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Air Education and Training Command I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e Replenishing the Combat Capability of America’s Air Force CFC.

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1 Air Education and Training Command I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e Replenishing the Combat Capability of America’s Air Force CFC Unit Rep Training 26 Sep 2012

2 Air Education and Training Command Replenishing the Combat Capability of America’s Air Force 325th Fighter Wing Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Capt Margaret Loiselle Chief, Civil Law & Ethics 1 st Lt Ryan Ditchkofsky Chief, Legal Assistance & Preventive Law 2

3 Overview Authorities Official vs. Unofficial Fundraising Fundraising on Tyndall Limitations Bottom Line

4 Fundraising in the Air Force Authority: Executive Orders Dept of Defense Instructions and Directives Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) The Judge Advocate General Opinions & Letters (TJAG) Air Force Instructions (AFI) AFI 36-3101 AFI 34-223

5 Fundraising in the Air Force Official Fundraising: Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) Other Fundraisers Unofficial

6 Fundraising on TAFB How to start the process: Force Support Squadron POC: Cindy Hobbs Approval authority: MSG Commander Delegated by the 325 FW/CC Other steps along the way: Legal office, FSS, others… This is the process regardless of whether it is official fundraising for the CFC or unofficial fundraising.

7 Table 1, AFI 36-3101 (Page 14) What you want to do: Approval authority: Use of TAFB or AF resources: Official Endorsem’t: Authorized during CFC or AFAF: Approval authority MAY: Solicit for the CFC at the workplace OPMAuthorized Not Applicable Allows additional fundraising special events at or away from workplace IF proceeds go to the CFC

8 Limitations Campaign Goals: May create dollar goals for installations and units May not create individual dollar goals, individual quotas May not show preferential treatment to any specific charity Fundraising events may not have “designated” CFC beneficiaries Each donor must be allowed to make their own decision about how to designate their donation Voluntariness is KEY No Running Lists

9 Limitations Non-DoD Personnel (contractors) MAY NOT be solicited to give to CFC Non-Governmental personnel who work on Federal premises (contractors, credit union) may make voluntary unsolicited contributions Supervisors may support and promote CFC, but may not solicit subordinates or coerce giving May authorize limited use of resources, including APF, in support

10 Bottom Line DoD Personnel should be mindful NOT to: Show preferential treatment to any CFC charities; Misuse Government resources in support of CFC; Solicit or coerce subordinates or non- Federal entities for contributions; and Solicit for contributions from DoD contractors or other non-DoD sources

11 Summary Authorities Official vs. Unofficial Fundraising on Tyndall Limitations Bottom Line

12 Fundraising in the Air Force QUESTIONS? Contact: 325 FW/JA 283-4681 Capt Loiselle or Lt Ditchkofsky

13 CFC Video www.NorthwestFloridaCFC.orgNorthwestFloridaCFC Use the CFC campaign video to educate yourself and others about the entire CFC process! The video can be found on our local CFC website!

14 About CFC 51 st Anniversary Instituted by President John F. Kennedy in order to coordinate fundraising efforts so the federal donor would only be solicited on an annual basis and offered the opportunity to give by payroll deduction. In 2010, over $281.5 million was pledged to CFC worldwide by federal employees.

15 Unit Rep Data Mgmt See Handout referencing Local 2011 Campaign Pledge Data Contributor Data Income and Disbursement Data Expense Data

16 Charity Brochure Pledge Card Information Local Federal Coordinating Committee Appreciation Gifts Introduction Information Local/ National/International Listings

17 Charity Listings Federation vs. Charity listings Some charities listed as local and national AFR % Matching Funds Do your research!

18 Distribution and Turn In Process to track contact Create a spreadsheet or checklist to track the federal employees in which you are responsible for distributing materials Keep track of the employee name, phone number, date contact was made, and notate if you are finished soliciting that employee Do not list the amount each donor gave Do not track if the employee turned in a pledge card Pledge Card Turn In Weekly turn in- designated location, day and time period Use Weekly Progress Report envelopes

19 What’s new this year? New website Use this website to find a digital copy of the all local CFC documents such as: Charity brochure Pledge card Weekly Progress Report Sheets Key Worker Training Slides Look under the Campaign Team tab to the Key Workers section for these documents

20 Happy Giving Giving is a personal choice No coercion Give with a happy heart for the RIGHT reason Charities are in more need now than ever Almost everyone we know has been touched in some way by some sort of charitable contribution

21 Contact Information 2d Lt Preston Smith 282-4714 MSgt Bruce Boling 283-2609 Tiffani Hinds PCFO United Way of Northwest Florida (850)215-6750

22 Questions?

23 Tyndall AFB Campaign 1 SEPOCT NOV 15 DEC 11 OCT 18 NOV TAFB - 6 Weeks CFC Window Goal: 100% Contact Rate Northwest Florida Region: Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson and Washington Counties “2012 marks the 51st Anniversary of CFC”

24 Unit POCs Training: 0800L-26 Sep/1300L- 5 Oct WEG Auditorium-bldg 226 Charity Fair/Kick-off Luncheon: 11 Oct, 1100 at Horizons Tynman Duathlon/Triathlon: 13 Oct 11, 1100 - 1300 hrs 5K: 26 Oct, 0700L at Fitness Track Campaign Events

25 Golf Tournament: 2 Nov, shotgun start at 0800 hrs held at the Pelican Point Golf Course Bowling Tournament: 14 Nov, 1200-1600 End of Campaign: 18 Nov Campaign Events

26 CFC Goal will be tracked by a football fill display, located at Tyndall AFB main gate. Forms and Funds will be collected every Thursday from 1300 - 1500 hrs MXS Building – Bldg 580 (Lt Preston) Airfield Operations – Bldg 149 (MSgt Boling) both on flight line side. Other Information

27 QUESTIONS? …???

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