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Effective Governance Towards Development and Participation JESSE M. ROBREDO Mayor, Naga City Inaugural Knowledge Sharing Session Knowledge Development.

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1 Effective Governance Towards Development and Participation JESSE M. ROBREDO Mayor, Naga City Inaugural Knowledge Sharing Session Knowledge Development Center (KDC), Ateneo de Naga University September 7, 2006

2 Focus Questions □ Does good, effective governance matter? □ Do the foundational elements of good governance work? □ Transparency □ Accountability □ Participation □ Predictability □ The road ahead

3 PARTICIPATIVE URBAN GOVERNANCE Naga as a ‘Poster Child’ □ City’s stable political leadership for 18 straight years often understated □ Single party executive-legislative team serving for 14 uninterrupted years □ Political stability nearest thing to “Level 5 Leadership”: Collins’ Good to Great □ Laboratory for innovations □ Enabled us to experiment with governance innovations, built around partnerships and participation. Affirmed by both national and international entities □ Strengthen local institutions (external), local bureaucracy (internal)

4 □ Progressive development perspective. Seeks prosperity-building tempered by an enlightened perception of the poor □ Functional partnerships. Vehicles that enable the city to tap community resources for priority undertakings □ Participation. Mechanisms that ensure long-term sustainability of local undertakings THE NAGA GOVERNANCE MODEL A Guiding Framework The Naga Governance Model Guided by its experience, Naga evolved its own governance model

5 MODERN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Public Governance System □ Uses variety of manage- ment tools (i.e. NPM, Balanced Scorecard)

6 DOING MORE WITH LESS Building Partnerships □ Tapped community resources in implementing development programs and projects □ By design, almost all city programs are implemented in partnership with both GO, NGO sector □ Complements City Hall ’ s limited resources. Doing more with less □ Illustrative examples: □ Kaantabay sa Kauswagan – tripartism □ Emergency Rescue Naga – pooling together of people, equipment, facilities, other resources of local schools, police and fire departments, amateur radio groups, national and local health agencies □ NEED and School Board education projects – city government, DepEd, NACITEA, PTAs, barangays, other stakeholders

7 TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY TOOLS Service Quality Improvement □ PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (PIP) □Sought to improve both processes and procedures (systems change) and values and culture (people change) □“Performance Pledge” □Annual Very Innovative Person Award for cost reduction measures □Productivity Improvement Circles

8 □ PUBLIC SERVICE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM (PSEP) □ Linked service values and orientation with existing procedures. Continually proposed improvements whenever possible □ Documentation of City Government’s frontline services. Laid down foundation for Citizen’s Charter □ Expanded service listings in the Performance Pledges TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY TOOLS Service Quality Improvement

9 ENGAGING INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS THROUGH The i-Governance Program □ A program that identifies and uses various tools to: □ encourage participation in government decision-making, especially by individual citizens and households □ concretize the governance principles of transparency and accountability □ Allows city government to meet the challenge of sustaining innovative approaches by: □ Doing more with less □ Improving and ensuring equitable service delivery

10 3. Mobile Governance. Uses cellphones which have higher penetration rate than dial- up internet. Around 67% of households own a mobile phone.  TxtNaga 4. Network access improvement. Addresses digital divide through strategic IT investments  Cyberschools (Click Project)  Cyberbarangays 1. Analog or paper- based tools. Addresses need of around 67% of population without ICT access  Performance Pledges  Citizens Board  Naga City Citizens Charter 2. Digital or ICT media (eGovernance)  initiative, through the city’s website PROGRAM COMPONENTS Delivery Mechanisms

11 The Citizens Charter ACCOUNTABILITY, PREDICTABILITY IN SERVICE DELIVERY □A guidebook on 130 key services being delivered by the City Government to customers □Procedure □Response time □Personnel responsible for each service □Requirements checklist to facilitate service delivery □Schedule of fees (if applicable) □Location maps sketching office/s handling the service □A “contract” that can be enforced through feedback □Provides for customer feedback form □Directory of city hall agencies

12 DIGITAL-ERA GOVERNANCE □ Maximizes web technology □ Within reach of local resources and capability in a developing country □ Offers access to information on Naga, including city government financial reports □ proposed and approved annual operating budget □ quarterly financial statements □ bid tenders and outcomes □ Platform for communicating requests and complaints in cost-effective, efficient manner □ Contains a digital version of the Charter (called NetServe) and the Citizens Board

13 □ Allows citizens to send complaints, other concerns to City Hall through SMS or text messaging □ Previously uses Smart Telecommunication’s 2960 facility □ Reconfigured early this year to meet local needs more fully □ Owned by city government, instead of being Smart network dependent WHY IS D YOUTH CNTER\'S POOL W/C S SUPPOSD 2 B PUBLC POOL BEING CLOSED COZ PRIVATE SKOLS\' P.E. STUDENTS R USING D WHOLE POOL EXCLUSIVELY? why? TxtServe Naga A MOBILE GOVERNANCE ENGAGEMENT TOOL

14 TxtServe Naga, Reloaded i-GOV’S MOST PROMISING FRONTIER Consists of □ a PC □ a GSM/GPRS modem □ TXTNAGA hotline with Globe Telecoms (0917-TXTNAGA or 0917-8986242), and □ SMS applications developed by local programmers ADVANTAGES: □ Locally managed, customizable and therefore more flexible, instead of being network dependent □ More accessible to ordinary citizens. Less than P1 per SMS sent vs. P2.50 under the 2960 service □ More cost-effective in the long-run □ TXTNAGA Hotline – a locally managed and controlled SMS messaging system

15 Does it work? □ NCSB, “Estimation of local poverty in the Philippines” (Nov 2005). Poverty Mapping Project with World Bank funding support LocalityPoverty Incidence Rank (Poorest=1) BICOL36.353 CAM NORTE Daet 42.06 23.95 45 CAM SUR Naga City Iriga City 47.23 18.91 29.87 31 ALBAY Legazpi City Ligao City Tabaco City 47.41 33.87 50.96 45.87 29 SORSOGON Sorsogon City 49.53 28.41 22 MASBATE Masbate City 64.29 41.18 3 CATANDUANES Virac 43.99 27.56 39

16 The Road Ahead □ Focus on attaining city vision (“Maogmang Nagueno sa Maogmang Lugar”), MDG goals by 2015 □ Reduce poverty by half □ Improve access to basic social services □ Enhance quality of life through livable communities □ Broaden access to participatory mechanisms □ Continuous Improvement mantra: “There is always a better way” □ Inspire other localities in Southeast Asia in their own paths to development

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