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2012 Atlantic coast CFC Campaign Manager’s Guide

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1 2012 Atlantic coast CFC Campaign Manager’s Guide

2 Welcome to the 2012 Atlantic Coast CFC

3 2011 We raised $2,507,102.00

4 2011 theme: “The Magic of Life is Giving… Together our Star Shines Brighter !” Thank You!

5 2012 Campaign Goal is $2,532,173.02

6 2012 CFC Theme We are the hope for a Better Tomorrow!

7 Contents 1.Introduction 2.Campaign Roles 3. Responsibilities 4.MANAGE Reports 5.Supplies & Resources 6.Running a Successful Campaign 7.How do I promote the campaign? 8.What do I talk about the campaign? 9.Community Needs 10.Other Fun Campaign Ideas 11.Campaign Do’s and Don’ts 12. What If’s 13. Campaign Materials 14. FAQ

8 Introduction CFC History & Impact CFC is the world’s largest and most successful workplace charity campaign. The CFC began in 1961 by Executive Order of President Kennedy who directed that the OPM develop an annual workplace campaign for all Federal Employees. The CFC offers donors the convenience of using payroll deduction for their charitable contributions and it allows charities to apply annually for inclusion in the campaign. Charities must demonstrate to LFCC, a committee of local Federal employees, that they are organizationally and fiscally sound and that they provide a substantial public benefit through a variety of services and programs. The CFC’s solicitation period is from September 1 st to December 15 th.

9 Introduction Atlantic Coast CFC 2011 Achievements - Raised $2,507,102.00 dollars for charities from 10,410 donors. - Implemented the Eagle Pins donor incentive. Increased $35,000 of contributions going to charities to help more programs and people. - Increase of Average Gift from $217 in 2009 to $234 in 2010 to $241 in 2011.

10 Introduction Atlantic Coast CFC 2012 Goals - Raise $2,532,173,00 dollars for local, national and international charities. - 100% Employee Education/ Asking. - Increase of Average Gift. - Increase of Participation. - Increase of awareness of the needs. - Increase of satisfaction with CFC.

11 Introduction 2012 CFC Campaign Manager Training in September - Miami - Downtown - Miami – Doral/ Homestead - Fort Lauderdale - Key West - Palm Beach County - Rivera Beach - USPS

12 Role of Campaign Manager Campaign Manager/ Campaign Coordinator/ POC - Organizes and works with his/ her campaign team to Plan, Coordinate and Implement a successful employee campaign. - Analyze your agency’s past results (contribution & participation) - Recruit, organize and train all the people necessary to carry out total campaign responsibility (Key Workers, or form a committee that involve Senior Leaderships). - Develop an overall plan and timetable that works toward a successful employee solicitation. (Develop Roster as assignments for each Key Worker.) - Set a goal for your campaign. (Such as, 1% increase of the result and 1% increase in participation from prior year)

13 Role of Campaign Manager (con’t) Campaign Manager/ Campaign Coordinator/ POC - Call on your Loaned Executives and CFC Staff for support and ideas. - Implement a campaign which educates employees on how CFC works and solicits contributions from employees on peer-to-peer level. - Afford each employee an opportunity to give to CFC. - Coordinate events as holiday/ birthday/ retirement parties, health fair, team-building events, or invite charities to share with you how your dollar change a person’s life. - Hold a Weekly Campaign Meeting with your Key Workers. Report progress and support one another. - Collect contributions and fill out Report Envelopes. - Prepare the necessary paperwork to report results. - Visit to monitor your results and - Thank All employees for their participation in the CFC.

14 Responsibilities Coordinating the campaign as the everyday hands-on person. Leading the campaign committee and keeping senior management informed through the campaign. Serving as a liaison between your office, the Loaned Executive assigned to you and the CFC Staff. Tracking progress towards your agency’s goals throughout the campaign.

15 Responsibilities TEN Steps to Launch A Successful Campaign 1. Meet with your LE/ CFC Staff 2. Review your office structure and giving history 3. Obtain commitment from senior leadership 4. Recruit Help 5. Make a Plan 6. Use of social media 7. Promote your campaign 8. Report your result 9. Closing the Gap 10. Closing out the Campaign & Celebrate!

16 Responsibilities (con’t) TEN Steps to Manage Your Key Workers 1. Recruit, engage and supervise your Key Workers 2. Schedule and attend training with your Key Workers 3. Provide them with Campaign Supplies and information 4. Plan and direct regular group meetings 5. Train Key Workers to process Pledge Forms 6. Help Key Workers stay focus (stress how their hard work change someone’s life) 7. Collect completed Pledge Form 8. Prepare Report Envelopes 9. Communicate with your Loaned Executive 10. Thank You Key Workers and recognize their work throughout the campaign.

17 MANAGE REPORTS Report 1. Progress Report from Key Workers (use of Staff Roster) Report 2. Keep record of what you have turned in. Report 3. Chart your success with the GOAL CHART/ THERMOMETER Poster. Ask your LE for a copy of the top Charities your office supported in 2011.

18 Supplies & Resources Catalog of Caring Pledge Forms CFC Calendars Donors’ Incentives Key Workers Certificates CFC Themes Campaign Posters CFC Website ( Senior Leadership Endorsement Letter Templates Fun & Creative Campaign/ Events ideas Loaned Executives and CFC staff

19 How do I Promote the Campaign Communication activities are the “voice” of your campaign. (use posters, screensaver, emails, & flyers) Know your employees/ colleagues. (Their likes, dislikes, talents, and passions) Develop a Strategy Educate and Engage your colleagues Promote your campaign on CFC website Talk about your campaign and share your events on CFC website & CFC Facebook. Participate in the Communication Contest. Social Media – Send them a CFC video. Give them the opportunity to learn about charities firsthand

20 What Do I talk about the Campaign Federal Employees in the Atlantic Region support more than 3,500 approved charities Last year, the Atlantic Coast CFC raised over $2.5 million to address needs of the people and communities at home, across the country and around the world. Since 1961, through this collective effort, Federal Employees have raised over $6 billion dollar. This is a campaign about real people with real stories of hope. Some of the recipients of these services are our families, our friends, our coworkers, and our children. Giving is easy. We have the power to make a difference. Hope is the greatest gift of all.

21 Community Needs Did You Know? - On average, high school students who take 4 years of art courses score 100 points higher on SAT tests. - Worldwide, 70% of our beaches are eroding from a few inches a year to 15 feet. - Stroke caused by blood clots account for more than 80% of all brain attacks. - One in ten youth have asthma - Childcare costs rose 3 times faster than family income in a county. - There are over 400,000 individuals who don’t have health care coverage. - Nearly 30% of the homeless are veterans. - Heart disease remains the leading cause of death. - Millions of animals are destroyed each year because there aren’t enough homes to go around.

22 You Can Help! Support CFC today!

23 Fun Campaign Ideas Baby Picture Match game Send a Flower/ Rose Book/ Video sale Balloon Pops Bake Sale Casual Day Chili Cook-off Contest Employee Cookbook Car Wash Pie-Throwing BBQ

24 Raising Awareness Internal Communications: Agency Newsletter, emails… Campaign Updates (where are we at? Goal Thermometer) Office Themes (Focus) Special Events Employee Testimonies Charity Speakers Create a “Did You Know?” Message board….  Heart disease remains the leading cause of death.  Government and foundation funding continues to decrease, putting pressure on all non- profits to increase operational funds.  What $10 can do for the needy in our community?  How many children in our community are homeless?

25 Campaign Do’s & Don’ts Do’s  Set Goals: To Raise $_____ To Achieve ___ % Participation Rate To Achieve a ___% Payroll Deduction Contribution.  Set TimeLine: We plan to conduct our campaign from __ to __ Special Events on these dates….  Form a Committee. Train them and keep them enthusiastic.  Pass out a Roster to KeyWorkers. Assign Caseloads.  Meet with Key Workers and Committee weekly.

26 Campaign Do’s & Don’ts Don’ts  Procrastinate – Don’t start too late  Coerce  Lack of enthusiasm  No timetable/ timeline to check against  Insufficient number of KeyWorkers  Lack of campaign publicity  Not enough emphasis on payroll deductions  Not making 100% employee personal contact  Inability to “ask”  Lack of Fun events and friendly competitions  Forget to say “Thank You”

27 What If’s I hate asking for Money. The number one reason that people don’t give is that they are not asked. You are asking them to invest in their community and help provide a strengthened community for all of us. Give Info. Share passion. Giving is a personal choice…Respect that but afford the opportunity for everyone to make that choice. I don’t have a thousand bucks right now. Break it down per pay period. Show them “How far does your donation go?” Invest in your community. This is going to be way too much work for me. Ask for help from Management Team and coworkers. Work with your LE, CFC team, other Campaign managers and Charity Representatives. What do they do with all the money? To Create positive outcomes for people in need. Use Charity speakers and tools to see how lives are changed and hope are given daily. My boss can’t be bothered. Philanthropy is good for business, and good for the moral and spirit in the office, which leads to increased productivity. Use CFC as a teambuilding opportunity.

28 What If’s (Con’t) Wait until I get a raise first to give to CFC. Giving up one latte, one soda, one bag of chip… a day I can’t coordinate a multi-site, multi-shift campaign. Contact your LE and the CFC team. Their job is to help you and support you. Another near… another controversy. Be prepared with the facts. Direct donation to charities that you want to give to. I can’t possibly live up to last year’s campaign. We live a wonderful community that understands the need to help. Much has been accomplished, but there is still great need. What part of “NO” don’t you understand? Remember that your job is to give information and share your passion. We are not aiming for 100% participation.

29 Pledge Forms Communicate with Your LE on number of Pledge forms you need for your office. Make your personal pledge first. Pledge form in PDF is available on Pledge online – Employee Express White form  Campaign Manager sends them to Payroll Office Yellow Form  to CFC Office Pink Form  to Donor

30 Catalog of Caring Know where to find what Identify charities that you know your colleagues feel strongly for OPM regulations Instructions on how to fill out the pledge form Contact information of your CFC Staff Structure of CFC Communication Contest Categories, Deadlines and Entries Requirement.

31 Report Envelopes Fill out ALL SECTIONS completely Don’t wait until you get every pledge. Turn one in on a regular basis. Keep a record of what you have turned in. Cross check with the CFC record online. Reconcile any discrepancies. Both Campaign Manager and CFC Representatives (LE/ Staff) will sign and seal the report envelope.

32 FAQ Giving to the CFC outside of the region. Giving to a Charity not listed in your regional CFC Charity list. Notify Payroll Office Notify CFC Office Notify the Donors Give us Feedback – It is important to us to Be able to better serve & support you.


34 We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Sir Winston Churchill

35 Thank you! We are the Hope for a Better Tomorrow!” Together we can build a stronger community!

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