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Patti Hoelzle, School Counselor Nooksack Valley School District.

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1 Patti Hoelzle, School Counselor Nooksack Valley School District

2  Intervention – “it’s already happening and is impacting our students’ academic, social/emotional functioning….let’s do something”  Prevention – “we know our students will be exposed to it in the future and we want them to be prepared with enough knowledge and practice to make decisions so it DOESN’T negatively impact them”  My belief: It is better to start the conversation early when students have minimal exposure than try and teach “replacement skills” later when fully exposed (or even over exposed)

3  Classroom Guidance Lessons ◦ 3 rd through 5 th grade ◦ One 45 lesson per week (4-5 weeks) ◦ Month-long focus on internet safety ◦ Switch between two curriculums to hold engagement  Parent Education Night ◦ Share current survey data ◦ Tips and tricks to monitor student online activity  Ongoing connection to cyber citizenship in other guidance topics (conflict resolution, emotion regulation, impulse control)  Always include a cyber bullying/online example in role plays/scenarios

4 Ice Breaker Activity - Partner up to figure out answer to each statement from student survey - Share answers in group format

5 Conclusion: Some parents are aware of students online activity (GOOD!) however, many are not. Conclusion: Many students have a social networking profile with the potential of causing harm to others through cyber bullying. Cyber bullying survey administered to 4 th -5 th graders.

6  Netsmartz Workshop ◦ National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ◦ Ages 5-17 ◦ Online activities and presentations ◦ Can request a free printed program that includes CD presentation and handouts ◦  Common Sense Media ◦ Grades K-12 ◦ Printed activities and internet modules (Digital Passport) – would need computer lab access ◦ Module/Game Example Module/Game Example ◦  Steps to Respect/Second Step ◦ Committee for Children ◦ Lessons and handouts available on website

7  Router’s Birthday Surprise Presentation ◦ 3 rd and 4 th grades ◦ Downloadable teacher script ◦ Includes interactive quiz ◦ Students ENGAGED – feel connected to the characters  “Tweens” Presentation ◦ 5 th grade only ◦ Downloadable teacher script ◦ Parent letter home (include “sexting” and abduction topics) ◦ Prior approval due to sensitive topics  Consult with middle school


9  Online game exploration  Internet safety pledges (display in hallway)  Activity handouts  Fortune-teller  4 corners ◦ Read scenarios ◦ Students must pick the corner of the room that coordinates with internet safety pledge  Picture Pyramid


11  Internet Safety Pledges  Online NSteen exploration (with supervision)  Picture Pyramid  Scenarios – “What would you do?”  Connect to home: THINK cards ◦ Post near home computer or cell phone charger ◦ Educates parents to be positive role models

12  ASCA national model ◦ PSA1.6-9 ◦ Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior ◦ Recognize personal boundaries, rights and privacy needs ◦ Understand the need for self- control and how to practice it  Current and changing laws ◦ Districts expected to have cyber bullying prevention in their curriculum ◦ Advocate  School mission statement ◦ The central focus at Nooksack Elementary is on learning. We have high expectations for both academics and behavior, and decisions are made based on what is best for our students. The staff works as a team to provide a program that fits the needs of each of our children. ◦ Behavior – both in and outside of school = internet safety education ◦ School counselor vital part of meeting the online needs of students in a digital world  SIP ◦ Focus on “whole child” ◦ Child interacting and influenced by online behaviors

13  Share survey results  Outline classroom guidance sessions  What can parents do to keep their children safe ◦ Multiple handouts available through netsmartz website and other online resources  Goal is to inform and educate in order to PREVENT “Mrs. Hoelzle, you got my big sister in deep trouble after my Mom went to your presentation…she’s not allowed on Facebook for a month”

14 THANK YOU for coming….let’s give away free stuff!

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