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Workplace Giving Best Practices Webinar Welcome. Workplace Giving Best Practices Tom Richey Manager of Global Citizenship & Policy At Abbott, Tom is responsible.

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1 Workplace Giving Best Practices Webinar Welcome

2 Workplace Giving Best Practices Tom Richey Manager of Global Citizenship & Policy At Abbott, Tom is responsible for all the Employee Engagement programs, including Matching Grants, Volunteers and the Employee Giving Campaign. He also does work in Community Vitality and manages the Family Science programs.


4 Presentation Title Date Abbott Facts: Global, broad-based health care company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical products including nutritionals, devices and diagnostics. –Over 33,000 U.S. based employees –More then 24 locations in 11 states

5 Presentation Title Date Campaign Leadership…Team Effort Program ownership – Global Citizenship & Policy Employee Giving Campaign Working Group – Manager of Global Citizenship – Corporate IT – Employee Engagement Coordinator Program vendor – JK Group, Princeton, NJ Creative partner – Corporate Agenda, New York, NY

6 Presentation Title Date Increases in corporate giving Overall Participation Rates 2007 Results – Total participation – 65% Total money raised – $5,000,031 2008 Results – Total participation – 73% Total money raised – $5,394,708

7 Presentation Title Date Featured Charities Campaign dates – Same time frame each year Key Metrics – Participation rates – Dollars raised Featured Charities – Match 50 cents for each dollar pledged Campaign of Choice – Employees can donate to any qualified non-profit organization. –Over 4,000 charities donated to in 2008

8 Presentation Title Date Increases in corporate giving Overall Dollars Raised Through the campaign we make a strong statement that caring is a cornerstone of Abbott’s culture We recognize even greater needs in our communities than any time in recent history This year, we’re asking everyone to make a gift We are committed to sustaining our legacy of giving back to the community Provide excellent customer service that ensures employee confidentiality and trust

9 Presentation Title Date Increases in corporate giving Generate “Buzz” through robust marketing plan Share stories from employees and community that tug at the heart and motivates employees Provide employees access and exposure to non-profit partners Competition – Competition – Competition Engage senior leadership and management. No event too small – i.e. contests, etc. 100% SOLICITATION – Every employee contacted in person.

10 Presentation Title Date Featured Charities Train Division Chairs to Execute Campaign Plan –Mandatory training sessions and/or webinars. –Development of a tool kit for chairs, captains and solicitors. –Be open to feedback and suggestions from chairs. –Share best practices daily during the campaign. Educate employees about the Campaign –Be able to articulate why we run a campaign. –Stress importance of workplace giving. –Cost effective, helps non-profits with budgeting, etc. –Part of Company’s CSR/Citizenship story. Drive for Results –Be enthusiastic, be positive, be a resource. –Provide National Chair with communication materials and results to encourage Senior Leadership involvement. –Thank employees and campaign staff for hard work.

11 Presentation Title Date

12 Presentation Title Date 2008 Campaign Enhancements Cyber Cafés Cyber Cafés made donating a fun and social event and increased donations from manufacturing, cafeteria, housekeeping, etc.

13 Presentation Title Date Tom Richey Manager Global Citizenship 100 Abbott Park Road, Bldg 6D-2 Abbott Park, IL 60064


15 Workplace Giving Best Practices Tola Oyewole Senior Community Relations Specialist At Best Buy Tola is responsible for providing leadership for all aspects of Best Buy's $5MM employee giving campaign, Teach program, Disaster Relief, new store opening donations, and diversity initiatives and sponsorships.

16 Best Buy Employee Giving Campaign Best Practices March 13, 2009

17 17 Best Buy Campaign Goals and Results Best Buy has been a partner of the United Way for over ten years. The FY09 United Way campaign successfully raised over $5.6MM and reaching 88.5 percent employee log-on participation enterprise-wide. The goals were to: –Raise $ $5.5MM enterprise-wide for the United Way ($4.2MM BBY US and $1.3MM BBY Canada) –Obtain goal of 100 percent employee log-on participation –The overall campaign goal was to support our local communities by providing employees the opportunity to contribute directly through the focus areas of: Education and Teens – helping children and teens achieve their potential though education Income – helping families become financially stable and independent Health – educating and improving the health of our communities

18 18 Communications Plan Strategic and More Effective The overall communication of the United Way campaign was more strategic than in previous years. Proactive vs. reactive use of internal communication vehicles allowed campaign messaging to be more strategic and targeted specific employee audiences without having to over communicate to all employees at the close of the campaign. Examples of this are: –Specific messaging to targeted employee audiences: Personalizing leadership, corporate and retail messaging Personalized communications to EBN Network, Local Giving Governance Committees, WOLF Newsletter, Volunteer Council, and Retail Leadership Forum to increase the reach of campaign messaging to drive participation. –Spanish Translation: Spanish pledge site, communications, and campaign collateral for Puerto Rico and Hispanic Initiative stores to increase employee awareness and involvement to Spanish speaking audiences. –Leadership Cabinet Communication Leadership cabinet was strong and very engaged with employees, communicating weekly results and activities, encouraging leadership participation, and reinforcing the Best Buy commitment to our communities.

19 19 LEADERSHIP CABINET CABINET ROLECABINET RESPONSIBILITY LEADERSHIP CHAIR PRESIDENT AND CEO - Directs campaign, drives leadership-level visibility and participation - Authorizes the annual goal for the FY09 campaign - Soliciting gifts from BBY executive leadership team - Introducing FY09 campaign at Business Review Meeting to officers and directors - Provides guidance and leadership to the UW campaign corporate and leadership CORPORATE VICE CHAIR SVP MARKETING RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - Communicates weekly campaign updates to officer and director level leadership. - Reinforces campaign messaging to increase awareness, participation and contributions. - Works closely with Leadership Chair to endorse campaign - Communicating campaign updates and messaging weekly to director and officer level leadership RETAIL VICE CHAIR DIVISION TERRITORY GENERAL MANAGERS - Communicate weekly campaign updates to Territory General Manager and District Manager leadership - TGMs and DM ’ s will be responsible for cascading United Way messaging and updates to district and store level management to drive the participation of field - Works closely with Leadership Chair to endorse campaign - Communicating campaign updates, incentives, and messaging to TGM and DM level leadership to cascade to store General Manager ’ s COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR MANAGER EMPLOYEE COMMINICATIONS - Responsible for leadership all messaging from Leadership Chair - Working with Internal Communications partners to develop and execute overall campaign communications plan - Collaboration CR Project Manager to develop speaking points, messaging, and any other communications from Leadership Chair, Corporate and Retail Chairpersons. IT CHAIR SR. MANAGER EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS - Responsible for overall pledge site development and functionality, pledge site testing and data conversion to HR for payroll deductions - Liaison to Accenture and United Way IT teams for pledge site and reporting development UNITED WAY CAMPAIGN PROJECT MANAGER SR. COMMUNITY RELATIONS SPECIALIST - Responsible for overall execution of United Way Campaign - Management of communications, pledge site, reporting, and leadership involvement - Increasing overall awareness and participation of the campaign - Coordinate of special events to raise additional funds to help the company reach its goal

20 20 Kick Off, Events and Employee Incentives Best Buy has a very young employee demographic. In our stores the average age is 18-22 years of age and at the corporate headquarters the average age is approx. 23 – 40. Creating new and innovative ways to educate and engage employees about the campaign was very key to the success of our campaign. Two of Best Buy’s core values are to: Have fun while being the best Unleash the power of our people Pictured above: Herschel Herndon VP of Multicultural Relations, Bob Willett – Chief International Officer, and Liz Hassler – VP of Trend Marketing

21 21 Kick Off, Events and Employee Incentives Best Buy employees are motivated by score carding and incentives to drive sales and meet goals. The United Way campaign is no different in the terms of meeting goals and expectations to meet the enterprise goals. The LIVE UNITED Challenge was designed to build awareness and drive log-on participation to reach the companies goal of 100 percent. Employees were excited and engaged with the incentives offered during the campaign. –Adding leadership appearances for field locations was an added bonus that helped increase employee log-on participation. –Over 70 stores reached 100% log on participation this vs. 15 stores in the FY08 campaign. Chief Inspector Robert Stephens with Store 409 in Texas

22 22 Kick Off, Events and Employee Incentives LIVE UNITED Rules All stores/corporate departments that reached 100% log-on participation were entered in a drawing to win the $1,500 donation Local United Way/United Way Agencies Three Corporate Departments: –Received an additional $1,500 Best Buy Children’s Foundation Donation to their local United Way/ United Way –Presented check to United Way/United Way agency at the department team meeting –Be featured on TagZone and Employee News Three Retail Stores: –Receive an additional $1,500 Best Buy Children’s Foundation Donation to their local United Way/ United Way Agency –Be featured on TagZone and Employee News. –Brian Dunn, Shari Ballard or Robert Stephens and TGM will: Make an appearance at the winning store and facilitate the Chalk Talk Have continental breakfast with employees Present check to United Way/United Way Agency along with GM and employees President and COO Brian Dunn with Store 1010 in Indiana

23 23 Kick Off, Events and Employee Incentives EVENT TYPETACTICS SPECIAL EVENTS CORPORATE CAMPUS - United Way Campaign Captains coordinated over 50 fundraising events to add more visibility to the campaign while raising additional funds - United Way Campaign Captains rose over $281,000 that contributed to corporate goal. LEADERSHIP KICKOFF BUSINESS REVIEW MEETING (BRM) - Brian Dunn introduced campaign to leaders reinforcing the importance of leadership giving and Best Buy ’ s partnership with the United Way. - United Way speaker addressed leaders on community impact of corporate campaigns - Leaders kicked off the campaign strong by making their pledges with paper pledge forms at the BRM. - Leadership giving increased slightly by approximately 4 percent vs. 2 percent increase from the FY08 campaign CORPORATE KICK-OFF SANDY ’ S PLACE ENTERTAINMENT - Local band Quietdrive performed at Sandy ’ s Place to entertain employees, while informing them of the campaign goal, dates and activities. RETAIL KICK-OFF FALL QUARTER TEAM MEETING - Employees learn about the United Way, campaign dates, goals, and incentives. - UW speakers attend store meetings to share their testimony on what the United Way does for their community and how Best Buy employees can get involved. BBY CANADA KICK OFF AND EVENTS - BBY Canada runs their own campaign, but mimics its events and structure after the US campaign, LIVE UNITED FOOD DRIVE VOLUNTEER EVENT - Best Buy corporate employees participated in the Greater Twin Cities intensive metro-wide LIVE UNITED promotion and food drive to raise 1million pounds of food to benefit Emergency Food Shelf Network and Second Harvest Heartland. - Best Buy raised over 800 pounds of food for the event and had a presence of almost 60 employee volunteers attended event.

24 24 Use of Web Technology: United Way Pledge Site Best Buy employees pledge electronically through a company developed pledge site: Since its inception in 2002, the United Way pledge site has been a challenge for the campaign for the past six years. The old United Way pledge site: –Produced inaccurate reports –Did not capture all employee pledges and log-on entries –Poor overall functionality making it difficult for us to reach our goal in a timely manner. The new FY09 pledge site was redesigned to: –Create a 4 step process for employees to log-on or make a pledge –Capture all employee pledges and track log-on participation at corporate, territory, district and store levels –Provide the capability for store employees and departments to track the progress of their locations and/or departments daily –Offer employees the option to designate their pledges to a United Way focus area or write in a specific agency –Include a Spanish version of the pledge site for out Spanish speaking stores and Puerto Rico locations

25 25 DESIGNATION BREAKDOWN FY09 DESIGNATION BREAKDOWN 63% 11% 14% 4% 8% GENERAL FUND DESIGNATIONS CHILDREN AND TEENS DESIGNATIONS HEALTH DESIGNATIONS INCOME DESIGNATIONS WRITE IN DESIGNATIONS 63 percent of Best Buy employees designated United Way donations to the general fund with the option to designate. 37 percent of Best Buy employees designated their donation to a United Way focus area or wrote in a designation to specific non- profit

26 26 EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION EmployeesFY08 UW $ Contribution FY08 UW Log-on Participation FY09 UW $ Contribution FY09 UW Log-on Participation Corporate $1,156,32471%$1,308,46478% Corporate Special Events $213,453N/A$281,401N/A Retail & Logistics $2,795,90168%$2,622,91681% BBY US Total $4,165,67870%$4,212,78180% Other BBY (Canada & Magnolia) $1,329,62689%$1,403,34597% BBY Enterprise Total$5,495,30479.5%$5,616,12688.5% ** Average retail employee gift $21 annually and average corporate employee gift $239 annually.

27 27 PARTICIPATION WEEK BY WEEK The Y/Y log-on participation results show that high employee participation in week one and two can have an overall increase in employee participation percentages.

28 28 THINGS TO REMEBER Create leadership cabinet and ambassador teams to engage employees Create targeted communications plan Create a functional and simple pledging system Engage employees early in campaign Create team incentives to reach company goals


30 Workplace Giving Best Practices Thank you

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