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Watching in the Wild *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee March 2009.

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1 Watching in the Wild *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee March 2009

2 extinct If an animal is extinct, then there are no more of that kind of animal alive.

3 The great apes are in danger of becoming extinct. Would you be more likely to see an extinct animal at a zoo or at your school? extinct

4 * True or False: It’s a good idea to help an endangered animal become extinct. * Why might scientists be interested in extinct plants and animals? extinct

5 pledge When you make a pledge, then you promise to do something. I pledge to collect $100 for the St. Jude Math-a-Thon.

6 I made a pledge to be kind to all living creatures. Which would you make a pledge to do- drive a car or clean your room? pledge

7 * What is something you might pledge to do everyday? * What kind of pledge might be hard to keep? pledge

8 patience If you can wait for something without complaining or getting restless, then you have patience.

9 Jane shows patience when she watches the chimps for hours. Is it easier to have patience while waiting for a TV show to begin or while waiting for your mom to shop? patience

10 * Why do people need patience when learning to do something? * How can you tell if someone has patience? patience

11 tedious When something is boring and takes a long time to do, then it is tedious. Waiting in a long line is a tedious activity.

12 Jane didn’t mind the tedious job of taking notes on everything the chimps were doing. When I have a tedious job, I play music that I like. tedious

13 * Tell about a tedious task you’ve had to do. * Is writing your name on a piece of paper a tedious activity? tedious

14 blended When things are blended, then they are mixed together so you can’t tell there are separate parts.

15 A deer would blend into the woods because it is brown. I like it when my dad makes me a smoothie with blended fruit. blended

16 * Would it taste good if you blended peanut butter and broccoli? * If someone said you blended into the environment, what might you be wearing? blended

17 cradled If you cradle something, then you hold it closely as if you were taking care of it.

18 My son cradled his baby sister in his arms. I cradled my camera in my lap because it was an expensive object and I wanted to keep it safe. cradled

19 * Why do babies need to be cradled? * Are you too old to be cradled? * Should you cradle a box of noodles? cradled

20 raggedy When something is raggedy, then it looks rough and torn at the edges.

21 My mother wore raggedy clothes when she cleaned our house. Would a new dress look raggedy? raggedy

22 * Is an old t-shirt with holes in it a raggedy piece of clothing? * Would you get rid of a favorite blanket if it became raggedy? raggedy

23 distance Distance is how far away something is.

24 Is there a long distance between your teacher’s desk and your classroom door? Carson does not enjoy running long distances. distance

25 * If someone lived in Hawaii, would you have to travel a long distance to visit that person? * What stores are good to have only a short distance from home? distance

26 personalities People’s personalities are made up of all the ways they act, think, and feel that make them special.

27 How many different personalities are in our classroom? My sister and I have different personalities. personalities

28 * Would you rather be with people who have quiet or noisy personalities? * Would you enjoy being friends with someone who had a grumpy personality? personalities

29 crumpled If you crumple something, then you gently crush it or bunch it up.

30 Gabrielle found a crumpled dollar bill on the playground. Would a marker look crumpled? crumpled

31 * Where do you place crumpled pieces of paper? * Do you prefer your school clothes to be crumpled or neatly pressed? crumpled

32 I travel a long ________ every summer when I drive from Florida to Michigan. A. patience B. distance C. tedious D. cradled

33 My friends and I made a _______ that we will never never do drugs. A. crumpled B. extinct C. pledge D. cradled

34 If I had to count a big jar of coins, then that would be a ________ job. A. distance B. extinct C. tedious D. raggedy

35 My mom was upset because my sister _______ up her homework. A. blended B. pledge C. personalities D. crumpled

36 Is a blue whale an example of an ___________ animal? A. raggedy B. extinct C. tedious D. cradled

37 My family has a lot of different _________. A. personalities B. patience C. blended D. extinct

38 My father had ________ while trying to teach me how to ride a bike. A. tedious B. pledge C. personalities D. patience

39 The nurse _________ the newborn baby at the hospital. A. blended B. cradled C. crumpled D. pledge

40 I _________ chocolate syrup with my vanilla ice cream. A. distance B. cradled C. blended D. tedious

41 My old bathrobe looked very ________. A. extinct B. raggedy C. personalities D. distance

42 Can you read these words? 1. extinct 2. pledge 3. patience 4. tedious 5. blended 6. cradled 7. raggedy 8. distance 9. personalities 10. crumpled

43 Can you read these words? 1. thickens 2. plentiful 3. role 4. diligent 5. pattern 6. sealed 7. carefully 8. attack 9. crowd 10. disappear

44 Can you read these words? 1. acquired 2. assumed 3. absurd 4. attempt 5. serious 6. extremely 7. admit 8. barely 9. hilarious 10. witty

45 Can you read these words? 1. allowance 2. rosy 3. thrifty 4. industrious 5. bargain 6. spoiled 7. comfortable 8. boost 9. exchanged 10. delivered

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