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3/16/2010 Pima County Public Library Job Help. Job Help Strategy Rationale.

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1 3/16/2010 Pima County Public Library Job Help

2 Job Help Strategy Rationale

3 Framework Rationale Images Here Large or Icon or Charts To tell story Pima County Public Library (PCPL) and Pima County ONESTOP Career Centers work in partnership to pilot and launch technology-driven solutions to meet the needs of the job seekers.

4 Assumptions Increased access Targeted electronic resources Qualified computer instructors Broader awareness of labor market and information resources Libraries serving as feeder points to the community, delivering assistance to people seeking job search and career planning programs

5 Library and ONESTOP Comparing services To manage the unknown, take a page from the known

6 Library Overview Public Access Computers Wi-Fi Laptop Labs in several branches Computer Instruction and classes Class methods and models Online Job Searching Courses Other online resources for job seekers

7 ONESTOP Overview Pledge-A-Job providing testing and placement, and employment for youth ages 16 to 21 in libraries Employability Skills Workshops Resume Workshops Information, support and guidance for dislocated workers

8 Partnering on a Job Help Strategy

9 Strategy Repurpose the information provided in ONESTOP’s employability skills classes to address computer literacy in the context of getting people back to work Purchase the same résumé software Offer job help at ten libraries for a minimum of 7 hours a week all around the city, covering libraries large and small, reaching different types of communities, with classes in both English and Spanish utilizing public access computers and laptop labs

10 Strategy Recruit additional computer instructors Engage computer–savvy youth between the ages of 16–21 through ONESTOP’s Pledge-A- Job program to assist job-seekers and other computer users on a one-to-one basis

11 Strategy Seek out additional projects and partners to reach job seekers Meet together to tweak, maintain and cross train

12 Job Help Toolkit Content

13 The Toolkit Opening an e-mail account for your job search Using the Arizona Career Information System and creating an “action plan,” participating in self assessments that will help match your skills with occupations. Online Job Searching Resumes Cover Letters and preparation for the Interview The Job Search and Your Library

14 Toolkit: Email for Your Job Search Sign up for a new email account to use in your job search. This may be a different account from the one you use regularly. Handouts and self-paced guides

15 Toolkit: Career Exploration Log into the Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS) and create an “action plan.” AZCIS can help you choose a career. You’ll find a self- assessment toolkit to match your skills with occupations. You can save the types of work duties and jobs that match your talents and jobs that have the most appeal into your own portfolio. (Step-by-step instructions on how to do this process)

16 Toolkit: The Job Search and Your Library The Job Search and Your Library. Use online resources to find more about jobs and research your industry. Explore different resources, industry information, and job listings online. Find specific employers and learn more about them. Need to brush up on skills or to study for a test to take the next step? Your library online can cover that too. (A selection of handouts – can be used together or separately in more formal training sessions, these provide general knowledge, exercises, and examples) (A PowerPoint)

17 Toolkit: WinWay Resume Deluxe Get your resume ready to go. A good resume that can be emailed to prospective employers is an important part of preparation. Does your resume fit the industry you want to work in? Does your resume highlight your best and most valuable skills? You can identify transferable skills with WinWay Resume Deluxe. WinWay writes your resumes and cover letters by design and checks them for errors. (Hands-on practice with step-by-step procedures and a WinWay “walkthrough.”)

18 Toolkit: Online Job Searching Learn some job hunting truths. Do some preparation before you search for a job online or post your resume. This class is designed to guide you through the basics of online job searching, and give you some approaches and techniques to make your searches more efficient. We’ll practice online job applications, and we will review services and sources available in the community and at your library. (This is a Workbook, hands-on practice with step- by-step procedures, also available as self-paced guides) (A PowerPoint)

19 Job Help Strategy Youth Computer Monitors

20 Youth Computer Monitors to help county residents with computer-based job search activities at the library (Project Concept Information)

21 Added Projects Partners Multi-lingual Job Help

22 In this job help series, our instructors provide information on basic job-seeking tasks like building a resume, writing a cover letter, identifying job areas of interest and other employment skills in the following languages: Arabic, Somali, Kirundi and Nepali. This free service for refugee job seekers is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records.Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records (Copy of Arabic Computer Classes Flyer) “The steps in the Job Help Toolkit are simple and practical in theory, but it’s important to remember that it is a huge adjustment for many of these individuals. Someone who, let’s just say was a potter in their community—a respected trade—is now living in an environment where the demands of the marketplace in terms of skills that are valued are dramatically different.”

23 Added Projects Partners Career Redirect

24 Career Redirect: Midlife and Beyond Many of the individuals over 50 currently looking to reenter the workforce lack some of the fundamental skills that conducting a job search today requires. And while the Job Help platform is geared toward computer-related skills necessary to conduct a job search, the program also introduces e-mail and social networking as a way to stay connected with friends and family to this demographic.

25 Job Help Tracking Success

26 Program Priorities Content Area: Job seekers will become more employable as a result of the services. Goal: 90 percent of those attending Job Help workshops will report that they received assistance that made them more employable. Evaluation/Expected Results: Job seekers will report that workshops identify resources and services that can aid them in their career exploration and job search. Objective: Participants will evaluate any changes in their attractiveness as a candidate for a job and report that the workshops helped them.

27 Maintaining the Partnership Ongoing meetings and cross trainings with ONESTOP staff help librarians evaluate and improve on the program. Determining the success of the effort—who is finding work as a result of Job Help? Identify what statistics we can collect. Other than a handful of testimonials, it has been difficult to gauge our results.

28 What testimonials tell us Library staff serve as a friendly face Libraries are a non-threatening atmosphere Libraries cater to individuals needs Many of our computer instructors have been job seekers and can empathize with job seekers needs The library is a calm place in a very stressful time The library is here to help people help themselves

29 Client Logo here

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