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UNIT 9 Journey West Jim Doherty. OUTLINE  1.Vocabulary and Useful Expressions  2.Language Points  3.Translation  4.Exercises.

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1 UNIT 9 Journey West Jim Doherty

2 OUTLINE  1.Vocabulary and Useful Expressions  2.Language Points  3.Translation  4.Exercises

3 1.Vocabulary and Useful Expressions 1) Resolve make up one ’ s mind (to do sth.); decide COMPARISON solve, answer, resolve A. solve 解决,解答。如: He solved all the problems in the exam. (他解出了所有试题。) solve 的名词为 solution ,一般同 to 搭配。如: a solution to the problem B. answer 表 “ 回答 ” ,后面的宾语应是 questions 。 C. resolve 表 “ 解决 ” , “ 解答 ” 是个正式用词。如: Have you resolved the problem yet? (你把问题解决了 吗?) resolve 还有 “ 决定 ” , “ 下决心 ” 等意思。

4 2) Trail  A path across rough country made by the passing of people or animals. COMPARISON trial=test eg. Translation trial COLLOCATION  at the trail 提枪 ; 取提枪姿势  be hot on sb. ’ s trail 紧追某人  blaze a [the] trail ( 在森林中 ) 在树上刻出指路的标志 ; 开辟道路  follow the trail 跟着嗅迹, 追踪  foul the trail 搅乱踪迹, 使迷惑

5  hit the trail 出发, 立即走开  in trail 成一列纵队地  off the trail 失去嗅迹 [ 线索 ]; 迷失 ; [ 喻 ] 出轨 ; 离题  on the trail 寻找, 找到嗅迹 [ 线索 ]  on the trail of 跟踪追赶  throw sb. off the trail 甩掉尾巴  trail after 追随  trail off 变弱 ; 逐渐消失

6 3 ) Legendary n. Legend ( 联想集团 Lenovo) 4) Disappointed Sad at not getting what was hoped for COMPARISON A. Disappointing 令人失望的 Disappointed 感到失望的 B. Interesting vs interested C. Excited vs exciting

7 5) Environmental Having to do with environment Eg. Environmental protection  Those small factories are causing a lot of environmental pollution with all their noise and smoke. 那些小工厂噪声大, 烟尘多, 造成了严重的环 境污染。

8 6 ) Scenic  Of or having to do with natural scenery Eg. The scenic splendor of the Tianshan Mountains 天山山脉瑰丽的风景 ps: 景点: scenic spot 名胜: historical sites

9  7)Mess state of confusion, dirt or disorder What a mess! adj. messy A. a messy situation 难以对付的局面 B. I can't find anything on this messy desk. 在这张堆放得乱七八糟的桌子上我什么也找不 到。 C. She found herself in a messy spot. 她发现自己陷入了窘境。

10  8) power plant 发电厂 wind farm 风力发电厂 9 ) Pledge 发誓保证 pledge for sb. 为某人担保 pledge of immovables 不动产抵押 pledge of movables 动产抵押 pledge of obligation 债权抵押

11  10 ) Uncover remove a cover from; find out; discover COMPARISON: Uncover-cover Unfold-fold Unveil-veil

12 2.Language Points 1) Size up judge or form an opinion about (sb. or sth.) quite quickly. Examples: -It did not take me long to size him up. -He soon sized up his opponent ’ s strengths and weakness. -He sized up the situation very quickly and decided what to do next.

13  2)There was one problem though: There was one problem, however. Examples: -John said he would come; he did not show up though. -It ’ s raining; I did not get wet, though, because I had my big umbrella.

14  3) An environment editor: a newspaper or magazine editor responsible for articles about environmental issues. Examples: -Environmental pollution has become a very serious problem in many developing countries.

15  4) tear up: destroy by pulling roughly Examples: -Heavy vehicles like these will tear up the road surface. -The workmen are tearing up the road to lay new electric wires.

16  5)make a mess of: disorder, spoil or ruin; make dirty or untidy Examples: -The continual rain made a mess of my holiday plans. -The children made a terrible mess in/of the room.

17  6)Every bit as: Just as Examples: -The boy is every bit as clever as you are. -Although she was a girl, she was every bit as strong as her brother.

18  7) by and large: generally speaking; in general Examples: -Sometimes his lectures are boring, but by and large I find them helpful and interesting. -By and large, your suggestion is a good one.

19  8) an old wives ’ tale: a foolish, untrustworthy, and old-fashioned belief or story, esp. one that at some time has been believed to be true. Examples: -You shouldn ’ t believe that walking under a ladder brings bad luck – that ’ s just an old wives ’ tale (but a common Western superstition)

20  9) all in all: when everything is considered; generally speaking Examples: -All in all, 1997 was a relatively quiet year in his life. -He has his shortcoming, but all in all, he is an honest man.

21  10) secure: safe; not in danger; having no fear or anxiety Examples: -She felt secure when both doors were locked. -For many young black, the only jobs that offer a secure future are in the armed forces.

22  11)Burned to a crisp: very much burned and dried up through being in the sun too long. burn sth. To a crisp: burn sth. Until it is black, esp. by cooking it for too long. Examples: -The bread in the oven was burned to a crisp. -The weeks of intense heat burned the crops to a crisp.

23  12) Haul: pull (sth. heavy) with force Examples: -The fishermen were hauling in heir nets. -They hauled him out of the river.

24  13)colorless: dull; without variety Examples: -He spoke in a colorless tone of voice. -The desert is a very colorless place-just mile after mile of sand.

25  14) Boom grow or develop rapidly; flourish Examples: -Business has been booming since Norman took over the company from his father. -This small town is booming and seems likely to double its size in a year or two.

26  15)incredible: amazing; extraordinary; wonderful; unbelievably good Examples: -The view from the top of Huangshan is incredible. -Jim Thorpe finished the 1500-meter race at an incredible speed.

27  16) somehow clinging to the steep, rocky walls: Managing, rather surprisingly, to hold on to the steep, rocky mountainside Examples: - The climber had to cling to the cliff. -The little boy clung to his mother as they crossed the street.

28  17) a thin, white torrent on the rampage: a violently rushing narrow stream of white water go/be on the rampage: go about in a mad and violent manner Examples: -The mad elephant went on the rampage and wounded many visitors. -The crowds went on the rampage after the defeat of the national team.

29  18). We had picked by chance for our stopping place an area rich in western lore: to stop for the night we had happened to choose a place which was full of stories about the old West. by chances: accidentally, by accident Example: - The news came to my ears by chance.

30  19) level off/out: move horizontally (after a climb or dive); remain steady( after a rise) Examples: -The plane climbed steeply after take-off, and then levelled off at 25,000 feet. -After going up/rising for two years, vegetable prices have now levelled off.

31  20) Even remotely like that initial impact of the Tetons: even slightly like that first strong impression given us by the Testons Initial: happening at the beginning; first Examples: - She overcame her initial nervousness and sang really beautifully. - They ’ re still at the initial stage of learning English.

32  Impact: great influence or effect (on sb. Or sth.) Examples: -Warnings about the dangers of smoking seem to have little impact on these young people. - His speech made a great impact on his audience.

33  21) have in mind: be thinking about; be considering Examples: - When I told my friends what I had in mind, they were all for it. - I asked my father if he had any plans in mind for the summer vacation.

34  3.Translation 1) As an environmental editor, I knew that strip mining was tearing up many scenic areas and that clear-cutting was causing widespread damage in the mountains. I was well aware that draining and damming were making a mess of many rivers and wetlands. The grasslands were overgrazed and coal-burning power plants were befouling the air. Wildlife was on the run everywhere and tourists were turning the national parks into slums

35  译文: 作为一个生态环境编辑,我知道,露天采矿正在毁 掉许多风景区,砍伐成片森林给山区造成广泛的破 坏。我很清楚,挖沟排水和筑坝拦水正把许多河流 和沼泽地搞得一团糟。草原上牧群太多,烧煤的电 厂正在污染着空气。野生动物四处奔逃,游客们把 国家公园变成贫民窟一般。

36  2 ) The Big Horn canyons were incredible, with four and five distinct layers of pine trees somehow clinging to the steep, rocky walls. Far, far below, Ten Sleep Creek was a thin, white torrent on the rampage. In some of the less wild terrain, we saw deer on the high green hillsides and, as we climbed up toward our picnic spot, we flushed two does and two fawns. That night, we fell asleep with the roar of Ten Sleep in our ears.

37  译文: 大霍恩峡谷简直令人不可思议。陡峭石壁上长着松 树,有四五个清晰可辨的层次,它们像粘附在岩石 上似的。在老远、老远的下面,十眠河看上去成了 一条纤细的、奔腾不息的白色激流。在一些不那么 荒凉的地方,我们看到高高的绿色山腰上有鹿在活 动。当我们爬上我们的野餐地点时,惊起了两只母 鹿和两只幼鹿。那天夜里,我们在十眠河的轰鸣声 中入睡。

38  4.exercises  P209.T11 Suffix( ic, ical)  eg: heroic atmospheric electronic scientific critical electrical chemical statistical

39  P211 翻译  1. 任何一个国家,如打算为它的年轻一代 提供一个可靠的未来,就应把环境保护放 在优先地位。  Environmental protection should be given priority for any country that plans to provide a secure future for the younger generation.

40  2. 与宁静而和平的乡村生活相比,城市生 活既闹且吵。  Life in the cities is hectic and noisy compared with rural life which is quiet and peaceful.

41  3. 在许多国家,学校要求学生每天早晨上 课前向过期宣誓效忠。  In many countries schools require students to pledge loyalty to the flag of their country before beginning class every morning.

42  4. 干旱对环境的影响比睡在对环境的影响 更具破坏力,因为干旱持续的时间长。  The impact of a drought on the environment can be more destructive than that of a flood because it lasts for a longer period of time.

43  5. 洪水退走后,士兵们到村里帮助把水排 出田里,以便及时重新种上庄稼。  When the flood receded, the soldiers came to the villages to help drain the water out of the fields so that crops could replanted in time.

44  6. 有一个时候,每个人起码都认识几个邻 居,可如今人们似乎太忙,无暇相互接触。  At one time everyone at least knew some of their neighbors, but today it seems that people are too busy to have time to stay in touch with one another.

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