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GiftWorks Fundraising Software Manage Better - Raise More Spend less on technology and more on your mission. Making data management stress-free, organized,

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1 GiftWorks Fundraising Software Manage Better - Raise More Spend less on technology and more on your mission. Making data management stress-free, organized, and even kinda fun!

2 What Can GiftWorks Do? Accurately & Simply Manage your: Contacts/Donors/Relationships Donor Behavior – Giving and Volunteering Queries/Reports/Analytics Development Efforts Communications/Mailings/Emails

3 Why is Managing Information So Important? Information = Opportunity The more details you collect about your donors the more opportunities you will have to effectively communicate with them and capitalize on your relationships. Build Relationships and They Will Give

4 Accuracy and Details Understand donors and donor profiles Donors and affiliate donors Donors with a household profile Donors with an organization profile Meaningful donor relationships Understand the structure and giving patterns of your donors.

5 Donor And Contact Management Manage contacts, prospects, friends, donors and volunteers. Classify your contacts into unlimited donor groups. Use groups for analysis, reporting and targeted mailings. Capture and use data about your contacts and donors, including how they found your organization, their relationships with your other contacts, membership and renewal information, and more. Create your own donor custom fields. Track all interactions with your donors automatically. Create tasks to schedule follow-ups. Manage tasks assigned to team members.

6 Donor Summary screen.

7 Donation Management Store contributions and pledges with a high level of detail. Specify donation amount, date, method of giving, and more. Choose country-specific date, phone, currency format. Manage campaigns and analyze their success with easy campaign setups and donation segmentation. Analyze donation distribution with funds management. Track memorials and honoraria. Create acknowledgments and receipts with ease.

8 Donation Record

9 What is Segmenting? Dividing data based on explicit criteria. Learn who your best current donors are and find out who your potential donors are. Identify contacts by giving history, interests, geography, affiliations, sources, development efforts and more. Groups are collections of donors with shared attributes. SmartLists are dynamic tools used to gather and analyze data for review and/or action.

10 Custom Fields and Groups to assist in grant management.

11 Who-What-When-Why? Targeted Communications Mailing and E-Mail Telephone donor summary sheets for phonathons Personal visits. CRM function and donor summary sheets Solicitation mailings to large audiences Gift acknowledgements Single correspondence

12 SmartLists And Mailings Create targeted lists of donors and donations based on criteria you determine. Customize list views by choosing display fields and groupings, and print lists from your chosen view. Run powerful reports on the SmartLists you create. Export SmartLists to Excel with custom columns you choose. Send mail or email directly to your list or add to mailing lists. Track mailings for each recipient. Benefit from automatic, simple-to-run mail merge. Create and design unlimited letter templates for your mailings, and insert fields into letter templates for your mail merge.

13 Comprehensive Reporting Run reports on your donor data or for each SmartList. Choose from bar graphs, line charts, list reports, totals/summaries. Run comprehensive standard reports, including contact reports, gift and pledge reports, and statistical reports. Export any report to Excel. Email reports or save as.pdf Produce reports by fiscal year or calendar year.

14 Donors by Giving Level: Board and Management Report View your donors by customizable giving levels. Select the date range and campaigns of the donations to include in the giving level totals.

15 Donor Summary Sheet: Management Report View a full page summary of your donors.

16 Donation History by Donor Category: Board Report View donations according to the type of donor that made the donation.

17 Top Donations: Management Report View your top received donations within a specified time period.

18 GiftWorks 2011 Features Document Attachments Duplicate Donor Finder and Merge Numeric and Currency Custom Fields Improved Receipting provides more flexibility, year-end and re-printing receipts Improved Pledge Payment Handling allows partial payments and various options for covering multiple scheduled payments Phonetic Search for Donors Honorarium/Memorial improvement is searching and letter insertion Improved letter, envelope, and label tools Notes included as a searchable SmartList criteria and have a report Emailing of Reports and SmartLists Saving report formats Import performance improvements

19 GiftWorks Extras Volunteers Management Add-in. Events Management Add-in. Online Donations Management Add-in. SmartPlan Support Includes Phone Access Our Knowledgeable and Friendly Support Team, Annual Upgrades and GiftWorks University. Data Protect Ensures That Your GiftWorks Database is Protected Easily and Affordably. Web Collect Creates Web Forms to Collect Information From Volunteers, Event Attendees, Donors And More. CASS/NCOA Address Certification Custom Data Import Quoted Upon Request.

20 GiftWorks Volunteers Add-in Manage volunteers Manage jobs Match volunteers with jobs Match jobs to volunteers Record and track volunteers hours Understanding your volunteers through reports and SmartLists GiftWorks Volunteers gives you powerful contact management tools to maintain relationships with your volunteers, manage their job assignments, run reports, track their hours and more.

21 GiftWorks™ Events Add-in Track Participants Measure Revenue Record Expenses Log Tasks Integrate with GiftWorks Leverage your volunteers GiftWorks Events information is accessible as SmartList criteria and insertable fields for Mailings; reports are also integrated.

22 GiftWorks On-Line Donations Add-in Accept Major Credit Cards and eChecks Get Your Money Fast Customize Your Donations Page Accept Recurring Gifts GiftWorks™ Online Donations are Secure Funds as mandated by PCI Data Security Standards Integrate with GiftWorks™ Anywhere, Standard or Premium GiftWorks Online Donations offers features that will help you raise more money.

23 GiftWorks SmartPlan Phone support for your entire organization. Five GiftWorks University Courses: Get up-to-speed or train a new staff member with our webinar- based GiftWorks University sessions. All future upgrades to GiftWorks Standard and GiftWorks Premium while the plan is in place. The perfect option for organizations looking to optimize their GiftWorks experience.

24 GiftWorks Data Protect Track past backups by date and user. Store up to five individual backup files. Download and delete backups from an easy-to-use dashboard. Assign backup permissions to specific GiftWorks user accounts. Use Add-In to manage backups from within GiftWorks. Set backup reminders. Ensure that your GiftWorks database is protected easily and affordably.

25 GiftWorks Web Collect Easily create web forms to collect information from volunteers, event attendees, donors and more. Create detailed surveys and polls. Integrate forms into websites and emails or use them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Track and organize responses. Manage forms and responses from an easy-to-use web dashboard. Integrate data into GiftWorks, GiftWorks Premium or GiftWorks Anywhere. GiftWorks Web Collect makes it easy to gather vital information from your community.

26 CASS/NCOA Address Certification GiftWorks will certify your addresses, then update them in your GiftWorks database. GiftWorks Premium users will be able to take full advantage of USPS Standard Mail Automation discounts by getting addresses CASS/NCOA certified and using bar codes on mailing labels. This service works with GiftWorks™ Standard or Premium. Save money on mailing costs by certifying the accuracy of your donor addresses.

27 Custom Import Service Start off with a clean and accurate import. Spend your time doing what you love, we will handle the data. GiftWorks can import data from Excel, Access or text files. Feel confident about your data quality This service works with GiftWorks™ Anywhere, Standard or Premium. Getting your valuable donor and donation data into GiftWorks is your most important step.

28 GiftWorks Fundraising Software 1-888-431-0200 x2 do good Consulting is proud to be a GiftWorks partner organization.

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