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CORPORATE VIGILANCE DEPARTMENT AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA INTEGRITY CLUB An extra curricular activity for rekindling human values in school children.

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1 CORPORATE VIGILANCE DEPARTMENT AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA INTEGRITY CLUB An extra curricular activity for rekindling human values in school children

2 BACKGROUND Corporate Vigilance Department, Airports Authority of India piloted this initiative at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Rangpuri since October, 2008 and was formally launched by Central Vigilance Commissioner on 17.04.09. 2

3 OBJECTIVES  To inculcate distinct human values in children to become responsible citizens of our country.  To address the declining moral values in our society.  To promote the culture of honesty and ethical living.  Hence, the idea of forming “Integrity Club” (IC) emerged for school children in the age group of 11-16 years to imbibe values. 3

4 STRATEGY Focusing on children to develop values and ethics as an extra-curricular activity like NSS, NCC & Scouts. Creating an environment to learn values through games and activities. Continuing the effort over a period of 4 years for long term sustenance. 4

5 IC AT A GLANCE NameIntegrity Club (IC) Members Young Champions of Ethics (YCEs) Vision Values in the society to be rekindled by Young Champions of Ethics. Mission Young Champions of Ethics to live ethically and propagate ‘human values’ in their families, neighborhood and society. Strategy Children learn distinct values playfully as a game and become Champions of Ethics by regular practice in real life through an extra curricular activity in schools. 5

6 IC VALUES  Integrity  Love  Patriotism  Compassion  Tolerance  Responsibility  Secularism  Respect  Simplicity  Non-violence  Honesty  Unity 6

7 FORMATION OF IC Club to be setup by School and managed by IC Managers. Students of 6 th to 9 th class to join the Club voluntarily. Every session of IC to start with IC pledge followed by a theme song & group song and to be concluded with National Anthem. 7

8 MODEL SET UP OF IC  Comprises of two IC Managers and 54 students.  More such units can be formed, if required. 8

9  One hour session in a week to be earmarked for IC (100 sessions in four years).  Activities of IC are designed in such a manner so that the children participate enthusiastically;  Other activities such as Camps, Excursions and Annual Function are included to reinforce learnings for YCEs. ACTIVITIES OF IC 9

10  Format remains the same for every academic year. The content changes with improved understanding and requirement.  YCEs are groomed to inculcate values playfully through  Group discussion and narration of stories, songs, slogans etc.  Sharing of real life instances among YCEs.  Quiz competition, collage making, paintings, values games, skit and drama to understand specific values in detail. ACTIVITIES OF IC…contd. 10

11  Logo, Scarf and Identity Badge carrying messages are designed for IC.  Certificates to be given to YCEs on successful completion of each year.  One star (*) to be added in the badge after completion of each year. IDENTITIES FOR IC 11

12 IC LOGO 12

13 MESSAGES CONVEYED THROUGH THE LOGO  Circular shape represents wholesomeness & seven colours of rainbow represent completeness i.e. Integrity;  Tree represents growth and together with bird represents nature, which conveys the purest form of all values including integrity; 13

14 MESSAGES CONVEYED THROUGH THE LOGO…contd.  Boy and girl are showing their joy of becoming champions of ethics.  Tricolored ‘INTEGRITY CLUB’ conveys patriotism.  ‘ तमसो मा ज् ‍ योर्तिगमय ’ is the prayer for ‘journey from darkness to light’. 14

15 हम भारत के किशोर नीतिवान विजेता / सत् ‍ यनिष् ‍ ठा से प्रतिज्ञा करते हैं कि / हम नैतिक मूल् ‍ यों के प्रति ‍ सर्वदा कटिबद्ध रहेंगे / हम अपने परिवार / आस - पडोस / विद्यालय समुदाय / तथा वृहत समाज में / नैतिक मूल् ‍ यों का प्रसार करते हुए / पुनर्जागरण के लिए प्रतिबद्ध रहेंगे / हम अपने कार्यों द्वारा समाज में / ईमानदारी / धर्मनिरपेक्षता / भाईचारा / एकता / सहिष् ‍ णुता / सम् ‍ मान और सहयोग बनाए रखने के लिए / निरंतर प्रयत् ‍ नशील रहेंगे / हम अपने सामूहिक प्रयासों द्वारा / अपने संगठन को गौरवशाली बनाएंगे / तथा अपने देश और देशवासियों के प्रति / अपने उत् ‍ तरदा ‍ यित् ‍ वों का निष् ‍ ठा से पालन करेंगे । जयहिन् ‍ द ! प्रतिज्ञा / Pledge 15

16 We, the Young Champions of Ethics / do hereby solemnly pledge that / we will remain committed to / moral values. / We will rekindle the values / in our family / neighborhood / school community / and society at large / by being the living messengers of / these values. / By our deeds / we will continuously strive to / impart the values of / Honesty, / Secularism, / Brotherhood, / Unity, / Tolerance, / Respect / and Co-operation / in the society. / By our integrated efforts / we will strengthen / our organization / and sincerely / become responsible / towards our country and countrymen./ Jai Hind! प्रतिज्ञा / Pledge 16

17 IC SCARF 17

18  The design contains two sea shells, which represent nature’s safety to the life. Similarly, YCEs will get safety from all negativities through this value based learning.  The colour scheme used in the scarf is taken from the rainbow, representing nature’s beauty so that YCEs become pure like nature. MESSAGES THROUGH THE SCARF 18

19  The colourful design represents joy and celebration by YCEs.  The logo attached with the scarf reminds their commitment to the human values.  The ‘V’ shape of the scarf represents victory of YCEs through ethical living. MESSAGES CONVEYED THROUGH THE SCARF… 19

20 IC Certificate to YCEs 20

21 IC Game : Target the Values 21

22 Snapshot on Launching of IC 22

23 Annual Programme at KV-Rangpuri Exhibition IC Value Show 23

24 Annual Programme at KV- Rangpuri Cultural Show 24

25 Cultural Show 25

26 IC Manual & Brochure are available at AAI website: 26

27 Thank You 27

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