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Welcome to Room 52! Ms. Lopez & Frau Kwiat’s 4 th Grade Class.

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1 Welcome to Room 52! Ms. Lopez & Frau Kwiat’s 4 th Grade Class

2 A message from Ms. Lopez… I am honored and delighted to teach a roomful of such talented and dynamic students. We will work together to make this year a rigorous, exciting and successful experience for every child.

3 Parent/Teacher Communication My door is always open. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions/concerns. Write a note in your child’s agenda and I will promptly respond or ask to meet with you for any further clarification.

4 Parent/Teacher Communication via Email If you prefer to contact me through school email, my address is: **For emails received Monday-Thursday, I will respond within 48 hours. **For emails received over the weekend, I will respond on Monday or Tuesday.

5 “Housekeeping” Instruction begins promptly at 8:15. Please ensure that your child arrives to school on time. Please send handwritten and signed notes in the morning regarding any carpool pick-up or after-school care changes.

6 Homework System The students must bring the following to class on Tuesday-Friday mornings: 1. Daily Reading Log (Time spent: approximately 30 minutes) 2. Math assignment **provided in class daily (Time spent: approximately 15 minutes)

7 Homework System (cont’d) The students must bring the following to class on Friday morning only: 3. One completed option from homework menu. (Time spent: students should spend about 10 minutes daily on their one chosen option.)

8 Homework Policy Students will write assignments into their agenda on a daily basis. Also, Please take time to look over your child’s homework each night. This will help ensure a successful 4 th grade experience. It is required that a parent/guardian signs the agenda daily to confirm that homework has been looked over.

9 Homework Policy (cont’d) If homework is not submitted first-thing in the morning, it will be considered late work and accepted for partial credit only. In order to keep you notified about missing assignments, a notice will be stapled inside your child’s agenda. Please make sure to sign and return the notice the next day.

10 Daily Schedule 8:15-8:35 Pledge/attendance, journaling and submit homework 8:30-10:00 Instruction in German (The subject matter will vary throughout the year, but will generally consist of: vocabulary/grammar, science, math facts practice, etc.) 10:00-10:10 Snack

11 Daily Schedule (cont’d.) 10:10-11:10 Math 11:10-11:35 Vocabulary/Spelling 11:35-12:15 Lunch 12:15-12:30 Independent Reading 12:30-1:00 Guided Reading 1:00-1:30 Social Studies/Science

12 Daily Schedule (cont’d.) 1:30-1:50 Recess 1:50-2:35 Writer’s Workshop 2:35-2:45 Clean-up/Dismissal

13 General Grading Scale 4 (100%-90%) Work is neat, organized, turned in on time and meets all requirements of the assignment. Extra effort and depth of thought are demonstrated. Errors are at a minimum. 3 (89%-80%) Work is complete, neatly done and on time. Clearly presented, thoughtful ideas are supported by details. A few errors are present. 2 (79%-70%) Work is complete and meets most requirements of the assignment. Answers are general with few supporting details. Adequate effort is demonstrated. 1 (69%-60%) Work has been turned in, but many of the assignment requirements have not been met. Ideas may be incomplete or difficult to follow. Multiple errors are evident. 0 (59%-0%) Work shows little effort, is missing or plagiarized.

14 General Grading Scale (cont’d) ✔ + You got it! ✔ You’re almost there! ✔ − Needs improvement

15 Academic Expectations Reading 3 assessments (beginning, middle & end of year) CST in May Fiction & non-fiction genres Fluency goal @ 152 wpm

16 Guided Reading Teach comprehension strategies Teach students how to read and respond to all types of literature including context texts. Develop background knowledge and vocabulary Engage students in conversations about their reading.

17 Independent Reading Introduce students to all types of literature. Model strategies in mini lessons that effective readers use. Encourage students’ reading interests. Provide and encourage independent reading level. Engage students in conversation about their reading.

18 Spelling & Vocabulary Greek & Latin root word study Students will complete activities in class daily (unfinished work will be homework). Word list on back of weekly Fridge Facts for additional reinforcement at home. Quiz every Friday

19 Writing Narrative Expository Persuasive Descriptive Poetry Letters/emails

20 Math 3 assessments (beginning, middle & end of year) CST in May Numbers and place value Addition/subtraction Multiplication/division Estimation Data & graphs Measurement Geometry Fractions/decimals Problem solving

21 Social Studies Geography Native American Indians Spanish explorers and early settlers Missions Gold Rush Government

22 Science Scientific Process The Solid Earth Populations and Ecosystems Magnetism and Electricity

23 Independent Study Projects 1 project every 5-6 weeks. Tied to social studies/science IB units and used as a summative assessment. Students will be provided with clear guidelines and rubrics. Research time will also be provided in class. Please communicate if a due date extension is needed.

24 Field Trips As an anticipatory experience for our IB units, we will provide many field trip opportunities for our students! This is only possible with parent support. The best way you can help is volunteering to drive a carpool and chaperone.

25 Class Expectations GICS CIRCLE Pledge C uriosity opens my mind I deas lead to knowledge R esponsible choices show respect C ooperation strengthens others L earners often take risks E mpathy creates community

26 Essential Agreements for a Peaceful Classroom 1. Respect each other. 2. Listen & wait your turn. 3. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 4. Help others. 5. Have fun & be flexible!

27 Discipline Policy 1. Non-verbal warning 2. Reset 3. Reset & lose recess for 5 minutes 4. Thinking Seat Sheet 5. Letter/phone call home 6. Parent Conference

28 Rewards When students fill up the marble jar collectively, they will receive the “gift of time”! 1. Extra recess 2. Games in class

29 3-Way Pledge: Student, Parent & Teacher Partnership… Student Responsibility: 1.Come to school ready to learn as a scholar. 2. Be respectful to peers, teacher & classroom. 3. Be responsible for self.

30 3-Way Pledge: Student, Parent & Teacher Partnership… Teacher Responsibility: 1.Teach state standards. 2. Make learning engaging and relevant. 3. Small group & individual instruction. 4. Available for extra help. 5. Work with parents/guardians.

31 3-Way Pledge: Student, Parent & Teacher Partnership… Parent/Guardian Responsibility: 1. Read at home & ask questions. 2. Check student’s homework daily. 3. Ask student what they learned in school each day. 4. Communicate with teacher regarding questions/concerns.

32 Questions? School website

33 Willkommen zur Klasse 4A

34 Academic Expectations Reading Students are able to pronounce known words properly Students will continue to challenge themselves as they begin reading and comprehending chapter books Throughout the year, students will be placed in book clubs, thus being able to hold literary discussions with peers Writing Students will continue to expand their vocabulary Students will be expected to write in various genres throughout the year (i.e. journal entries, create stories, analyze literature) Students will be expected to apply learned grammar appropriately as they compose their own texts

35 Academic Expectations Grammar Students will become more familiar with proper use of grammar We will firstly focus on verb conjugations in present tense and then in some of the past tenses By the end of the year we will furthermore be familiar with some of the German “cases,” such as Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ, Akkusativ German in the Classroom As part of Goethe’s immersion philosophy I am minimizing the use of English in the classroom I encourage my students to speak as much German as possible throughout the class to actually use the language Through various media, such as music, poetry, and videos, students will experience German as a language that is alive

36 Homework Weekly Spelling/Grammar Tests Beginning this coming week, students will be given 10 German spelling words with translation The spelling words will be given on Mondays, the test will be held on Fridays On actual test, students need to be able to spell the German word correctly and know the English translation Some grammar questions we are working on might also be included Worksheets Worksheets will be distributed on a regular basis as well and should be turned in the following day If no worksheets are given for homework, students should choose an activity from the homework menu

37 Homework Reading at Home Students can take out German books from the classroom library to read at home Those books will be taken out in their “book baggies” and will be returned daily to school Students may also read German books they have already at home I also recommend the Goethe Institute Library Students are expected to read German at home at least 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes German-English Dictionary Please make sure your child owns a German-English dictionary!!

38 Questions For additional questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at Please allow 48 hours for me to respond

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