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The Wisconsin Covenant: A public-private partnership.

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1 The Wisconsin Covenant: A public-private partnership

2 An Opportunity for all Wisconsin students The Wisconsin Covenant

3 The goal of the Wisconsin Covenant is for 8th grade students to aspire to and prepare for higher education. Every Wisconsin student should know that if they are willing to work hard in high school, stay out of trouble and contribute to their community, college IS possible.

4 The Wisconsin Covenant Pledge

5 The Pledge Students who sign agree to –Graduate from a Wisconsin high school –Maintain at least a B average while in high school –Take classes in high school that will prepare them for entrance into higher education and will meet or exceed college entrance requirements –Demonstrate good citizenship and engage in activities that support their community

6 The Pledge –Apply for state and federal financial aid in a timely manner –Apply and do all that is necessary to gain admission to a University of Wisconsin System institution, a Wisconsin Technical College, and/or a Wisconsin private college or university Students who sign agree to

7 The Pledge –Recognition as a Wisconsin Covenant Scholar –A place in a University of Wisconsin System institution, a Wisconsin Technical College, or a Wisconsin private college or university –A financial aid package based on their family’s federally defined financial need that includes the WI Covenant Scholars Grant and the WI Covenant Foundation Grant Students who sign and complete the pledge requirements can expect

8 Wisconsin Covenant Partners Office of the Wisconsin Covenant, State of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin System Wisconsin Technical College System Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

9 Wisconsin Covenant Partners Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Wisconsin Tribal Colleges Higher Educational Aids Board

10 Stakeholders Students Parents Teachers and School Counselors Financial Aid Administrators College Admissions Advisors The business community Citizens of the State of Wisconsin

11 History of the Wisconsin Covenant Introduced by Governor Doyle in 2006 MOU signed by partners in 2007 First cohort of Wisconsin Covenant Students sign pledge in 2007

12 History of the Wisconsin Covenant Legislature approved $25 million annual appropriation in 2009-2011 state budget UW System announces UW System Wisconsin Covenant Scholars package in 2010 First cohort of Wisconsin Covenant Scholars enter higher education in 2011

13 The Wisconsin Covenant Foundation, Inc.

14 Creation of the Foundation A 501(c)(3) public charity Created from an initial endowment of $40 million from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation and Affiliates Established in November 2007

15 Foundation Grants In October 2009, WCFI announced it would award $1,500 to covenant scholars with a $0 EFC

16 Foundation Administration Goals of the Foundation Benefits of partnering with the Wisconsin Covenant Leveraging existing resources

17 Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant State’s plan to distribute the $25 million annual budget appropriation Based on student’s Estimated Family Contribution as determined by the FAFSA Grants between $250 - $2,500 based on need

18 Administrative Rule Governs the distribution of the $25 million appropriation per cohort Includes –How students are designated as Scholars –Eligibility and continuing eligibility –Terms of the grants –Role of high schools, role of partners –Wisconsin Covenant College Access Network Council

19 Two New Grants Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant –WCSG –State grant Wisconsin Covenant Foundation Grant –WCFG –Foundation grant

20 WCSG and WCFG WI Covenant Scholars Grant WI Covenant Foundation Grant AcronymWCSGWCFG Funding Source The state budget process The WI Covenant Foundation Funding Guarantees The state budget process Guaranteed for the 2011- 2012 academic year only; reviewing funding on annual basis Eligibility Students who complete the pledge requirements and maintain SAP

21 WCSG and WCFG WI Covenant Scholars Grant WI Covenant Foundation Grant Enrollment Requirements Half-time or greater Prorated Based on Enrollment? YesNo Winterim and Summer eligibility? YesNo Length of Eligibility8 terms over 5 years Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

22 Full-Time Enrollment (12 credits or more per term) EFC WI Covenant Foundation Grant WI Covenant Scholars Grant Yearly Total* $0$1,500$1,000$2,500 $1 - $3,499$0$1,500 $3,500 - $11,999$0$1,000 $12,000 - $999,999$0$250 *assuming no attendance during winterim or summer terms

23 HEAB’s Role The Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board will distribute funds for both the WCSG and the WCFG Both grants use existing processes

24 New Opportunities Partnering with Covenant students in your community Partnering with other existing programs

25 Collaboration Collaboration leads to more effective ideas Working in a silo can decrease your effectiveness

26 Contact Information –Shannon Loredo 866-967-9389 Office of the Wisconsin Covenant Wisconsin Covenant Foundation, Inc. –Amy Kerwin 608-24-1785

27 Contact Information Higher Educational Aids Board –Connie Hutchison 608- 264-6181

28 Questions ? Thank you for attending this session!

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