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Page Created 8 May 2002 Central & Northern New Mexico Combined Federal Campaign Marketing Your Campaign John Hernandez USDA Forest Service ASC Budget &

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1 Page Created 8 May 2002 Central & Northern New Mexico Combined Federal Campaign Marketing Your Campaign John Hernandez USDA Forest Service ASC Budget & Finance

2 Job Description Ensure: 100% Awareness 100% Opportunity 100% Follow-Up Effectively spread the word to EVERY employee Unleash the generosity inherent in others Make donating easy & irresistible to help Make people happy by telling them the difference they made

3 Why People Give Page Created 8 May 2002 People are naturally generous Hard-wired for empathy People want to help others When they help, it makes them feel good

4 Compelling Ask Engage someone Lead with emotion … follow with facts Treat potential donors like investors Show impact their money can make Give success stories Thank them for considering pledging Celebrate donors Demonstrate effectiveness and personalizing work of a charity Tell your personal story Find someone in the agency to tell their story

5 Doing good is contagious Make people feel they are part of something positive Develop a listening ear Keep donors coming back … year after year #1 reason donors stop their support? way they were treated lack of gratitude no clear understanding on how their gift helped Compelling Ask

6 Understanding Audience Remember: You must awaken the heart to arouse the mind (and wallet!).

7 Understanding Audience Generation Y / Millennials (under 30 years old) Trust plays a large role in giving decisions Most likely to volunteer for charities if they have already donated to them 57% gave to charities because of a personal ask 58% identified online giving as the method of choice 85% were motivated by a compelling mission or cause As ambassadors, millennials influence their peers Best way to engage Create a vested interest in CFC through joint “ownership” Recruit millennials to work on committees Recruit millennials to be an active partner in activities

8 Generation X (31-46 years old) When Xers have the money and info. about a charitable organization, they give nearly twice as much as their Baby Boomer counterparts More comfortable with online giving vehicles Hands-on approach to getting results Keen interest in measuring return on their investments Energetic & enthusiastic and willing to “get their hands dirty” Many Xers are busy building careers or raising families Appeal by telling Xers that even a contribution of $1 a pay period can make a difference Understanding Audience

9 Baby Boomers (47-65 years old) Think in advance about giving More concerned about administrative costs Engage through Effective Communication Compelling messages Clearly state needs being met Difference they can make How much money is needed How money will be used for the greatest impact Testimonials can convert undecided Boomers into donors Understanding Audience

10 Create Excitement Establish & Publicize Goals Dollar Amount Participation Use Thermometer Tell a Story Share your story As co-workers to share their story Host a Kick-Off Event/Rally Invite charities to set up tables Invite charity to speak at a rally/CFC presentation

11 Create Excitement Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Unexpected & Unconventional Methods Place posters and flyers in unusual places (inside restroom stall doors, on cafeteria tables, car windshields, office doorknobs, stairwells, etc.) Engage Agency head or executive staff to advertise in unusual ways Put a cookie in a baggie and staple it on a flyer for everyone In-House Resources Intranet Voice Mail Electronic bulletin boards Loud speakers Contact agency’s communications/public relations office for ideas & help

12 Create Excitement Other Ideas Create a special campaign newsletter Publish a calendar of campaign events Announce last year’s successes – makes people feel good! Use social media

13 100% Ask Materials Post-It notes regarding online giving Posters Charity List Pledge form DVD Encourage Payroll Deduction It’s EASY Usually be up to six times larger than a cash gift.

14 100% Ask Encourage Online Giving Convenient – privacy and comfort of donor’s computer. Searching is Easy – finding charities is easy. Donors can search, sort and filter charities to find the ones that they feel deserve their dollars. Math is Made Simple: donors enter the amount per pay period and decide how much of their total annual donation goes to each charity. Accessibility: donors can log into their account at any time to view, print, or email information. It’s Green: pledging online means fewer pledge cards and charity lists need to be printed. Efficient: with perfect math, legibility and charity designations for current local charities, the CFC and payroll centers time to process pledge forms is greatly reduced.

15 Messaging Emphasize Choice Donors direct pledges to the organizations that are closest to their interest Convenience Payroll deduction allows people to give more, while only having a small amount deducted from each paycheck Giving online offers the added advantage of a simple & convenient way to pledge Confidence All charities are screened by federal peers based on specific criteria Pledge is sent directly to the charities donors choose (minus campaign expenses) Managing organization completes annual audit to insure accuracy and accountability in processing pledges

16 Messaging General Catch Phrases A little goes a long way Help those in need It’s easy – the work is done for you Have you donated today? Change someone’s life Save a life For donors that have taken a break from giving: Welcome Back We’d Love to Have You Back Please Don’t Forget to Give This Year We want to thank you for your previous contribution through CFC. No matter what you gave, your gift mattered to someone. You matter to us and we would love to have you back.

17 Effective Appeal Have a great photo of a person (or animal) and a few words that convey the emotional heart of your campaign Make the “Ask” as tangible as possible Use materials available online regarding what “$X” provides Include a tickler, thermometer, quote or comment(s) that show other donors taking action Post thermometer posters in places of high visibility (like intranet, elevators, etc.) that show how the campaign is progressing Give a sense of urgency with a deadline or a goal. Inspire people to act now Set dates for your campaign. Post the deadline and send out reminders to donate before it is too late Make sure your call to action is clear and easy to act upon Announce the kick-off of the campaign, what the agency goal is and how employees can donate Send employees links to this year’s campaign video Remind employees that no gift is too small Remember to say THANK YOU!!

18 Fun(d) Raising Pros Fun Can engage people Not “same old thing” Breaks up the campaign Increase awareness Create enthusiasm Team spirit

19 Fun(d) Raising Cons A lot of work “I participated in the event, so I don’t need to pledge” Participation through payroll deduction decrease Gaining permission

20 Fun(d) Raising Prohibited To Raise funds except through CFC Ask businesses to donate Require employee to purchase Cannot charge “Suggested Donation” only Required Get Agency leadership “buy-in” and approval Determine what agency guidelines are BEFORE beginning activities



23 Page Created 8 May 2002 CFC Office: (505) 245-1730 Central & Northern New Mexico Combined Federal Campaign

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