our combined efforts -- it provides vital services and meets many needs in our local communities, state and nation

5 What is Your Role ?  Provide leadership  Serve as the main campaign resource for your coworkers  Be positive and enthusiastic about the campaign  Ensure each employee receives a campaign booklet and a pledge card  Encourage participation – without pressure

6 Your Role cont’d  Plan events (drawings, food, competitions)  Collect the returned pledge cards, track your agency or workplace results, and send only the pledge cards with donations to the MSECC office

7 Pacesetter Agency Thank you to Department of Health Kick-Off Theme: A Carnival of Giving Brings Hope

8 Goals for MSECC  Increase employee awareness / participation  Almost 15% participated last year  8,286 donors  A personal “ask”  Enlist management support  Workplace events, food and/or other fun events  Bake sales, “jeans” day, luncheons, auctions, challenges, etc.  “Buck a Month” – encourage new contributors

9 Campaign Booklets  New books printed this year – 2 years  Charities are listed alphabetically under the regions they serve  138 independent charities  33 Federation charities (United Ways, Earth Share, ICA, etc.)  134 new charities  1063 charities in the 2012 campaign  Money donated to partner charities goes first to the Federation, which distributes funds to partners  Employees may access charities on the MSECC website:

10 Pledge Cards  Keep white copy - send to your HR division  Send yellow copy to MSECC  Give pink copy to employee All payroll deductions MUST be signed and dated

11  Blank pledge cards MUST have region, name, SSN, and 3-digit agency code  Boxes MUST be checked for method of payment  Employees must check Century Club Plus and Release of Name if they wish to be acknowledged  If you collect “I Do Not Wish to Give” pledge cards, destroy them – DO NOT return them to MSECC  Minimum Payroll deduction is $0.50 per pay period Pledge Cards

12 Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. ~Edmund Burke Minimum payroll deduction is $0.50 per pay period

13  Verify accuracy of the pledge cards  “Do the math” - ensure pay period amount x 24 = the total amount on employee pledge cards ( x 12 for MOSERS and MCHCP employees )  NO staples in pledge cards – use paper clips to attach checks and money orders Pledge Cards

14 Processing Pledge Cards and Batch Reports  Prepare batch reports  Contact information for person completing report  3-digit agency code  Total the amounts and the number of payroll deductions and checks

15 Batch Reports/Envelopes  Batch – 50 or fewer pledge cards  Verify accuracy on each batch report  Include adding machine tape for each batch report  Multiple batches may be included in a batch envelope  Write every batch report number included in the batch envelope on the outside of the batch envelope  Channel all batches through your department coordinator (unless otherwise instructed)

16 Pledge Cards Common Problems  Can’t read donor’s writing  Donations calculated incorrectly – make sure donors know the amount is per pay period ($$ x 24)  Too many pledge cards in one batch  Cash – Do not send!  Coordinators - write check or obtain money order in place of cash


18 Fundraising Guidelines  MSECC, the ONLY authorized annual fundraising event for participating charities, is conducted annually during September - November  You may contact any MSECC charity to participate in your agency kick-off events  Charities should not directly solicit state employees or coordinators  Any $$ collected in donation jars at your department kick-offs must be sent to MSECC

19 Incentive Policy 2009 Legal Determination  Campaign coordinators should include all returned pledge cards, whether the employee contributes or not, in any drawings they hold.

20 MSECC NEWS  WeSave – 1% of online purchases are being donated to MSECC  To date, the MSECC as received $776.00 from WeSave  State employees donated $1,074,000 for 2011  Total number of donors 8,286 (15%)

21 Deadlines November 18  Please set your agency deadlines early enough to have all pledge cards to the MSECC office by November 18

22 Charity Displays  Over 100 charities represented here today  Please take a few minutes to view the charity displays  Invite charities to your agency kick-off events

23 “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.”


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