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38. What ladders are good to use around electricity? a.Fiberglass b.Aluminum c.Metal and wood.

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1 38. What ladders are good to use around electricity? a.Fiberglass b.Aluminum c.Metal and wood

2 A.Fiberglass

3 39. If you are using a ladder to climb onto a roof, how far must the ladder extend past the roof line? a.1 foot b.3 feet c.2 feet

4 b. 3 feet

5 40. What year was the new name of US Skills Olympics announced that it was being changed to Skills USA Championships? a. 1994 b.1996 c.1995

6 a. 1994

7 41.I believe in the American way of life is part of the _______ a.Skills USA pledge b.Skills USA creed c.Skills USA emblem

8 b. Skills USA creed

9 42. Which of the following should you not do while carrying a load? a.Keep your back straight and slightly arched b.Walk slowly and surely c.Twist your back

10 c. Twist your back

11 43. Who was the President of the US when OSHA was signed into law in 1971? a.John F. Kennedy b.Lyndon B. Johnson c.Richard Nixon


13 44. Which set of muscles should do most of the work when lifting an object? a.Legs b.Back c.Arms and shoulders

14 a. legs

15 45.When should you use a dolly or hand truck to carry an object rather than carrying it by hand? a.Only when the object is too heavy to lift b.Whenever you believe it is safer and easier to use a dolly or hand truck c.Only when the dolly or hand truck is not in use and is available

16 B.Whenever you believe it is safer and easier to use a dolly or hand truck

17 46. Skills USA in the student organization for students enrolled in ____________ and health related occupations. a.Agriculture b.Trade, industrial, and technical c.Business

18 B.Trade, industrial, and technical

19 47. ________ is a statement of principles that represents the beliefs of an organization. a.Pledge b.Creed c.Motto

20 B. Creed

21 48. Which of the following statements is part of the Skills USA creed? a.I believe in God. b.I believe in good work and should be rewarded. c.I believe in high moral and spiritual standards.

22 C. I believe in high moral and spiritual standards.

23 49. Official Skills USA dress always includes: a.A SkillsUSA blazer b.A SkillsUSA sweater c.A SkillsUSA windbreaker d.Any of the above

24 D. Any of the above

25 50. Training in the opening and closing ceremonies develops________. a.Poise b.Teamwork c.Voice control d.All of the above

26 D.All of the above

27 51. The official SkillsUSA dress for women includes: a.Black skirt or black dress slacks b.White collarless blouse c.Clear seamless nylons d.All of the above

28 D.All of the above

29 52. The official SkillsUSA dress for men includes: a.Red blazer,sweater, or windbreaker b.Black socks c.Black belt d.All of the above

30 D. All of the above

31 53. The purposes of SkillsUSA are symbolized by its: a.Membership b.Advisors c.Emblem d.Future

32 C. Emblem

33 54. When reciting the SkillsUSA pledge, you are making a promise to ______to fully prepare as a productive worker and citizen. a.Your instructors b.Yourself c.Your local president

34 B. Yourself

35 55. In completing the PDP program, you can progress through _________levels of professional development. a.2 b.4 c.5 d.6

36 D. 6

37 56. In the SkillsUSA professional development program, the highest possible degree one may earn is the: A.International SkilsUSA degree B.Masters degree C.American SkillsUSA degree

38 A.International SkilsUSA degree

39 57. Community service projects are designed to: a.Help people b.Improve the community c.Promote the SkillsUSA goals d.All of the above

40 D.All of the above

41 58. The highest level of skill competition for SkillsUSA competitors is: a.SkillsUSA Olympics b.World Cup Skill Olympics c.International Youth Skill

42 C.International Youth Skill Olympics

43 59. ________is a national SkillsUSA program designed to bring together employers SkillsUSA chapters. a.SkillsUSA PDP b.SkillsUSA Work Fair c.SkillsUSA Employment Network

44 C.SkillsUSA Employment Network

45 60. The Skills USA American Spirit Award is sponsored annually by the: a.U.S. Army b.U.S. Air Force c.U.S. Navy

46 B.U.S. Air Force

47 61. Skills USA ‘s active membership status is included in the: a.Secondary and Postsecondary divisions b.High school and collegiate divisions c.Honorary life and alumni divisions

48 A.Secondary and Postsecondary divisions

49 62. When someone is introduced, who should be introduced first? a.The man b.The woman c.The oldest d.The youngest

50 B. The woman

51 63. How much should waiters and waitresses be tipped? a.10% or more b.20% or more c.15% or more d.5% or more

52 C.15% or more

53 64. How much of a tip should be left for a bill that costs $21.07?

54 At least $3.15

55 65. Eating utensils are set with the pieces used first set on the outside. a.True b.False

56 A. True

57 66. What is the SkillsUSA motto?

58 Preparing for Leadership in the World of Work

59 67. What does the shield in the SkillsUSA emblem represent? a.The industrial society b.The individual c.Patriotism

60 C. Patriotism

61 68. A customer is…. a.People who purchase or use your products or services b.One who uses or benefits from your services or products c.Always right d.All of the above

62 D. All of the above

63 69. If you forget someone’s name, admit it. a.True b.False

64 A.True

65 70. Which of the following does not pertain to organizing a portfolio? a.Only your best work b.Charting of progress c.Finished work d.Works in progress

66 D.Works in progress

67 71. Which of the following is not a duty of a mentor? a.Remind you of work due b.Share their knowledge c.Serve as a role model d.Helps you choose proper workplace attire

68 A.Remind you of work due

69 72. When traveling, tipping is expected as follows : a.Taxi drivers - 25% of fare b.Waitresses - 18% of total bill c.Hotel baggage carriers -.50 per bag d.Airport skycaps - Not required

70 c.Hotel baggage carriers -.50 per bag

71 73. When talking to others so that they might listen, you must: a.Determine why you are speaking b.Speak so that all age levels are interested c.Not worry about body language d.Speak for awhile so that they will understand

72 A. Determine why you are speaking

73 74. Which is not a goal that community service activities set: a.Provides leadership development b.Develops pride in your quality of work c.Gives you recognition to show everyone d.Creates opportunities for a purposeful life

74 C.Gives you recognition to show everyone

75 75. Both men and women can be sexually harassed in the workplace? A.True B.False

76 A. True

77 76. Developing a flow chart to help with time management will: a.Increase your time b.Decrease your time c.Analyzes how you spend your time d.Increases chances of emergency time

78 C.Analyzes how you spend your time

79 77. Which of the following statements will help you reach your goals? a.Do everything at the same time daily b.Make a study plan that includes regular review c.Plan sleepover study groups d.Stay with teacher when you need to

80 B.Make a study plan that includes regular review

81 78. Which of the following is not an example of a responsible citizen? a.Participation in a trade union b.Elect officials that best represent your needs c.Participate in elections d.Be aware of who are our elected officials

82 A.Participation in a trade union

83 79. When did the organization’s name change from SkillsUSA – VICA to SkillsUSA? a.July 4,1999 b.September 1, 2004 c.January 1, 2000 d.June 1, 2000

84 B. September 1, 2004

85 79. In a business meeting, how many people preside at one time? a.1 b.2 c.3 d.4

86 A. 1

87 80.Which term describes a person’s income before any deductions? a.Interest b.Gross c.Net d.Viability

88 B. Gross

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