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The United States Declares War

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1 The United States Declares War
Chapter 19 Section 2 The United States Declares War

2 U-boat A German

3 What was the result of the Battle of Jutland?
Naval battle

4 Based on the results of the Battle of Jutland, what conclusion did the Germans reach on how to attack the British navy? This stalemate meant

5 Lusitania British cruise ship Making its way from NYC to Britain

6 How did President Wilson respond to the sinking of the Lusitania?
Urged patience Demanded that Germany stopped its submarine warfare and make payments to the families of victims

7 Sussex Pledge The German government promised that U-boats would warn ships before attacking

8 How did the Sussex Pledge affect relations between the United States and Germany?
It created a temporary peace

9 Why did Germany end the Sussex Pledge?
Germany hoped to

10 Why did Germany’s use of U-boats lead to conflict with the United States?
Ships had no warning or defense against U-boats Submarines attacked American and other neutral ships

11 Wilson ran for reelection in 1916 using what slogan?
“He kept us out of ”

12 Zimmerman Note Note from Germany to Mexico
Proposed that if the U.S. were to declare war on Germany and Mexico would help the Germans…

13 Why did the Zimmerman Note enrage Americans?
Wilson did not take it super seriously, but

14 Autocrat A ruler with unlimited power Like Czar Nicholas II of Russia

15 Russian Revolution March Czar Nicholas II removed from power

16 What idealistic reason to go to war did President Wilson give to Congress on April 2nd, 1917?

17 How did Congress respond to Wilson’s call to war?
The approved a declaration of war

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