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University of Wisconsin-Platteville Chapter FarmHouse Fraternity Strategic Plan Rev 04/01/2003.

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1 University of Wisconsin-Platteville Chapter FarmHouse Fraternity Strategic Plan Rev 04/01/2003

2 Mission Statement Men of our fraternity are looked on as a unit of brotherhood committed to leadership, loyalty and excellence. The sacrifice of many will lead to the achievement of the common goals of the individual as well as the whole. Accomplishing our goals and dedicating one’s self to the FarmHouse ideals of building men, will result in a better brotherhood.

3 Vision Steady membership at 30+ Members Continual improvement to house/ new house Get the deed to a house Highly respected on campus & community Highest GPA on campus or top two in GPA on campus every semester 0% Drop-out rate 100% Graduation Rate FH more involved on campus/ leadership positions Better educating and informing people in chapter Chapter GPA of 2.75 or higher Win Chapter Award of Excellence Win President of Year for chapter Improve technology/electrical system of house More total member education To win homecoming and Greek Week Have funds to do more Active Alumni/ Improve Alumni relations Two Ag Faculty advisors Sustain or improve on Community Service efforts A real yearly budget & financial stability Win the Ruby Cup

4 Values Close-Knit Diverse in Abilities Trustworthiness Hard-Working Down to earth Ambitious Honest Helpful Moral

5 External Trends Affecting FarmHouse Overall decrease in Greek Members Downturn in economy Public perception of Greek Organizations Stereotypes Decrease in University enrollment (less students to recruit) Students short on funds Way competing fraternities recruit Changing reasons why students come to college Increasing issues of liability Freshman more shy/ don’t meet as many people Computers/Video Games inhibit students from interaction

6 Strengths Our Values Good work ethics Community Service efforts Overall commitment to excellence Brotherhood/ Teamwork/ Closeness All Brothers hold the same core values/ beliefs/ backgrounds Humble Individual abilities Be active in community/campus Creativity Ability to work with what the fraternity has Diversity in majors/skills

7 Weaknesses Limited funds Graduation rates/keeping members in school Member involvement in activities Spiritual/Religious enrichment Getting everyone to help recruit Some people not maximizing their potential in FarmHouse Member involvement on campus Inability to use outside resources to our advantage Alumni involvement Need more people to step up and take charge Focus on quantity not quality in recruitment

8 Opportunities Become leaders on campus More leadership initiative in chapter Greater attendance at RLC’s/ International Conferences Improve Scholarship standing Networking possibilities within FarmHouse To learn how to work well with others To achieve chapter award of excellence and be recognized by our peers To make our community and campus a better place to live To meet and make friends To be challenged/ held to high standards To better one’s self To utilize advisors/alumni to give advice and help out

9 Mission Scholarship Brotherhood Commitment Leadership Integrity Accountability Sacrifice Loyalty Organization Service Excellence Builder of Men

10 Areas of Focus Scholarship Recruitment Alumni Involvement Social/People Skills Pledge Education Finance Housing Service Campus Relations/Involvement

11 Social/ Moral Development One Year Goals  Go to 2 different Church services of different nominations per semester.  Career development program  Have 3 socials with another organization each semester.  Create horse shoe tournament with proceeds going to charity.  Visit another campus or FH chapter each year. Five Year Goals  Maintain all of the one year goals and provide more programs.

12 Action StepChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Strongly Recommend ‘Miss Manners’ Program Social ChairWhen it is offered by University 25% of membership attends Recommend attendance at a ‘Dress for Success’ program Social ChairWhen it is offered by university 25% of membership attends Alumni Mock interview program Social CommitteeMay of each yearHave a sign-up list Chaplain officer position set up PresidentEnd of yearWe have a chaplain position in place

13 Community Service/ Philanthropy One Year Goals  Maintain current projects  Increase hours by 10%  Win campus community service award  Start philanthropy project (fall) Five Year Goals  Win FH philanthropy award  Adopt a highway

14 Action StepsChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Maintain Current Community Service Projects Community Service Committee & Active Membership YearlyCompare number of community service projects to previous year Increase Community Service Hours by 10% Community Service Committee & Active Membership YearlyCompare hours of community service projects to previous year Win Campus ‘Community Service’ Award Community Service Committee & Active Membership When awarded by University Whether or not we win the award Win FarmHouse Philanthropy Award Community Service Committee & Active Membership When awarded by FarmHouse International Whether or not we win award Adopt a HighwayCommunity ChairEnd of YearWhether we have our own stretch of Highway or if we help CERES

15 Rush & Recruitment One Year Goals  Recruit 10 quality members a year  Whole chapter involvement and accountable for rushing Five Year Goals  Steady active member numbers of 35 or better  Alumni active in recruitment

16 Action StepChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Every Member brings someone to a Rush Event Active Membership Rush EventsA Checklist of who did and did not bring a perspective to a rush event Database of H.S. teachers to help recruit perspectives Rush Committee May 2003Database is intact Print up a Rush BrochureRush Committee September 2003Physical copy of Brochure Open House PhilosophyIn-House Membership AlwaysPerspectives feel welcome in house Refine standards of evaluation of perspective members Rush Committee September 2003Written changes to recruitment strategy Meet with Rushes in a comfortable environment Rush Chair & President September 2003Post rush survey of perspectives about how comfortable they felt Focus on Learning Basics of Recruitment Rush Chair & Pledge Educator September 2003Brochure on Learning Recruitment has been read

17 Pledge Education One Year Goals  Get 100% of pledges involved in other organizations on campus  Develop pledge class retreat  Educate the pledges with local operations and held accountable  Initiate 75% of pledges Five Year Goals  Regionally initiate 85% of pledges  Create plan to create incentives to make pledges accountable to know system

18 Action StepChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Contact List of all Clubs on campus Pledge Education Committee September 2003Hard copy of list and list is kept up to date Household skills programPledge Education Committee September 2003Program is held and attended by all pledges Good communication between pledges and pledge educator Pledge Educator ImmediatelyPost Pledging Survey Get Pledges involved on campus Pledge Educator ImmediatelyNumber of pledges involved in campus organizations besides FarmHouse Develop a Pledge Ed Curriculum Pledge Education Committee September 2003Hard copy of curriculum plan

19 Finance & Fundraising One Year Goals  Create a working annual budget that is approved by committee  Raise $4,000 annually for chapter Five Year Goals  Raise $5,000 annually for the chapter  Maintain a budget that can cover the costs that are being spent every semester

20 Action StepChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Turn Fundraising into fundraising/finance committee Fundraising Chair ImmediatelyNew committee is formed and is in charge of fundraising and expenditure oversight Develop plan for savingsFinance/ Fundraising Chair End of Fall 2003 Semester Accomplishment of money in savings or amount that can be set aside for savings Have Pledge classes hold fundraisers to offset the cost of initiation and pledging costs Pledge Educator, Rush Chair, Finance/ Fundraising Chair End of Fall 2003 Semester Complete cost of pledging covered by Fundraiser Research Grant Possibilities Fundraising/ Finance Chair End of Fall 2003 Semester Getting a Grant, and how much they are for. Also, what we can do with the grant money.

21 Alumni Involvement One Year Goals  Assist Association with planning of the 15th anniversary.  Improve alumni database.  At least 20 alumni back for all alumni events.  Have monthly email to alumni to inform them about FH through out school year. Five Year Goals  10% increase in alumni attendance at homecoming per year.  Create network with alumni for career connections.

22 Action StepChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Obtain 75% of Alumni emails in a database Alumni Relations Committee February 2004We have 75% of alumni email addresses in our grapevine Annual Phone-a-Thon for contacting Alumni Active ChapterOnce a year in February Updated addresses, emails and phone numbers Develop a graduate recognition dinner Alumni Relations Committee May 2003We have a successful graduate dinner Handbook which state expectations of alumni members of FarmHouse Alumni Relations Committee December 2003Handbook is printed, Alumni are aware Send out Christmas Cards to Alumni Alumni Relations Committee December 2003Christmas Cards are sent out to alumni Target alumni to assist with specific chapter activities Alumni Relations & Active Chapter December 2003Alumni are willing to help, and are still active in FarmHouse

23 Scholarship One Year Goals  Improve house GPA to a 3.0  Everybody meets their personal goals for their grades  0% dropout rate because of grades Five Year Goals  #1 GPA on campus  Defined study area in house

24 Action StepChampionProjected Completion Date Measurement Weekly monitoring for pledges and those on probation Scholarship Chair Every WeekPledges and those on probation turn in study hours sheets and teacher summaries Seek to have big and little brother study time together for guidance and support Scholarship Chair/ Pledge Educator Start of PledgingA Big Brother/Little Brother study program is in place Develop data base of classes that members feel that they confident in to help other Scholarship Committee 2 nd Week of each semester List of members/ classes is compiled and posted in house Spaghetti/spam dinner refine the program Scholarship Committee 2 nd Month of semester Spaghetti/Spam dinner is held Time management session to teach better study habits Scholarship Committee & Active Chapter When presented by university Time Management presentation is held and attended by active chapter

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